Domination of Women Essay

Our history takes us back to when women where taken advantage of and had no mind of their own. These manipulative actions have been taken on by the domination of the women by their spouses, their family, as well the way they where raised as young girls as in the story “Girl” these are just some of the sources of domination. A young girl is being manipulated as she is raised to be what her mother tells her to be. Her mother continuously over talks the girl as if she has no mind of her own.

Don’t do this, and don’t do that is what the girl is told but in return tells the girl this is how to do this, and this is what a man likes. The young girl’s mother takes control of her life with no answers for the young girls questions, so she is always left questionable. In “The Story of an Hour” the main character Mrs. Mallard is told terrible news by one of her husbands friends that she lost her husband to a train accident. A sorrowing wife; Mrs. Mallard sits isolated in a dark corner by a window sobbing. As the women gets an epiphany, and the thought of freedom rings her bells.

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Domination of Women Essay
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Mrs. Mallard celebrates her joy of being a widow because, life for this women has been as if she was tied to a leash by what her society says what women should be like and as well by her husbands domination. The protagonist of the story “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid will soon develop the sense of need for freedom just like that of the protagonist from “ The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin. The girls mother’s manipulative guidance towards the girls life from a child to women by her judgmental comments will cause the girl to seek happiness.

This will then conclude with an unhappy girl in the search to find her own destiny. Jamaica Kincaid story “Girl” has shown a problem that many young girls face from their parents dominative actions by being over protective. The parents take control of what they think is right and what is wrong for their children. Just like the young girl in the story, she has suffered the manipulation and embarrassment of her mothers cruel words of being called “the slut that you are so bent on becoming. ”(kincaid, par. ) these words of “wisdom” aren’t quite the words you’d use while talking to your child, but in her mother’s eyes these where words of guidance. Parental domination can cause life damages on their child whether its through relationships with friends and family, with emotional distress, or when it comes to being decisive in even the easiest situations. As the girl in the story asked her mother questions they were ignored because the relevance of her questions was not important to her mother.

The only thing that was most important to her mother is that she listened and did as was told, to not be the so called slut she was growing into being. Children who are just like the main character of “Girl” suffer. Growing up to either search for the freedom they have never experienced or they become the controller of their relationships and children life as well. As victims of this cause, they then as an reenact what they have been brain washed to know. As I read the article “When Parents Control: 3 keys of breaking free” they author said “If they haven’t risen above their controlling parent’s domination.

They can become entrapped victims for life. They remain dependent and often spend their lives seeking out ways to work out their unfinished business around being controlled. ”( King Ph. D. 3) This is what will happen to the girl inside the story. The young girl will always be searching for answers, looking for ways to be uncontrolled. Just like the women in “The story of an Hour” by kate chopin. As in the story “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid the young lady is being dominated by her mother’s will to make her a proper lady. Just as “The Story of an Hour” Mrs.

Mallard was raised with the domination of her life as well married into what she only knows. Within the secrets she has hidden, Mrs. Mallard had goals of her own. As said many times through out the story she exclaims “free,free,free! ”(Chopin par. 10) which means she has finally escaped the tortures life she has lived. The women is now able to live freely with out a demand in her way. This action is also soon to be arisen in the young lady in the story “Girl” because in the ending of the story she asked her mother “but what if the baker won’t let me feel the bread? this shows that she had already set a goal to touch the bread. Which means in the end she will set out in search of her own answers to the empty questions her mother have left for her. A couple of signs of this horrid action as said by Joe Beam is “Criticism, sarcasm, constantly correcting, dominating, controlling, interrupting, embarrassing, ignoring, and similar behavior communicates very clearly that one person treats the other as an inferior. ” ( When She’s Had Enough, par. ) this is seen several times in the story “Girl” by the mother, but in “The Story of an Hour” you can tell by the way she celebrates the death of her husband that she has experienced these dominative actions whether it was through her spouse or the past society she has lived in. Mrs. Mallard and the girl have experienced a chronological path that will soon lead to the protagonist of “Girl” by Jamaica kincaid to search for the freedom that the protagonist of” The Story of an Hour” has once dreamed of having. he story by chopin writes “ She carried her self unwittingly like a goddess of victory” allowing you see the breaking of the chain, and allowing her to open the gates to a new life. Just as in “Girl” the mother criticizes the way the young lady walks by saying “On sundays try to walk like a lady and not the slut you have bent on becoming” (Kincaid, par. 1). This gracious stride will then in the future be an experience the girl will soon have,by taking her victory walk away from her mother. As said in the article “When you hear from the inner voice of your utmost(sic) longing, you will find your way.

You will discover your highest good. Your(sic) will become the person you are meant to be, beyond your controlling parent’s domination. ” (King Ph. D, par. 7). In conclusive “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid will then end up like Mrs. Mallard of “The Story of an Hour” by searching for a since of freedom. Whether it is becoming the “bent on slut” her mother has warned her about or by living a torturous like just like that of the character of the “ The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin. Who has accidentally stumbled across the new life she has once dream of having.

Then Has a surprising take when her husband walks through the door, Her heart break of shock kills the women because she has realized that she will never have the free life she has always wanted. In the story “Girl” consequently with the acceptance of the actions she will then learn to be acquainted with the cruel abuse she has taken accustom to, and will then suffer to live with what she knows best “domination” but will internally seek the unfilled happiness she has never had a chance of knowing.

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