Disadvantages of being a Mail Carrier Essay

Disadvantages of being a Mail Carrier BY 65779 Believe it or not, there are several disadvantages of being a mail in todays society such as a lot of exercising, dangers in walking through other peoples’ yard, and the bulk of mail during the holidays. People Just don’t realize the things mail carriers have to endure to deliver them their mail. The Job can be very stressful at times. But through it all, they realize there is one main goal – that goal is to give people their mail in an orderly and timely manner. One disadvantage of being a mail carrier is a lot of exercising.

They are on very strict time in getting to every mail box so there Job may get as serious as Jogging or running to stay on time if they get behind schedule. Even though they may stay on time, all of the exercise could cause major health problems that they have such as asthma, back pain, cramps, etc. Additionally, did you know that delivering mail is not as simple as driving up toa mail box and putting the mail in the box? It can get as complex as leaving your car at the end of the street and walking door to door. Why do they do this?

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Disadvantages of being a Mail Carrier Essay
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Because in several neighborhoods in the U. S. the mail box is on the porch. It is easier to Just walk door to door, rather than waste gas driving from house to house. Speaking of going door to door, this can be very dangerous because carriers have to walk in other people yards in order to get to the mail box. You may think, well, what is so dangerous about this? There are a number of things that could happen while walking in someone else’s yard. For example, a mail carrier could trip over a branch and harm their selves since they may be in a rush.

The residents could harm them because theyre mad about their mail or some other random problem. But the most common thing is dog attacks. According to research, mail carriers have a 5% or 1 out of 20 chance of getting attacked by a dog. This may not seem like a high percentage but when you think about it, it is considering every 20 houses they go to they may be greeted by a raging dog. Another disadvantage of being a postal worker is the increased volume of mail in the holidays. Mail carriers are working their hardest between Dec. d Jan. for several reasons. One reason is people are busy mailing in their returns for tax season. Another reason is it’s Christmas time. Being this time of the year, we know that people all over the world are busy trying to get gifts to their families and friends. So how does the USPS handle the rise in mail? They make their workers work longer shifts so that the mail can get delivered on time despite increased quantity. As you can see, it is not as easy as everyone thinks delivering people their mail.

This is why the local, state, and national government are trying to make mail carriers jobs easier. One way is by hiring more workers to work during the holidays. Another way is by putting mail boxes at the end of the drive way to make it easier and safer to distribute mail. This will make mail carriers Job of delivering mail effortless and also help them maintain safety by not walking up to peoples’ yard. These things will help lead to more desires and advantages of being a mail carrier.


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