Domestic Violence Essay

Needs/Problem Statement Domestic Violence is the willful infliction of harm, physical assault, mental abuse or anguish, intimidation, sexual assault, etc… basically any act of violence upon a loved one or someone a person is intimate with. Domestic violence is a growing problem in the world today, affective individuals of every age, race, size, religion, and situation. Domestic violence typically results in a person being physically injured, psychologically traumatized, or in some cases, results in death.

There are many children in the world today who have grown up in a home containing a domestic violence situation, and sadly many of these children end up being in an abusive relationship themselves, or become the abuser. The PEACE Domestic Violence Agency is a wonderful agency with the goal in mind of reducing the rates and incidences of domestic violence, through the process of education, as well as providing assistance to people who have been hurt or mistreated.

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Domestic Violence Essay
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This wonderful organization has programs put in place to help the many men, women, and children, regardless of their ages or personal background, who have undergone some sort of abuse or mistreatment, and are in need of assistance. This program is very important for many reasons, but mainly for the much needed help it would provide for those persons who have been involved in such a terrible situation like domestic violence.

There are many financial needs that arise with any organization, but especially in a situation such as this because the people in need of assistance may not have the funding to afford the help he/she will need to be safe. Depending upon the situation at hand, one of the people seeking assistance from the domestic violence program may be looking for shelter from a loved one who has hurt them. If this is the case he/she would most likely be without much funding and would need a place to live as well food and clothing.

These are things that could be provided with ease if the government approves the grant for adding funding. The funds, if granted, would also go toward different day programs for the children involved in the program to help provide them with activities that are enjoyable and will keep their mind off of the situation at hand. Another wonderful incentive of this organization is the educational programs offered. These programs will allow the children to continue to go to school without having to compromise their safety.


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