Directorial Approach for Drama Essay

Directorial Approach The “American Dream” is one of the most commonly misunderstood ideals in American culture. Regrettable it seems to be a term that has lost its way over time throughout American history. With controversy and hardship dating all the way back to the 1970’s to present day presents the ideas and hope that the American Dream mythology that has been long admired as the country’s greatest asset is really just a myth.

Whilst it appears to be dead in today’s society its the misunderstanding by outside audiences will finally get to witness a play which presents the uncovering of this deadly realisation from an American point of view. Buried Child will do exactly that! This play really digs in deep in the heart of this problem as it will present the real truth of American society and the frustration that has been shown by my fellow people, from the past to present time with the showing of Buried Child at the Sydney Theatre company.

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Directorial Approach for Drama Essay
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Sam Shepherd Buried Child has already shown the breakdown in Tradition and family and the Disillusionment that Americans for many years have faced. With a marvellous set of characters and a story worth the telling this family drama has been one of broadways finest and Sheppard’s ultimate breakthrough. It is the pain that is shown by each of the characters and the breakdown of the family and farm from a dark secret has been made as an example on just how the American people having been feeling throughout time.

Buried Child Will ultimatetely uncover the truth and give people a spectacle in the making as we will present the very same staging used in the original production and try making this play just like it was when it was first told. With a fine cast and crew working beside me they will also learn a great deal from this play as they will also have the experience of a lifetime acting in a play that is so rich in its writing and ideas which are presented.

It is for that very reason that i believe that this play has a very strong message for today’s audience particularly one which has not witnessed this first hand and would like to know just what has happened to the United States over time. It is that very reason on why i have decided to bring this play to Australia particularly with the Sydney Theatre Company, Particularly during a time now where America is facing those very similar issues which are currently tearing our ation apart whether it be from War to the Global Financial crisis things have changed over time. I want the Audience to uncover the very same truth by watching this play and Buried Child will show just how unique of a play it is. It is that very own secrecy that is presented in the play I want Audiences themselves to uplift, I want Audiences to gain an understanding of the real truth of American Society over time.

I want my audience to leave not only be entertained by the spectacle of this play and the home-grown talent they have seen perform it, but they will more importantly acknowledge the Context from which this play has emerged and just how important it is to American society today. Hopefully Australian people can understand the hardships that Americans throughout history have faced over time with all the barriers and ordeals that they have been placed throughout the past to the present day.


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