Disadvantages of Gadgets Essay

Mobile phone addiction is a big social problem. Psychiatrists believe that mobile phone addiction is becoming one of the biggest non-drug addictions in the 21st century. Along with the age drop of the mobile phone users and the ease of prepaid method provide by the system operators, most teenagers now own their own mobile phone and network service. Teenagers are engaged on their mobile phones all the time, no matter on phone calls, using SMS text messages, personalising the mobile phones with ringtones and pictures etc. Besides this, many people are running after the lastest mobile phones.

New models of mobile phones are released almost everyday. In order to get up-to-date, people tend to change their mobile phones once in a while. These became habits among the mobile phone users causing them to spend unnecessary cost on mobile bills and costs. Cyber bullying is also another issue among the disadvantages of mobile phones. Cyber bullying is a bullying act using offensive words and behavior via online chatting, emails or SMS text messages. It was showed that the psychological effects of cyber bullying are much severe that face-to-face bullying. This problem now is among teenagers especially the secondary students.

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Disadvantages of Gadgets Essay
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There are still many problems causing but the new technology. Mobile phones with camera functions are causing privacy problems. Saudi Arabia had banned camera phones through out the country while many countries are concern about this problem. This is because many people have misused the usage on the camera phones such as using it as a hidden camera to take photos which are private. The spreading on computer viruses is also a problem for this new technology. Just like computer viruses, these viruses will affect the normal usage on mobile phones making them to malfunction and causing destructions.

Disadvantages: 1. Students tend to be lazy. 2. Computer games such as online games divert the students’ attention from school. 3. Can be used for procrastination. 4. Distracts students from schoolwork. 5. Students lose interest in their schoolwork. Disadvantages: (on line diary—blog) – Possible to be hacked and all of your personal info becomes public – Need access to the ‘net, even if you have your laptop with you – If found by a search engine, you may NEVER be able to delete what was found. Do you want your information public forever?


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