Discovering the Beauty Essay

We live only to discover beauty. All else is a form of waiting. ” – Kahlil Gibran Sometime, let’s sit silently for some minutes and let’s think about the life we are leading. Definitely, we’ll find that we want our moments to be filled with happiness at any cost. Whatever, we are doing i. e taking food, wearing dresses, doing physical labour, decorating things, travelling, chit-chatting, and sleeping or may be earning money, everything oriented in such a direction to get satisfaction out of them & derive happiness & pleasure.

This striving for happiness leads our life forward. What I observe, we get happiness with a beauty. We want to make our life more and more beautiful. Ultimately, our life is in search of a beauty. You will feel really wonderful, if you will imagine, our whole life is Just for discovering beauty. But the difference is the definition of beauty in individual eyes. First of all, try to feel, realize that at every moment we seek for beauty and this beauty is divine. To know how to smile is a beauty. To work skill fully is a beauty. Every kind of artistic expression is a beauty.

To lay enthusiastically, in disciplined manner and skill fully is a beauty. To weave something properly or clean a room nicely is nothing but an expression of beauty. But we could not discover the beauty hidden in each moment, so we run after the deformations which seems to our ignorant mind as beauty. All kind of dissatisfaction, desires, grieves, unhappiness arises due to that. We are never satisfied with our condition. Because the things we are searching can never give us happiness because they are not real beauty. Our true goal of life is to unveil the hidden beauties of every oment of our life.

So, how can we discover these beauties? First of all, be sure that this is an adventurous Journey. Isn’t it amazing? Yes we need to widen our consciousness and visualize the world, our surrounding with open eyes. The daily activities, we are undergoing with is the starting point. You see from the morning after the waking up to the night when we go to bed, our life is full of activities. Many of them go un-noticed to our eyes. If we could remain conscious of each moment, observe what we are doing, thinking, what we need to do or what others are doing, hat nature is trying to tell us.

What indications life is giving to us, it’s not less interesting, not less wonderful. So, I can quote a line here. “And could you keep your heart in wonder at the daily miracles of your life, your pain would not seem less wondrous than your JOY’ – Khalil Gibran Apart from this observation, what we can do is to note down these beautiful moments, thoughts, things, learning of our life in a diary. While we move forward, usually we forget or neglect these small moments which has definitely greater impact on our consciousness.

If we pen them out, after ome months, years, may be in school life or after that, when we’ll overlook what our previous feelings, experiences are, what a magnificent feeling that will be , you can never imagine. You will wonder saying, “Is it my own feelings, thoughts? ” You’ll definitely get an inspiration from your own life which has a powerful effect than some other’s words or advice. This way, our selected past memories also can help us advancing in our way. While we play enthusiastically, sometimes, this feeling must have come within us that my victory or failure doesn’t matter much to me.

But I’ll put my Dest efforts ana try to Teel tne real Joy 0T playlng. I nls Is Inaeea an eternal Teellng. No Joy can ever be best than this. This thing we usually forget and gradually come down to our lower states where we strive for victory, feel unhappy for our failures. If we could have noted down that experiences and after some days, we had an overlook of that writing, we’ll certainly get inspired and those feelings will be concrete within us. Ssimilarly, while singing a song, we must have felt like uniting with nature or etting closer to the nature or becoming a small child Jumping to Mother’s lap.

These feelings create a peculiar experience for some moments. While plucking flowers in the morning, watering the trees or roaming in the garden, Just remind those moments, have we not felt a pure feeling coming within us? As if we start loving flowers, trees, nature and desperately want to live a life with them or feeling the aspiration of flowers for some moments. While meditating, we must have observed the silence surrounding us. Then we could hear the slightest sound going around us. We can feel something forcing us to go deep within. We start imagining like we are flying towards the Mother.

We are a small child or a lovely bird. Aspirations from our hearts go higher and higher Just like a fume of Agarbati. Some flame is burning decently within centre of our heart. A beautiful dream, we see for our life. These things come and go. We normally neglect it. Some time, let’s observe it and note them down as our experiences or a prayer to the Mother in a diary. Obviously, not to show any one that, “See, how beautiful my imaginations are. “, but as a mearns of our inner rowth. Ssimilarly, while in class, travelling outside, moving inside the market or in a function, we observe a lot of things, learn a lot.

From our teachers, parent’s, friends, we come to know various useful things all the time. If we could select the useful ones and pen them out, this will certainly be a nice habit. While doing exercise, the urge to do it perfectly, while eating, surrendering to the Divine or eating in a peaceful mind, feeling the Joy while sweeping the room, class room or orchard, every moment is a point for something new to learn, feel and observe. While dancing r acting in a drama, we can observe the perfection or skill we seek for.

While writing a poem, story or reading a book, we move into a world of imagination, kingdom of dreams. And those wave of thoughts, even if not expressible through words always, leaves a lasting impression in our consciousness. Travelling new places in altogether is a wonderful experience. Even the dreams we see at night while in sleep are not less enchanting. Understanding and following dreams is altogether a different art. All these beautiful moments, if we note in a diary and at some later time, we’ll have a ook of it, our life will seem unusually mysterious to us but with full of possibilities.

I have indicated previously, this will certainly be a guide in our darkest days. When we’ll leave our school and live in an outer atmosphere and loose the direct contact from such a Divine protective atmosphere, we’ll surely need someone who’ll hold our hand and lead us in the chaos of the world, someone who’ll inspire us, remind us what steps we ought to take at every moment and enlighten us. Hope, those experiences, feelings, learning can serve a bit while moving forward.

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