Does India Need Nuclear Power Essay

Good morning, I Anamika Misra would like to speak on the nuclear deal. I will be speaking for the motion. India needs lot of Electricity for its growing needs and only some type of electricity generation which does not affect the environment should be preferred. Some of the types are Hydel power, wind power, solar and nuclear. Hydel power is generated at the expense of water and it displaces some water for the purpose of generation. The power generated is directly proportional to the availability of water. The way the greenery is reducing there won’t be sufficient rain fall and sufficient water to generate power.

Wind and solar power generation techniques are very clean but are very dilute sources of power and cost of generation per unit is very expensive. Thermal power generation using gas and coal will emit lot of carbon dioxide to atmosphere causing the earths temperature to go high. I heard that the temp in Nagpur is touching around 50 degrees sometimes and with this kind of power generations temp all over India will shoot up. Nuclear is the best solution for power generation for us. An only concern is the disposal of waste. This can be handled with good technology.

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Does India Need Nuclear Power Essay
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The global nuclear leader is France, with nuclear producing nearly 80 percent of the country’s electricity. France also exports huge amounts of nuclear power to European neighbors, and its energy conglomerate, Areva, builds most nuclear power plants worldwide. After years of stagnation, many countries have announced plans to build new nuclear power plants. More than 30 reactors are under construction, among them a Finnish plant, the first nuclear reactor to be built in Europe for 15 years. The U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission foresees a dozen new applications for nuclear power plants.

For over 30 years, U. S. utilities had not applied for new nuclear reactors. Demand is also growing in Asia. Facing energy shortages, China and India are building several reactors, and intend to increase their nuclear capacity several times over in the next 15 years. The main reason for renewed interest in nuclear fission is the high prices for rival power sources like coal and natural gas. Prices for nuclear fuel have increased as well, but their share in total operating costs is relatively small. According to the IEA, nuclear power is currently cheaper than gas and almost as cheap as coal. Thank you


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