Doraemon Essay

One of the most famous cartoon animated characters in Japan is Doraemon, whose popularity is not less than Mickey Mouse in U. S. Doraemon is well-known for people around the world, I think anybody would immediately recognize the name and the round face with the round button nose,long whiskers, big smiling mouth, and collar with a bell. By the way, you can image: Doraemon have been combine between a cat and a tumbler. In the beginning, teacher Fujiko who created Doraemon have called Doraneko meaning a ding-dong cat. Later on, in order to it possessed the human personality, he named it “Doraemon. ”

The best friend Nobi Nobita is Doraemon’s master, who is a lazy, dependent, impractical but his is a virtuous boy, very clement, good natured… Nobi Nobita is the cause of the beginning and the ending of Doraemon series story. Addiction there are many Nobi Nobita friends such as : Shizu is a lovely girl she become Nobita’s future wife, Gian is a strong boy who always dreams being a popular singer but has an awful voice, Suneo is a rich man …. Although he is a cat, he is afraid of mice the most. Doraemon has a well-known magic pocket on his belly, which can link to the four-dimensional space, and make all the dreams people have come true.

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There is another pocket in reserve under Doraemon’s pillow. There are some frequently used tools by Doraemon. First, the bamboo dragonfly,which is installed on the head, Second, the random door, which can lead Doraemon to where he wants to go, the time machine, the enlarged and dwindled light All in all, Doraemon is such a celebrated cartoon character that nobody doesn’t know him. Because of its kindness and cute appearance. In the future, human beings can invent a robot which is like Doraemon and make a number of machines like Doraemon’s. Maybe it will also help us breakthrough our modern technology someday.


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