Disaster Recovery Plan Essay


Catastrophe is one of the menaces that make a company can lose their plus. A Natural catastrophe or an unannounced incident can do a company lose their database which is the most of import assets for about all of the company. So many companies has to believe about the Disaster Recovery Plan ( DRP ) and besides Business Continuity Planning ( BCP ) because database is one of the of import assets for company because without database that company can non present their service and besides that company will lose all the dealing that record in the database. So many companies create a Warm site or even hot site as a backup topographic point to go on to run their concern when there is a catastrophe happened.

Actually when a international company who have a subdivision in other country or other state, they can utilize Database Replication as a solution of that catastrophe job. That company can do the database of each office synchronize each other in a period of clip so when 1 of the office have a job with their database, the other office can back up it because the other office have the reproduction of that database as backup. This paper will explicate how Database reproduction can cut down the security menace and besides to be a catastrophe recovery program. This paper besides reference about how implementing Database Replication so it can be used as Security and catastrophe solution for a company.

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Catastrophe Recovery Plan for Database

Catastrophe Recovery Plan is a planning that creates by a company to do a readying and recovery when a catastrophe whether natural or semisynthetic onslaughts a company. So many companies create a backup site when the catastrophe happened such as:

Hot sites

A backup topographic point that to the full configure with computing machine installation, with all service, communications links and physical workss operation including warming and AC. ( extra every bit same as the original waiter room and can work instantly but most expensive )

Warm Sites

A backup topographic point that Configured as the same as a hot site but non include the existent application the company needs or the application may non put in yet and configured. That requires a few hours to do warm site to the full map )

The companies pay a batch of money to fix everything that can vouch them to go on their concern because they think that one time they can non present their concern instantly, they will lose more money. Actually when Database reproduction is implementing in each of the subdivision that individually builds in some other different country, they besides can be the hot site that can be the backup site for the company.

The subdivision in around the universe of the international company can be the backup site because it about impossible that all of the subdivision that located in different have a catastrophe onslaughts at the same clip. So, database reproduction is the best solution for the international company to implement as a Disaster Planning program for their database assets.

How Database reproduction work as a backup.

All of the people know that backup is truly of import for a company to salvage their concern continuity. This subdivision will explicate briefly about the procedure of database reproduction that uses by company that has several offices in different state in doing a backup in each of the subdivision office in Figure 3.1 that show below.

First clip, the office Angstrom can be a publishing house who will print and direct the database to the other office such as office B or office C with an internet connexion. At this minute, Office B and office C is a endorser who get the database from publishing house with internet connexion. After all the subscriber acquire the publication database even it is snapshot or a dealing merely depend on the technique, all the database of the office B and C will be the same with office A. On the other manus, office B and C besides can be a publishing house who will print and direct the database and the other office becomes the endorser. With method, all the office can back up each other as a backup.

When directing the information from publishing house there is 3 techniques that can be used in the database reproduction such as:

Snapshot Reproduction

This technique will do the publishing house publish or direct the snapshot of the full database and portion that database to the other endorser. This technique is non implemented by so many Database decision maker because it will take a batch of resource because it will take a long of clip to reassign a immense database because it transfer the snapshot of the whole database. It besides non effectual because when there is a alteration in the database, the publishing house direct it once more the whole things. This technique is good to implement merely for company or database that does non hold a frequent alteration on it.

Merge Replication

This technique is normally used for user who goes offline rather frequently or does non hold a good quality of internet connexion. When the publishing house is offline, it will salvage all the opportunity in their ain local machine and at the clip when publishing house go online, it will unify their opportunity with the other.

Transactional Reproduction

This technique will do the publishing house publish or direct merely the dealing so it will cut down the memory use and besides make the information that transportation from the publishing house to subscriber go smaller and non faster. This technique make the publishing house monitor the dealing and at the clip that publishing house indicate that there is dealing or opportunity in their database, publishing house will direct the opportunity to the endorser. This technique is the most effectual and efficient

Implementing Database Replication

In this paper, it will explicate about implementing Database reproduction that based on MySQL. Before start the measure by measure to implement the database reproduction, it will be good to cognize about the construct that Database Replication have server who act as publishing house and client who act as endorser. In this subdivision there will be to stand in class in implementing Database reproduction such as:

  1. Configuring the maestro
  2. Configuring the slave


Database reproduction is the best solution for the international company to implement as a Disaster Planning program for their database assets.

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