Doctor Faustus Journal Insite Paper Essay

Faustus Journal #2 In the novel ‘Doctor Faustus’, by Christopher Marlowe, Faustus sells his soul to the Devil so he can gain all scientific knowledge of the Earth, and become a god. Faustus enjoys viewing the wonders of the world, but he does not realize that all these wonders were created by God. Faustus feels the need to turn to evil in order to be content with life, when using his magic. Doctor Faustus uses his slave Mephostophilis to take him around the world, Faustus is ecstatic, after travelling, he brags about seeing, “The river Main [that] fall[s] into Rhine, Whose banks are set with groves of fruitful vines;

Then up to Naples, rich Campania, With buildings fair and gorgeous to the eye” (3. 1. 7-10). Faustus sells his soul to be more God like, ironically God created these places that Faustus is intrigued by, but never does he create anything as fantastic as the scenery he sees. Faustus believes God to be a myth, so these wonders should seem fake to him. Although at the end of the day Faustus is just a voyeur wanting to check the next location off his to do list, not wanting anything to do with ever creating beautiful scenery. The only magic Faustus could perform was childish, unnecessary and definitely ungodly.

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Doctor Faustus Journal Insite Paper Essay
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Faustus makes three men very angry, so to escape from his problems he uses Mephostophilis to “Hurl [one] in some lake of mud and dirt; / Take thou this other, drag him through the woods, / Amongst the pricking thorns and sharpest briers” (4. 3. 85-88). This shows how Faustus is using his powers, but evilly, never does Faustus use his powers to help one in need. In closing, Faustus is the furthest living thing from being Godly; no man should turn to evil in order to be content with life. If Faustus is going to enjoy God’s creations he should not curse his scriptures.


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