Different strategies of intercultural management Essay


In the undermentioned paper we are to present different schemes of intercultural direction based on Quebec subdivisions of two transnational houses. By and large talking, Quebec-based companies provide a great illustration for any intercultural analysis given that this portion of Canada is in a instead particular state of affairs. Even though the huge bulk of the state of Quebec is dominantly francophone, Montreal, place of these subdivisions can be considered a true transnational environment. Apart from the original mixture of English and Gallic colonists, Montreal attracts immigrants from all over the universe ( 30A % of the metropolis ‘s population was born outside of Canada ) .

The presented facts are based on research and interviews conducted at these companies by Stephanie Langis and Jean-Pierre Dupuis[ 1 ]. In the analysis we used the mainstream theories of intercultural direction as a theoretical footing ( e.g. Gert Hofstede, Philippe d’Iribarne, and see every bit referred subsequently on ) .

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Different strategies of intercultural management Essay
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Our paper is divided into two chief parts. In the first half, we analyze the attitude of employees on the degree of personalities, based on group treatments and interviews conducted. In the 2nd portion our chief focal point is general direction schemes and company civilization.

Individual attitudes at CS Canada and Solution Abilis

Sing the diverseness direction, integrating schemes and individuality theoretical accounts in these two companies, great differences can be found in the general and in the single attacks every bit good. In the first portion we discuss the single contemplations and schemes. Even though most of the single behavior depends on personalities, we believe that the corporate civilization besides has an of import influence on these perceptual experiences. The general attitude at Solutions Abilis is more people- and small-group-oriented, while at CS Canada, the “ large image ” ever plays a more of import function, and at that place exists a clear cleavage between nationalities. Although the employees at these companies seem to be at different phases in cultural apprehension and version ( this can besides be related to the HR schemes ) , corporate civilization could besides polish their mundane attacks and struggles.

We besides must foreground that at such multicultural companies it is non merely the “ immigrants ” or “ aliens ” who have to accommodate to the place civilization. In both instances, Quebecois[ 2 ]are really much outnumbered, and so are Gallic, so even for the local employees, or those of the dominant civilization, there is a high demand for version.

In the instance of Solution Abilis, we have more information on the single employee`s positions. Showing an interesting cleavage, one can do batch clearer differentiation and comprehend a more equal proportion between groups of national backgrounds ( in Numberss: Quebecois ( 12 ) , French ( 18 ) , Chinese ( 15 ) , “ Latin american ” ( 11 ) , Anglo-Saxon ( a‰?15 ) and “ others ” ) compared to CS Canada. At the latter the national proportions in world are non so clear, and still, it is at CS Canada that the employees feel that one tierce is Quebecois ( a‰?16 ) , one tierce is Gallic ( 31 ) , and one tierce is “ the remainder ” ( a‰?20 ) . In the undermentioned paragraphs, I`ll present how the employees of these companies can fall into the classs explained in the theoretical account of Philippe Pierre[ 3 ].

At Solution Abilis the employees seem to hold more solution-oriented, flexible and timeserving personalities, get downing with the laminitis of the company ( Eric le Goff ) , who came to Quebec for concern chances, and because of his intolerance of stiff Gallic ordinances, that can be seen as struggle with the place civilization. His version to challenges can be felt throughout the whole company. Another really of import individual when it comes to constructing Bridgess within the different cultural backgrounds is the HR manager, Karine Vachon. She seems to be really much adapted to the transnational environment, she could likely be categorized as a multinational personality should she be truly out of her ain civilization. Jose Reyes, one of the Mexicans at the company presents marks of a largely multinational attitude, has a spot of Quebec instruction ( besides bi-cultural, as he has studied at an English establishment, Concordia University ) , has moved to Montreal voluntarily, likes the loose hierarchy, flexibleness and openness of the environment ( the values brought here from his ain civilization ) . The other Mexican employee, Felipe Martinez is non ever so unfastened and positive, and he has the most jobs with the Gallic linguistic communication ( and is besides non hone in English ) . He had to step back on the corporate ladder ; was truly shocked at the on the job civilization at first, and besides while he seems to be accommodating to the Quebecois life style, he is more unstable, and could be seen as a defensive personality type. One of the true multinational figures is Patrick Lachance. Coming from a multi-ethnical household, he treats cultural backgrounds as age differences, considers communication troubles as challenges, and attempts to acquire to cognize each civilization, and net income from all chances in this environment. Another illustration of the apparently easy version is Anas Adam, who, while retaining some of his Algerian background, can be considered Quebecois in life style and socialisation ( his household left Algeria about twenty old ages ago ) . He can surely be considered multinational by attitude, but as he spent his grownup life in Quebec, we think he is following the way to go “ born-again ” .

The two Chinese employees have a somewhat different attack to the mundane challenges new civilizations have to offer. At first sight, Wang Ling shows marks of being converted ; dainties Quebec as a great topographic point to show herself, has a local hubby, acts independently on looking for qualities in people. She likes the flexibleness at the company, and she is besides flexible herself, stating she will remain at Abilis every bit long as she feels good at that place. She arrived in Quebec more than ten old ages ago, seems to be good installed with a societal background, the perfect conditions for assimilation. However, this can decidedly non be by and large applied to all Chinese employees. Huang AiLing, even though she likes the autonomy in the national every bit good as the corporate civilization, stays a batch more reserved and unstable ( besides due to holding some bad fortune with old employers ) . We believe she would be categorized as instead multinational had we known more of her background. ( It is interesting to see how at CS Canada “ the Chinese ” are of chief concern based on the attitude-surveys, and at the same clip they are non even mentioned as a group. )

Turning back to Solution Abilis, the true self-seeker of the company is the Englishman, James Webster. He thinks of his life in Quebec as a great escapade, “ tonss of merriment ” , he likes the diverseness and the colourss environing him, he is enthusiastic towards the company, and this is what he besides wants everybody else to experience. Coming from a non-informatics background, this Quebecois escapade is a great opportunity for him to derive more valuable experience in this field every bit good. He seems to maintain in head that he has a secure background in the UK, and dainties being in Canada as portion of a “ fun game ” . At the same clip we see marks of version in his address, the frequent usage of “ like ” or “ you know ” shows us that he is far from rejecting the new civilization.

To indicate out a different illustration, at CS Canada, we perceive a batch more stiff national grouping of the employees. This can be due to direction patterns ( see 2nd portion of the paper ) , but besides due to personal factors. As we believe the caput of the company has a great influence on the remainder of them, foremost we`d like to demo how Laurent Speyser treats multinationalism. He ever tries to look for people with values that match his outlooks, does non truly seek to delve deeper to see what is utile for the company in one`s background. He candidly believes that some nationalities are “ merely non good ” in some occupations, so he`d instead non pass his clip on those. Being prepared for a cultural “ clang ” between Quebecoise and Gallic civilizations, our apprehension is that he has non truly prepared for other ethnicities or existent multiculturalism. In this affair he is truly conservative in thought of these two francophone civilizations merely, and minimising version towards anybody else. He thinks that the company expeditiously uses the assets of the two chief civilizations, and anybody who is “ francisized ” plenty is great to work with. At the same clip M. Labezin sees the differences between the two francophone civilizations doing jobs every bit good, and both of them acknowledge the high quality of French ( as people and as linguistic communication ) in the company construction. A seasoned Gallic employee, Marc L. has an attitude of rejecting the home-culture a small spot, and he seems to appreciate the Quebecois system better ( for raising childs, for a more careless lifestyleaˆ¦etc. ) . We believe he is handling Quebec as a great chance, where he does non even have to set excessively much attempt in cultural version, as most of the company is ( and was particularly ) Gallic anyhow. Together with this, he puts attempt in version when talking about the Gallic co-workers. This can be seen as a rejection of the conservative attitude. Francoise V. makes great attempts to look accepting and accommodating, and attempts to roll up more information on the Gallic and their patterns already when in Canada, and besides when holding to work in France. She does hold a instead multi-cultural instruction ( Concordia University ) , but at the same clip her attitude is instead conservative. Her manner of nearing the differences is more based on the perceptual experience of normal or “ non normal ” in certain civilizations, and acknowledging that she could non be portion of a Gallic squad due to cultural differences would be the first measure towards a more unfastened integrating, should she hold stayed in France. This manner we believe she will non truly alter her manner of nearing the multinationality of the company in Quebec. Possibly there is less to reconsider for Gallic covering with Quebecois ( and frailty versa ) than covering with people from really different backgrounds, but it is truly diffident if a smaller difference is easier to pull off than a really immense 1. In the latter instances everybody sees it and tries to cover with, while in the former the first undertaking is to recognize that we are so different.

The immature Gallic employees seem to organize a particular group within the company. While most of them are at their internships, surveies or cultural exchanges in Quebec, they are in a “ different province of head ” , non desiring to incorporate so much, instead to see different civilizations from behind the safety of a wall. This explains their instead conservative behavior, their attack to the remainder of the group and them being a closed “ micro-society ” within the company. We believe this restrains them from seeing more possible differences within the two professional civilizations as good. Meanwhile they claim to be amazed by the cultural differences ; based on their experiences, it is valid merely every bit much as one can be amazed by things seen on Television. Them organizing a big group of the employees, they can expeditiously shut themselves up in this mini-France.[ 4 ]

In the old paragraphs we were showing personality manners and the attitudes of different nationalities. In the 2nd portion of our survey, the focal point is more on the planetary image. The undermentioned paragraphs trade with practical direction manners discernible at Solution Abilis and CS Canada.

A more planetary image – direction manners

Sing the direction manners in respects to the cultural diverseness, analogue to our earlier treatment, a immense difference can be seen in the attacks at the topics of our analysis.

While at Solution Abilis, cultural diverseness is built in to the direction manner, and the corporate scheme focuses on utilizing each employee`s personal strengths in carry oning their concern, CS Canada seems to handle the French-Quebecois difference as something advantageous, while the difference between all the other civilizations as something that is necessary to manage. This can be followed in several issues:

At the degree of new employees and HR schemes, both companies have to confront the same challenges, viz. that they are little ( or medium ) size, and most of the first-class alumnuss of valued universities would take a more known transnational company at first. They both realized that this is a serious challenge they need to get by with, but they have applied different solution-strategies. At CS Canada on the first degree a batch of Gallic pupils are welcome on internships. They are ever great and fresh add-ons to the company, but they normally merely remain for a limited period of clip, doing instead of import fluctuation. Second, they choose francophone immigrants ( from North Africa ) , largely people already being acquainted with Gallic direction civilization, or ready for version to the new life. They keep the general, corporate, company involvement in head, and they consider single, personal ends and aims much less. At Solution Abilis, the makings and accomplishments of the appliers are measured foremost, and merely after that does the section expression at their personal profile ( i.e. nationality ) . They try to “ run ” all the gifted persons around, irrespective of cultural background. Solution Abilis is besides ready to accommodate undertakings and duties harmonizing to the employee`s personal properties, for illustration non everybody has to talk to the patronage. This individualist direction civilization is partially compensated by the fond regard of employees to the company. At Abilis, they want their employees to swear and like the company, to be loyal. At CS Canada, with a high rate of fluctuation this is instead hard, and we believe their forces schemes are instead short or average term considerations.

Language barriers are literally abolished at CS Canada, by it being an “ impossible ” environment for those non talking Gallic. Harmonizing to Mr. Speyser, people would non do the attempt to talk English to person unless they truly crucially necessitate to. This was the ground why the few Anglophone employees left the company non a long clip ago. They could non be integrated in a French-dominated system. On the other manus, Solution Abilis, being really solution-oriented, has started Gallic classs for the non-Francophone employees. Even though they might non needfully necessitate Gallic accomplishments for their mundane work ( as these undertakings are besides adjusted harmonizing to single demands ) , the company ( and the HR manager ) thought that it is an of import measure in the procedure of integrating. They have found a manner to avoid high costs every bit good, and after the first hiccoughs they adjusted the instruction construction every bit good harmonizing to single ( partially cultural-based ) demands.

We could see CS Canada as a company “ in passage ” towards multiculturalism based on how non-French or non-Quebecois employees are considered, but they decidedly should hold passed this phase a long clip ago, as the house is in world a batch more multicultural than some of the employees feel. At the same clip Solution Abilis has a genuinely multicultural direction that can besides be seen in the followers:

The values, and their manner of being applied are besides slightly different for the two companies. CS Canada has a instead top-down attack, they have more rigorous company values that are practically regulations for everybody, while at Solution Abilis, the ambiance is less nerve-racking, less directed, more flexible harmonizing to everyone`s demands. Most employees put accent on the “ familial ” atmosphere. This can besides be seen in the hierarchal construction. At CS Canada there likely is a stricter hierarchy, and there is less room for single manoeuvring. At the other company, there is more focal point on impermanent groups, undertakings and a more level power-structure. This, I believe, is in strong relation with the difference between the individualist and leftist[ 5 ]direction civilization of the two houses.

At Solution Abilis groups are formed on occasion and on a undertaking by project footing, so people can acquire to cognize each other and socialize across civilizations, and at the same clip work their best qualities in each group. At the same clip, with the instead stiff construction of CS Canada, socialization is restricted to national groups ( and perchance a group of “ Internationals ” ) , and the walls of these groups are hard to perforate. There is ale much less intercultural interaction, even though linguistic communication barriers are non of great concern. I believe the deficiency of this familial ambiance at CS Canada is one of the causes of the more of import male-female distance and misinterpretations at the company. The heater the environment ( besides the more people know each other ) , the less stereotypes and cultural misinterpretations can poison work relationships.

Given the fact that the environment is altering truly fast, and there are a batch of immature employees at CS Canada, I believe the company could truly gain from holding a more practical “ value or ethical codification ” that reflects the multiculturalism more. Presently, the employees here have no grounds ( and they aren`t “ forced ” ) to incorporate into a multicultural system, and remaining in their ain national groups blocks them from researching their ain potencies every bit good. The environment is altering at Solution Abilis every bit good, but the direction tries to maintain this alteration low-key so that the employees ( and accordingly the clients ) can farther profit from the friendly ambiance.

We believe that while pull offing a multicultural company has tonss of challenges, we can see through the illustration of Solution Abilis that small attempts can besides intend a batch. Besides, intercultural direction is really far from being an exact scientific discipline, and is really much case- and time-related. In my apprehension, in both instances the direction manner was an of import determination ( witting or unconscious ) of the proprietors and top directors, and can ( and at CS Canada perchance will ) be changed merely with a alteration at the top of the hierarchy.

Based on the instances we do non precisely cognize how efficient these companies are, how much net income they make, but we all know where an immigrant would travel to work, should he/she hold a pick.


Even though based on the analysis presented in the old pages one might believe that Solution Abilis is considered a good illustration, while CS Canada presents an evitable instance, we do non believe it is so easy to categorise. While Solution Abilis is decidedly in a higher degree of multicultural direction, when detecting CS Canada, one can see a fighting company with some desire to alter with respects to multiculturalism. It clearly is a long way to build an appropriate company scheme for such a diverse environment, and the higher direction ‘s personal and professional attitude is important throughout the whole procedure. It is ne’er easy to populate and respond good in multicultural scenarios, and as we could see from the personality types presented in the first portion, it is besides non for everyone. CS Canada could be more efficient and could make a more pleasant ambiance should they be more careful in HR schemes. At the same clip we believe that even the latter company has already realized the demand for alteration in schemes, and by this they are already on the manner to better their policies.

However in this paper our purpose was merely to picture and analyse two company profiles, non to demo what can be done for betterment. Consequently there is a batch of room left for research workers and council members to farther argument and polish these company schemes.


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