Does the Media Only Inform Us? Essay

Does the media only inform us? Mass media plays a crucial role in forming and reflecting public opinion, connecting the world to individuals and reproducing the self-image of society. The media have a strong social and cultural impact upon society. It is a unique feature of modern society, its development has accompanied an increase in the magnitude and complexity of societal actions and engagements, rapid social change, technological innovation, rising personal income and standard of life and the decline of some traditional forms of control and authority.

The ‘media’ as a whole plays a major part in one’s life. The most prominent form of media in society, the use of magazines, books, and newspapers have declined over the years due to the onslaught of higher technology versions. The media is an unique way that we have to be informed and to know what has happened today in the world and in our country. In our days, the media has a profound influence on the decisions we make. Whether it is what movie we see or what we plan on doing according to the weather, we look to the media and television news, in particular, for the answers.

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Does the Media Only Inform Us? Essay
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We also listen to the radio for updates on world events. The media helps to shape our world . The media has a role in the decisions we make about politics, opinions on world issues, and how we conduct ourselves from day to day. I read the newspaper “Timpul”, because I think in it I can find a lot of interesting information, I can be informed and it is a newspaper which inspires trust to many people. The media is playing a very active roll for educating, training, guiding and entertaining the people and providing awareness to the general public.

The media also has been causing problems and clashes in opinions probably ever since the television was invented. The media probably started out OK, but after a while, they started twisting opinions and stories, and taking sides. I think that the media is going to twist a story to make it more interesting once too many times. In conclusion, we should seriously think about the revolutionary changes in the media and work for the improvement and better future of this sector.


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