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Home   >    Services    >   Internet Marketing Internet Marketing Millions of websites and billions of web pages – marketing on the Internet is increasingly becoming more and more complicated. Business people worldwide are groping for strategies that would ensure regular and targeted traffic flow to their websites. However, just like the brick and mortar physical world of business, internet marketing or web promotions are a strategic mix of various promotional tools and techniques. Together (and if used correctly), this marketing mix offers a simple way out of the web promotions maze.

Marketing a website for customer acquisition has numerous methodologies – * Search Engine Optimization * Social Media Optimization * Link Exchange and Building * Pay Per Click (PPC) * SMS Solutions * Affiliate Marketing * Viral Marketing * Email Marketing * Banner Advertising * Rich Media * Social Bookmarking * Directory Listings * Articles * Blogs Magnon has implemented online marketing campaigns for numerous Clients successfully offering far-reaching impacts on their customer acquisition, engagement and overall revenue and brand enhancement.

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Please contact us to allow our Web Consulting Team to understand your business requirements and develop and implement a powerful online marketing campaign for you. Digital Marketing Digital Marketing corresponds to promotions on interactive platforms or digital media such as the internet or mobile. The term digital marketing is coined around interactive media agencies working to promote businesses through digital channels targeting specific audiences across the globe.

Digital marketing and internet marketing usually go hand in hand since they have similar service subsets; however digital marketing extends its presence to the mobile world as well. A digital marketing agency may use the following tools for promoting any business: * Banner advertising on internet * Blogging * Paid promotions through pay per click campaigns * Email marketing campaigns * Product centric promotion through micro sites * Podcasts/ Video Marketing * Widget * Social Media Promotions * SMS/ MMS Marketing etc.

Digital Marketing agencies generalize the use of the new media/ digital media for 2 specific objectives; Pull marketing & Push Marketing. In the world of digital marketing pull initiatives refer to utilizing content, videos etc to be stored and displayed to the world where users themselves reach out and grab the information they are looking for and respond back. As an example, a blog or a video posted on a community website and marketed through community building measures, and comments invited.

Herein, there is a transmission of information (generally for marketing or brand building purposes) to the users who are looking for related information over the internet. The presence of pull marketing can be expanded using viral marketing or other means of promotions. Push Marketing on the other hand refers to activities like sending out electronic direct mailers, newsletters, SMS, RSS feeds promotions etc. herein, the digital media agency reaches out to the audiences to promote their business or brand.

A digital marketing agency can in fact use push activities to a very specific and targeted level. As an example, if an organization wants to promote a product only catering to working class of people, then a genre specific marketing campaign targeting the user mail box, mobile phones or websites viewed by the TG can be accomplished. How we can help you as a digital marketing agency? As a digital marketing agency we take up both push and pull marketing aspects of any organization’s digital initiative.

We undertake campaigns with uniquely strategising, implementing and executing specifically targeted segments. Our area of services extend from internet marketing activities like paid promotions, social media optimization and rich media services to SMS marketing, email marketing etc. We emphasise on understanding your business in depth and then suggesting some of the best solutions for digital marketing to an organization. SEO Services The Web is undergoing changes at an unprecedented pace and so are markets and businesses.

Organizations in the past were satisfied with their pretty looking and content rich websites and web pages. However, it was soon understood by companies worldwide that a website was not enough. It needed to be promoted! Websites that were not well promoted eventually turned into just electronic brochures and cost centers delivering no real value. Soon the quest for targeted traffic began and slowly companies started looking for Internet marketing tools and media. Obviously there is no better medium in the world than promotions on search engines like Google, Yahoo! MSN and AltaVista. The traffic that these search engines generate in a month is probably equal to a whole country’s population! The business potential of search engine promotions is unimaginable. However, is being registered with leading search engines enough? What if your rank on important keywords gets you on the 700 th page on search results? Needless to say, being present on the first 2-3 pages on critical keywords for your business is essential to harness the true power of the World Wide Web. Here you step into the realm of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine

Rankings. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a long-drawn, knowledge and manpower intensive process of promoting websites on leading search engines and directory listings. It is an amalgamated technique involving detailed programming, creative standards, content management, search engine analysis, web crawler analysis, manual submissions and traffic and rank analytics. Magnon boasts of a super specialization in search engine optimizationand search engine promotions offering guaranteed search engine ranking services to our Clients.

Our Team has promoted over 80 websites for Indian and overseas Clients and the results have driven serious business value for them in terms of customer acquisition and brand visibility. The key steps followed during and after the implementation of an SEO exercise are broadly as follows – * Website and Web Pages Audit * Target Market Identification in Coordination with the Client * Keywords/Key Phrases Suggestion and Finalization (Using various proprietary & Internet tools) * Selection and Focus Plan of various Global and Regional Search Engines (like Google, Yahoo! MSN, AltaVista, Rediff) and Directories (like DMOZ) * Web Pages Optimization based on over 250 SEO Compliance Rules (content, design, programming code and architectural optimization) * Web Crawler/Bot Analysis * Strategic Submissions to Hundreds of Search Engines, Directories and Web Blogs * Search Engine Listing Follow-Up and Outcome-Based Reengineering * Implementation of Maintenance Drill and Submission Scheduler * Ongoing Reporting and Web/Traffic/SEO AnalyticsMagnon is perhaps the only Company in India that nests intellectual capital for guaranteedsearch engine and organic promotions.

Please contact us and our Web Business Consultants would be eager to interact with you and come out with an Action Plan on howSearch Engine Optimization can offer powerful business growth for your organization. For more information visit the link SEO Services Manchester| Search Engine Marketing Internet Promotions are aimed to increase visibility of an online business. A vital part ofinternet promotions is search engine marketing. Search engine marketing is a highly comprehensive internet promotions technique targeting visibility on the search engine result pages.

One can adjudge the impact of search engine marketing as an internet promotion technique by the fact that in the year 2006, advertisers in North America only rendered out $9. 4 billion only for search engine marketing. This spent grossed an increase of more the 750 percent since 2002. Herein the adwords program by Google, the search marketing of Yahoo and the MSN ad centre emerged as the most popular search marketing joints! Search Engine Marketing has largely picked up as an internet promotions technique rather than traditional offline means advertising.

More so, this SEM has even crossed the popularity of other internet promotions means. The primary reason for internet promotions and more so search engine marketing has picked up is because search engines are a one stop source for all users over the internet to locate what they desire. More so, the exercise is a time saver for all. An agency participating in SEM as an internet promotions’ technique is called a search engine marketing agency or a digital promotions agency. The work of a search engine marketing agency is to research on the business and the routes of inclination of users towards the business.

Herein the movement of the traffic is effectively & comprehensively analysed by the search engine marketing expert before laying down an internet promotion strategy. The R & D exercise included working over the keywords/ key phrases, the vocabulary, common choices made by the internet user, nature of business, regional specifications and a lot more. The internet promotions strategy distinctly and specifically hits the target group of internet users wherein users are prompted to be lured into business generation for organization employing these techniques.

To channelize this hugely popular internet promotions technique, many marketers across the world use hundreds of tools and resources at their disposal. Herein, the search engines themselves have introduced extremely user friendly modules of managing the paid side of the campaigns. The organic listings into the search engines are taken up by search engine marketing agencies themselves. This exercise is called search engine optimization where in the search engines rank an organization or a business basis the website quality.

Overall, internet promotions are quintessential for any business or brand online and visibility on the search engines is a vital part of the entire internet promotions activity. Getting started is easy, Get in touch now! Pay Per Click PPC or Pay per click program by search engines is a method to target niche visibility on the search engines for user oriented queries. Pay per click is basically paid marketing or a sponsored program of search engines wherein one has to pay the search engines per click by a user.

Various search engines have different sponsored programs of which most popular is the Google-Adwords followed by Yahoo Search Marketing & MSN Ad-Center. PPC Processes: Keyword Selection Keyword section is the most important part of the entire process since these keywords decide the kind of visibility a website will receive from the paid marketing. Various search engines provide this facility to find & select the best possible keywords for the campaign. Bidding Process Once the keywords have been selected, the next stage is to bid for the keywords.

These are bids per click by the users and the process allows users to determine their budgets for the campaign. Also, one can always choose the highest per click cost to ensure a first position visibility of the website on SERPs. Campaign Management Once the ads are live, it is indispensable to track the user movement for the campaign. Knowing the precise user activity, the advertiser may require adding more keywords, deleting non-performing keywords, introducing negative keywords if the campaign is run on a broad search, target country-wise visibility and a lot more.

All these activities of campaign management ensure the effectiveness of it. Bid Management Bid management is a very specialized exercise for any PPC campaign. It is like a regulator switch in the hands of the webmaster to work around the bids as per the traffic trends. Bid management is not only for the entire campaign on the whole, but for each keyword individually as well. For example keyword A is performing better than keyword B which is attracting lower click throughs’, then a constant bid management would ensure money is not wasted on the non performing keyword B but is allocated to keyword A for more clicks.

The objective of a PPC campaign differs from organization to organization. For a relatively emerging business PPC provides an incentive for short term visibility & lead generation. As for an existing business major PPC is simply a way to be more popular that the competitors. The Cover Story Do you realize the potential of Interactive Media as a support to enhance your business? Every successful business organization has two fundamental strengths: new customer acquisition & customer maintenance; and the prime aspect of maintaining these fundamental strengths is through clear and effective communication or interaction.

In consideration to all the difficulties faced during this complex time, use of Interactive Media seems to be the best option as it crosses all the barriers of time, space, distance and best of all, the high expenditures on advertising. The use of Digital Media, especially the Internet, that has become a symbol of modernity, leads to interaction in a personal, unique and focused manner. It refers to using certain devices to make proper communication happen: * Web2. 0 * Creating websites * Blogs * Feedback forms * Enquiry facilities

When one aspires for branding and image building, an effective two way communication becomes inevitable and thus the Interactive Media acts as a building block. Looking into the benefits of digital media, one can see that it promises certainty to your business: * Digital Media provides versatility with high flexibility in order to make changes AS PER YOUR WILL AND POCKET SIZE. * The number of Internet users has almost crossed the 48 million mark and no organization goes without having interactive media or digital media on its marketing budget. The digital media has witnessed an extensive growth and acceptance in the world of advertising. * In order to retain one’s position in the competitive world, it is important for any organization to make the best use of branding and brand sustenance and in this technology freak world what is better than Online Branding. * (Re)designing your website in your own way, thinking of SEO, opting for online advertisement, creating your own blog, chatting with your customers on your business email numbers, etc. are some of the effective means to promote your business. Talking about print and television mediums, they seem to be a costlier affair. So when it comes to cost cutting, organizations are mainly looking for economical and user friendly medium and hence the significance of Internet is finally realized. Thus while selecting the best ground for all your interactive media needs, Magnon Solutions would be glad to dish up in strategizing your interactive media plan. We are a one stop shop and customized web solutions provider with over 1000 clients across 15 countries.

As far as our services go, we handle complete digital presence for organizations and our services can be categorized under 3 main heads such as Design, Technology and Promotions. SMS Solutions SMS marketing is one of the most focused process & a skilful media technique to promote ones’ business. The process generally requires an SMS API which links a website to the SMS gateway through a short code. Once the link channel is established, the job of sending SMS’s is as simple as shooting emails across.

SMS marketing has gained immense momentum in the past few years with the surge in telecom business across the globe. There are generally three types of SMS services; the first one focuses on the pull aspect of the promotions, second on the push marketing and thirdly the SMS’s can be used as general advertising services. The Pull SMS’s include sending out critical information for the users to view. Once the information is sent across, the users are lured to get back on the same; for example a registration form. These are general response based SMS’s where a question is fired and responses are invited.

This service is used on a large scale for the quizzes Push SMS services is highly used where an information regarding a new product, event, promotion has to be provided, however the organization still invites people to participate. For example an SMS can be shot with some product information & a response in the form of “more information” invited. Lastly, there are general marketing SMS’s where information is sent out, but no responses are invited. For example, Hyundai sending out SMS’s to promote the launch of a new car modal. The SMS service can also be linked to a web platform through a simple SMS gateway integration.

The process requires API integration to a web server, linking it to the SMS gateway. Furthering this, the application can be developed & fabricated to apply to the conformities of SMS service the brand intends to use for its marketing. The whole structure is based on the short-codes which stand distinct for each assignment, i. e. one brand can have just one short code e. g. 566775. This code is nothing but the server account through which the entire process of sending/ receiving messages is routed. SMS marketing has picked up largely in the past couple of years with rganization exploring newer ways to promote their products & services. More so, this service also interlinks the internet to telecommunication channels thereby providing a larger space for promotions. Blog A blog is a website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video where entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order. Blog which is basically a Social media optimization tools can be used to share opinions, insights, experiences, and perspectives with each other.

Further, as a marketing strategy, it also enables one to use mediums as diverse as texts, images, audios and videos to put a message across to an audience. Types: * Personal Blogs * Corporate Blogs * Question Blogging Advantages/Why Blog: * The consumer and citizen are potentially better informed and this can only be good for the long-term health of our societies and economies. * Blogs have potential to help the organization develop stronger relationships and brand loyalty with its customers, as they interact with the ‘human face’ of the organization through blogs. Blogs, in an intranet environment, can be an excellent way of sharing knowledge within the organization. * Blogs can be a positive way of getting feedback, and keeping your finger on the pulse, as readers react to certain pieces, suggest story ideas, etc. * Blogs can build the profile of the writer, showcasing the organization as having talent and expertise Directory Submission Directory submission is the process of submitting site URL to web site directory. The process is not merely filling the form at directory submission page but also involves more than this. Process:

Selection of Web Directory- The first step is to select website directories which accept submission. There are three kind of directories Free, Reciprocal and Paid directories. You have to select directory as per your requirement. Major requirement for selection of directory is that it should be search engine friendly so that vote can pass from directory to website submitted. Quality of Internet directory is also important factor as submission to low quality or spam directory can have negative affect on site submitted. The best selection is niche specific directories.

Search for Website URL- Searching for URL of the website to be submitted in directory to ensure that it has not been already submitted. Directory editors hate multiple submissions and will likely remove your site if it is already in their listings. Selection of Proper Category- Browsing to an appropriate category e. g Computer and Internet > Internet > Web Promotion > SEO Services. This involves deep digging of directory structure to find appropriate category. Web site submission to proper category has more chance of approvals. The best way is to see other site listed in category selected by you.

If they are similar to your website it means you have reached at right category. Creation of Valid Email Account- Creation of separate email account for directory submission service. This is done keeping in mind that the email address will likely be spammed though, so don’t use a personal email account. Valid Email is also required so that directory editor can notify you of any issues with your submission. Filling of Directory Submit Form- Next step is filling of form after selecting category. Checking of title, and description of other website listed there to access what is editor view regarding title and description length.

Filling the proper title and description as specified in the submission form. Other field usually required is Email, Name, Keywords and URL of the website to be filled. Rechecking of the directory submission form to ensure that all fields have been correctly filled and clicking the submit button. Verifying of the success page message to ensue that form have been correctly submitted. Adding in List of Directory Submission- Adding the name of directory and particularly the category URL where you have submitted in separate sheet to avoid duplicate submission in future.

Checking of Directory Listing Approval- Last but not least to check the approval of website submitted. Checking back in a few weeks to see if the site has been added to the directory. This is necessary as in many cases directory editor do not inform about the accepting of website submission. If listing is not approved then again you have to repeat the process with selecting different category, title and description etc. Advantages: * It save time and energy you spend in filling add form, search for directories and there categories. It provides one way inbound links to your website from theme based category. * It drives relevant traffic to your site which converts into sale. * It helps in fast indexing of your site in search engines. * It helps in improving you search engine ranking. Social Bookmarking Social bookmarking is a targeted part of the Social media optimization allowing users to mark, store and manage web pages through an online bookmarking process on the internet. In other words, social bookmarking allows users to store links to various web-pages they have surfed within private groups & shared within networks.

As refined the storage, social bookmarking facilities also allow users to view their saved links chronologically & categorically. Social bookmarking in itself is a viral process where links/tags are also promoted through web feeds to users who can have access to newer bookmarks. The basic principal of the exercise is to allow a user to maintain & share his personal database of web-pages online for continued references. As additional facilities with the social bookmarking website, the users are allowed to comment, tag, share, import & export their bookmarks from the internet. Advantages of Social Bookmarking Social Bookmarks are created by humans who best classify data as per their understanding. This creates a refined search engine in itself and more apt results than traditional search engines. * Each website or content within a social bookmarking network gets ranked owing to the number of times the website has been tagged or bookmarked. Therefore, users get a clear picture of the quality of information presented on the website. * From users perspective, a consolidated list of a large database of bookmarks from hundreds of computers across the world can be maintained & accessed at one place.

One must note that social bookmarking is one of the most popular methods of social media optimization. Also, it not only accretes some of the better website/ web-pages from the internet database, but also allows users to view majority preferences on the internet Banner Advertising Emergence of banner advertising on the internet is a fitting example of growing commercial use of the internet space. Contextually, a web banner is a transfigured advertisement embedded on the web page within fixed ad spaces. These ad spaces vary from publisher to publisher, also at times restricted under various international norms.

Banner advertising has become almost an indispensable part of any online advertising campaigns for organizations. Banner advertising has different work-scopes for advertising organizations, agencies & publishers enthroned with the user movement at the core of it all. While advertising organizations are the spender group, the agencies play their role in designing creatives’ & negotiating best prices from publishers who in turn offer lucrative ad spaces on their web page. The whole process is governed by the user movement on the publisher site which is also tracked through precise monitoring tools used by the publishers.

Banner ads can be rectangular ads, banner & ad buttons or sky-scraper ads with standard sizes ranging from a large rectangle ad space of 336 by 280 pixles to a half page of 300 by 600 pixles on a web page. Publisher’s Role: Publishers thrive wholly on the popularity of their website or web portal, i. e. the number of users hitting their web pages for information, services, products etc. This hit count helps them charge advertisers on per impressions (on banner ads) or per page views for various sizes of ad spaces. These ad spaces multiplied by the number of hits on the website marks the total inventory of a website.

Each advertiser or agency purchases certain inventory from these publisher at a rate measured as CPM. Agencies’ Role: The agency plays a pre-dominant role in channelizing the demand & supply in the market. This means that the agency not only serves the advertisers in getting them the maximum inventory for their banner at a publisher website, but also servers a huge list of publishers giving them clients they seek. In addition to this, the agency also capitulates on the designing these banner ads for the advertisers for their campaigns. Historical facts The first clickable banner ad emerged in the year 1993, sold to a law firm. * AT&T is one of the first of the advertisers utilizing banner advertising on internet. * First of the publishers in the banner advertising segment were Goto. com, followed by overture-Yahoo & later by Google. Email Marketing ”Email marketing” is a form of direct marketing which uses electronic mail as a means of communicating commercial or fundraising messages to an audience with the purpose of enhancing the relationship of a merchant with its current or previous customers and to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business.

It can be further defined as sending e-mails with the purpose of acquiring new customers or convincing current customers to purchase something immediately. Advantages/Why Email Marketing: * A mailing list provides the ability to distribute information to a wide range of specific, potential customers at a relatively low cost. * Compared to other media investments such as direct mailer, printed newsletters e-mail is less expensive thus can generate repeat business affordably and automatically. * Higher ROI (Return On Investment) * An excellent way of Push Marketing Short Delivery Time as compared to others. * Easy To Track * Global Instant Reach * Paper Less so Eco-Friendly Internet Marketing Millions of websites and billions of web pages – marketing on the Internet is increasingly becoming more and more complicated. Business people worldwide are groping for strategies that would ensure regular and targeted traffic flow to their websites. However, just like the brick and mortar physical world of business, internet marketing or web promotions are a strategic mix of various promotional tools and techniques.

Together (and if used correctly), this marketing mix offers a simple way out of the web promotions maze. Marketing a website for customer acquisition has numerous methodologies – * Search Engine Optimization * Social Media Optimization * Link Exchange and Building * Pay Per Click (PPC) * SMS Solutions * Affiliate Marketing * Viral Marketing * Email Marketing * Banner Advertising * Rich Media * Social Bookmarking * Directory Listings * Articles * Blogs


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