Distance education Essay

Many people use distance-learning programs (study material post, TV, Internet, etc. ) to study at home, but some people think that it cannot bring the same benefits of attending college or university. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion? Nowadays, an increasing number of people are concerned about the vehicle of accessing to knowledge and skills. However, whether people should be given access to knowledge by distance-learning programs or by attending college has caused heated debate.

My view is that distance-learning would become the mainstream of he study. There is no doubt that for most people, flexibility has become the priority factor that they would consult. This is because they are living in a stressful lifestyle, and they can only use their spare time to learn. People have to study in their spare time. Therefore, distance-learning programs provide a more accessible better (more suitable) way for most people to learn practical skills. Besides, focusing on distance-learning items can be beneficial to society.

For example, cosmos has become a hot topic after Hawking theory made the whole world crazy. Without those programs, Hawking would never come up with his theory, and then, the universe would be as ambiguous as before. Advocating distance- learning would accelerate the step of fulfilling the dream of equal education rights. As a result, our society would be more harmony. That is not to say that traditional college education is out of value. Face-to-face teaching model and communication are also significant for students who are lack of social experience.

But, with the development of online-chatting system, people still be able to obtain what they really need. In conclusion, focusing on distance-learning can benefit not only most individuals, but our society as well. Meanwhile, we should not ignore the advantages of the traditional learning method. Only by doing so, people can earn a better living. Nowadays, an increasing number of people are concerned about the way of accessing to knowledge and skills. However, whether distance-learning can bring the same benefits of college or university education is a controversial issue.

I tend to agree the view that both of those two ways are beneficial for learners to obtain racial skills, but they differ in the sense that the roles they played within some certain groups of people. T, It Is villous Tanat Don Allocates-learning Ana attending college provoke a platform for acquiring knowledge. This is because the purpose of the two education systems is to provide students with knowledge and skills. Although they assist learners’ study in different ways, students will obtain what they exactly need. In Distinguish University, long-distance education and traditional classroom learning are all available.

Many people study out of classroom by watching the live record and simultaneously other people are sitting in front of the blackboard. Anyway;ay, either the former or the later get the valuable information transmitted by the same teacher. In addition, specifically, their differences could be illustrated as follows. Advocating college education encourages students not only to cultivate friendship but to enrich their social experiences as well, which in turn would contribute to their future. Those benefits will not be available by Just sitting in front of a screen.

However, college education is inconvenient for those who are busy earning a living, because they could get access to study information only by utilizing their spare time. Fortunately, distance-learning allows people to learn at anytime, I. E. The schedule of learning is at their diplomas, which is the disadvantage of college education. So far, as we can see from what we have discussed above. Both tell-education and college education bear their own advantages as well as disadvantages. Nevertheless, when it comes to a specific groups of people, one of the two maybe better than the other.

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Distance education Essay
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