Do You Really Get What You Pay For? Sample Essay

Everyone loves to have on nice apparels. Adolescents love to have on the new manner and show of the latest apparels. But what they ne’er realize is: bash they truly acquire what they pay for? It is of import they begin to recognize what people go through. merely to do some apparels. It is of import that they understand the advantages and disadvantages of the globalisation manner industry. First a trans-national company ( Tnc ) is a company for illustration Nike. and they have become really planetary and excessively powerful for authoritiess. Some advantages of globalisation are: the fabrics will be in really good quality and the tnc?s e. g. adidas are giving people in ledc?s occupations in mills. A minor point about these mills is that they pay the people really small. For illustration. 5 cents per half an hr. Another advantage about globalisation is that it has helped merchandise become easier across the states. This is because of an act called free trade. It sets no barriers between each state. for illustration a hapless state has no possibility of trading and gaining money. so globalisation stairss in and introduces free trade ; this helps the state to acquire richer.

And eventually another advantage is globalisation has helped Tnc?s like Nike advertise their merchandises across Europe. doing everyone desire some Nike apparels. Even though there are tonss of advantages there are besides many disadvantages. The apparels you buy. for illustration a nice jumper from spread. might be you 50 euros. but merely one euro of that monetary value will travel to a hapless. immature male child in India. Another disadvantage is. that if a company doing a truly nice apparels and suddenly immigrants are copying these apparels. but selling them for less. so the costumiers will get down purchasing the apparels made by the immigrants alternatively. which means the company ( Tnc?s ) will get down losing money. so they will get down to fire the mill workers. intending mills will gain less money. which means the state would gain less money.

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Do You Really Get What You Pay For? Sample Essay
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And eventually you can ne’er cognize if your apparels are made by grownups. non kids. and if they are being kept in good conditions. This all came into sight after spread was caught by holding their fabrics being made by kids. This besides leaves the inquiry ; Are they being paid plenty as good? -the reply is “no” . The mean wage for a mill worker in India was 10 cents per hr. This is decidedly is non plenty. I hope that this essay has made you think a spot more about what you buy. and what you where it really is made from. In decision Tnc?s like Nike. adidas. spread and many more is a good thing because. it helps to develop hapless states. and it helps the state be more friendly to each other.


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