Does history repeat itself? Essay

I most certainly agree with the position that history does repeat itself. Take for example leaders abusing their power, wars that are happening for the same reasons, and abusing the rights of women. History only repeats itself when we don’t learn from the mistakes of others. Regardless of what many people may think, history does indeed repeat itself. In the sass, a cruel man who goes by the name of Doll Hitler rounded up Jews and gassed them, which is known as the biggest genocide of all time.

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Does history repeat itself? Essay
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This is a case of a deader abusing his power. Now after seventy five years, the United States president is abusing his power Just like Hitler. This is because he invaded Iraq to look for biological weapons. This invasion has killed thousands of innocent Iraqi people although he did not find any biological weapons. The Holy War between Muslims and Christians has begun again and will never end. September 1 lath was proof of that. It is virtually impossible for Muslims and Christians to live in a state of peace.

The history behind the two religions doesn’t remit that, and the on going feud between the two doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. World War Ill may have started on 9/1 1 . Maybe that was the beginning of the end. In our history books we read about how women were not treated equally as men were. In history women were abused, not allowed to own land, and sometimes were not allowed to work. This case took a 180 degree turn which changed women status. Now women are allowed to do everything a man Is allowed to do.

But don’t get too excited, history has once again repeated Itself. Some states In African are treating women lower men. In these African states women are treated as rubbish. They are not allowed to go to work or own land. This has to change, because women are equal to men. History does In fact repeat Itself but not In the exact way. Looking at the examples I have provided you with, I think It Is best to say that history only repeats Itself by us not learning from the mistakes of others. Regardless of what many people may think, history does Indeed repeat Itself.


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