Dollarama Is The Leading Operator Of Dollar Stores In Canada Accounting Essay

Practice Multiple Choice Questions 1. Which of the undermentioned best describes why an independent hearer is asked to show an sentiment on the just presentation of fiscal statements?

A ) It is hard to fix fiscal statements that reasonably present a company ‘s fiscal place and alterations in hard currency flows without the expertness of an independent hearer.

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Dollarama Is The Leading Operator Of Dollar Stores In Canada Accounting Essay
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B ) It is direction ‘s duty to seek available independent assistance in the assessment of the fiscal information shown in its fiscal statements.

C ) The sentiment of an independent party is needed because a company may non be nonsubjective with regard to its ain fiscal statements.

D ) It is a customary courtesy that all stockholders of a company receive an independent study on direction ‘s stewardship in pull offing the personal businesss of the concern.

2. Which of the undermentioned statements best describes why intentionally underbidding to obtain an audit battle may make independency jobs for an hearer?

A ) It is a misdemeanor of professional moralss.

B ) Having cut fees below cost in the initial twelvemonth, the hearer has a greater inducement to seek and retain the client than if the fees had non been discounted.

C ) By holding to a fee below cost to delight a client, the hearer has already compromised independency.

D ) By underbidding, the hearer shows that his or her major involvements are economic instead than functioning the public involvement.

3. An understanding between the hearer and the client which specifies the services that will be conducted as portion of the audit is referred to as:

A ) Independence missive

B ) Representation missive

C ) Engagement missive

D ) Audit missive

4. An illustration of a misdemeanor of independency criterion as a consequence of self-review is:

A ) The hearer writes up the clerking records and performs the audit.

B ) The hearer has a fiscal involvement in the client.

C ) The hearer is under high degrees of force per unit area to run into restraints that is unrealistic for the occupation.

D ) The same spouse has been executing the reappraisal of the on the job paper file for 15 old ages without rotary motion.

5. A properly planned and performed audit may neglect to observe a material misstatement ensuing from fraud because

A ) Audited account processs that are effectual for observing an unwilled misstatement may be uneffective for an knowing misstatement that is concealed through collusion.

B ) An audit is planned and performed to supply sensible confidence of observing stuff misstatements caused by mistakes but non by fraud.

C ) The factors considered in measuring control hazard indicated an increased hazard of knowing misstatement but merely a low hazard of unwilled mistakes in the fiscal statements.

D ) The hearer did non see factors act uponing audit hazard for history balances that have effects permeant to the fiscal statements taken as a whole.

6. Which of the following comparatively little misstatements is most likely to hold a material consequence on an entity ‘s fiscal statements?

A ) A junior-grade hard currency fund expense that was non decently authorized.

B ) A piece of disused office equipment that was non retired.

C ) An illegal payment to a foreign functionary that was non recorded.

D ) An bad history receivable that was non written off.

Which of the undermentioned audit trials is non an illustration of analytical process?

Comparing the planned budget consequences to existent year-end consequences

Calculating a proviso for the write-off of stock list based on reexamining gross revenues that occurred subsequent to year-end

Analyzing industry informations on gross revenues of an industry to develop an outlook of the client ‘s year-end gross revenues

Calculating the current ratio and measuring whether or non it is in conformity with the bank understanding

The followers are important factors to see when measuring the built-in hazard of a client, except:

Client ‘s prejudice to misstate fiscal statements

Related-party minutess

Segregation of responsibilities

Nature of the client ‘s concern

Which party is non a possible user of a company ‘s fiscal statements?




All of the above are possible users

Hearers are required to scrutinize with an nonsubjective province of head and must guarantee they have equal proficient preparation to execute the occupation. Which wide guideline of Generally Accepted Auditing Standards ( GAAS ) ordinances are being referred to?





Sally is a senior director at the accounting house SSS & A ; Partners and has late been assigned to a new audit battle, Grover Inc. Sally is truly excited about the chance to function Grover Inc. ; nevertheless, it came to visible radiation during the planning stages that her male parent owns a important figure of portions of Grover Inc. Sally was taken off the battle as a safeguard to avoid go againsting what professional behavior facet/rule associated with independency:





It was determined that an wrong audit sentiment was given by a house. The audit was conducted in conformity with GAAS and is to the full supported by the hearer ‘s on the job paper file. What defense mechanism can the hearer usage in this instance to restrict the extent of the liability to the house?

Absence of misstatement

Lack of responsibility to execute

Absence of negligent public presentation

Absence of causal connexion

Why were Canadian Auditing Standards ( “ CASs ” ) established as a replacing of GAAS that we know today?

The criterions were out of day of the month taking to confusion in the market place ensuing in misinterpretation of the hearer ‘s function.

Because concerns are runing in a planetary economic system, it was determined that hearers around the universe should follow International Standards. CASs is Canada ‘s version of following the planetary criterions.

As a consequence of the planetary economic crisis, securities ( stock market ) regulators required sweetenings to specifically observe deceitful activities that are more common today.

A new manager at the Canadian Institute decided to alter the name of the criterions for loyal grounds


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