Distracted Driving Essay

Distracted driving seems to be a huge problem nowadays. Talking on the phone and texting is one of the main reasons why a process of distracted driving appeared. According to the National Safety Council, “Twenty-eight percent of all vehicle crashes can be tied to talking on a cell phone or texting.” Isn’t it scaring? Moreover, the statistics are growing day by day. What is the main point of the essay – all cell phone use, including calling and texting, checking some local app, or any other sample of distraction while driving should be banned by law. The government has to protect people from official part as well.

Distracted driving has gotten way out of hand. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, “5,474 people” were killed due to distracted driving crashes and that “448,000 were injured”. All those accidents happened because of texting while driving a car? What can be so important that cannot wait until you will reach the destination? Is that text so essential that cannot wait 5 minutes more? If it is so much important why can’t you stop the car and answer the person?

Justin McNaul, director of state relations for the American Automobile Association, stated, “Even taking your eyes off the road for two seconds doubles your chances of being in a crash.” Why would you risk your life, the people you love, and stranger’s lives? Waiting to text your friend about the super cool dress you got can wait until you are safely out of your car. Remember, a crash resulting from texting and driving can happen to anyone even if you strongly believe that nothing will happen to you. This issue can happen to anyone.

Remember, that drivers who allow themselves to become distracted while driving is not only endangering themselves but other innocent bystanders.

What else can be called as a distracted driving?

According to Esurance’s website (2013), “there are three main categories of distracted driving; cognitive, manual, and visual.”

  1. Cognitive distracted driving is the process when people think about something else. Yeah, they can look very serious, like they are fully concentrated on the road, but in fact, they are far far away. They unconsciously think about problems they have and so on, and visually they see things they imagine. Isn’t it obvious that in this case, they don’t see the road? Moreover, they don’t see people that might start going across the street.
  2. Well, we understand that everything that distracts the driver is called the distracted driving. Manual driving is something that 90% of people do. Of course, for a great amount of years drivers have been listening to music, podcasts, and radio. But, according to the surveys of last years, they start using even headphones. What is bad about it? Well, when a driver uses a headphone, he limits his ears to hear a person, or a car break, or warning signs they might be on the road. Also, an awful distraction is when the driver takes his hands off the wheel to do something other than driving. Even looking on the map. Are you serious? Can’t you stop and look on the map later? Don’t try to impress anyone that you can do two things at the one time. Not in the car, not in the process of driving. Isn’t it scaring that you are the owner of someone’s life and that your second of distraction will take it from the person and his/her family? Think about it and never do any things while driving.

If you see that your friend is not a careful driver, and he likes doing things that will distract him from the driving process that don’t be a shame to say him this. If he isn’t listening than tell him to stop and go home on foot. Your life isn’t a matter of a situation, and it depends just on you. Even if he started talking that you are a coward… well, that you are alive coward and that is so much better than lying on the bed with thoughts, “yeah, everything hurts so much, but at least Jack said I’m cool.” Jack won’t visit you even a time. Think about your life JUST by yourself, be wise.

  1. Also, there is the thirds type of distracted driving called a visual one.

Have you ever been driving and see the person in front of you is all over the road? No, they’re not drunk, it’s probably someone trying to juggle a cell phone, a coffee, and put on make-up. Most of all it is about the woman. They could care less for the cars behind her or the people around her; she won’t do those things at home. I guess it’s just easier in the car with lots of distractions going on.

They usually say, “oh we are so much in a hurry in the morning that we can’t do it at home.” Well, then STOP being lazy! Wake up earlier and START doing things before you have to leave! This essay isn’t made to please you stop doing stupid things, no, this is the example of bluffing you. Because in any other case you will not understand that this is a very serious topic.

To sum it up, dear people, our makeup can cause a death of a little child, who wanted to be so much adult and go through the street without mom’s hand-wringing his/her hand over hers. Your coffee drink and the hand which is holding a coffee instead of holding the rudder can make someone a disable person. Your telephone can make from a happy little kid an orphan one killing his family who was going to the circus. And remember, you will blame yourself for that in the entire life. You will think over and over again of why didn’t I woke up earlier to make coffee at home, to make a make-up, to watch the map earlier, to plan the day better? Don’t turn your life in a mess with one stupid thing.


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