Dove Case Study Sample Essay

Question 1: “The thought propagated by media about beauty is unachievable and unrealistic” . On what platform do companies market their beauty merchandises? Do you truly think that the image projected by media of beauty is hypocritical and unrealistic?

Autonomic nervous system: First. I would wish to specify what is beauty? Beauty ( besides called cuteness. comeliness or fairness ) is a feature of a individual. animate being. topographic point. object. or thought that provides perceptual experience of pleasance or satisfaction. But today beauty merchandise companies and media define beauty as slim. long legs. unflawed tegument. reflecting hair. matte lip rouges. spaghetti straps. dense looks interrupting into smilings. Today we live in age where commerce determines what is “beautiful” . Many immature adult females tend to be become baffled by such messages sent out by the beauty merchandise companies. Womans tend to happen themselves caught in a trap that makes them eager to suit themselves in the mold of “the beautiful woman”—a criterion set by the media and companies.

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Companies have created their ain definition of “the beautiful adult females ” which is hypocritical and unrealistic and Ordinary work forces and adult females end up invariably comparing themselves to the unrealistic images that they see. There may be a few natural beauties who make it into magazines. but most of them have a batch of aid to look every bit good as they do. Professional make-up creative persons and hair stylists. with professional lighting and lensmans. every bit good as a small spot of extra aid from the trustworthy airbrush to free theoretical accounts and famous persons of any defects they may possess. These images of flawlessness are what members of the general public see ; they do non see the procedure behind their creative activity.

Question 2: Define Ad? What could be the possible aim of advertisement? What are the advertisement aims for the CFRB? Ans: Ad is the mass paid communicating of edifice trade names through persuasive communicating and positioning them in the consumers perception with a changeless oculus on the market environment and consumer outlooks. Objective / Functions of advertisement

The intent of advertisement is nil but to sell something -a merchandise. a service or an thought. The existent aim of advertisement is effectual communicating between manufacturers and consumers. The following are the chief aims of advertisement: 1. Changing the Percept

With the right research. expression. and design an advertizement has the capablenesss to alter the manner people think of a certain merchandise. 2. Fixing Ground for New Product New merchandise needs debut because possible clients have ne’er used such merchandise earlier and the advertizement fix a land for that new merchandise.

3. Creation of Demand
The chief aim of the advertizement is to make a favourable clime for keeping of bettering gross revenues. Customers are to be reminded about the merchandise and the trade name. It may bring on new clients to purchase the merchandise by informing them its qualities since it is possible that some of the clients may alter their trade names.

4. Confronting the Competition
Another of import aim of the advertizement is to confront to competition. Under competitory conditions. advertizement helps to construct up trade name image and trade name trueness and when clients have developed trade name trueness. becomes hard for the jobbers to alter it.

5. Making or Enhancing Good will:
Large graduated table advertisement is frequently undertaken with the aim of making or heightening the good will of the advertisement company. This. in bend. increases the market receptivity of the company’s merchandise and helps the salesmen to win clients easy.

6. Informing the Changes to the Customer
Whenever alterations are made in the monetary values. channels of distribution or in the merchandise by manner of any betterment in quality. size. weight. trade name. wadding. etc. . they must be informed to the populace by the manufacturer through advertizement.

Ad Aims for the CFRB

1. Increase gross revenues of Dove beauty merchandises and new merchandise lines6

2. Create duologue. argument. and treatment about the true significance of beauty

3. Attract national Television and print media coverage

4. Derive local imperativeness attending in the hometowns of theoretical accounts featured throughout the run

5. Drive users to the CFRB Web site7 to portion their ideas and sentiments about the run and beauty stereotypes

6. Make a call to action for consumers to fall in the motion through web site pledge that activate a contribution by Dove for self-esteem consciousness plans

Question:3 The elements of Promotional Mix are – Advertising. Direct Marketing. Gross saless Promotion. Personal Selling. Internet Marketing. and Public Relation/Publicity. What constituents of promotional mix have been used by CFRB? Illustrate utilizing a diagram/schematic representation. Autonomic nervous system: The elements of publicity mix used by Dove in CFRB were: Ad:

Dove launched a planetary advertisement run in October 2004 oppugning whether “model” properties. such as young person. narrow margin. and symmetrical characteristics. are required for beauty – or if they are wholly irrelevant to it. The ads each presented an image of a adult female whose visual aspect differed from the stereotyped physical ideal. and asked the reader/viewer to judge the woman’s looks by look intoing off a box.

Internet selling:
Dove used cyberspace selling besides. Womans can see World Wide Web. campaignforrealbeauty. com and project their ballots on the inquiries raised in the ad run. The web site besides allows adult females to partake in ongoing duologue about beauty by posting to treatment boards. downloading several research surveies about beauty. and hearing and reading what adult females around the universe have to state

Public relation/publicity:

Panel discussions| Press coverage in national and local newspapers and diaries. | Interviews| |
The Dove Self-Esteem fund| |
Programs for Aesthetics and Well-Being at Harvard University. | |

Question 4. What is OOH Advertising? What are the virtues and demerits of OOH Advertising? What are the different formats of OOH Advertising? Which format of OOH Advertising has CFRB deployed?

Autonomic nervous system: Outdoor advertisement is basically any type of advertisement that reaches the consumer while he or she is outside the place. This medium is in contrast with broadcast. print. and Internet advertisement. Out of place advertisement. therefore. is focused on selling to consumers when they are “on the go” in public topographic points. in theodolite. waiting ( such as in a medical office ) . and/or in specific commercial locations ( such as in a retail locale ) . Advantages of out-of-door advertisement:

• High range
• Frequency of high exposure
• Low cost per 1000
• Often last stimulation before the purchase determination
• Good impact due to the design
• Exposure 24/24 hours
• It is a presence that can non be avoided
• Can be used with good consequences to acquire a consecutive reply
• Can be used to direct messages to people in a peculiar geographic country

The disadvantages of out-of-door advertisement:
• Low degree of attending given to the populace
• Very low exposure clip
• Limited possibilities of audience cleavage ( by and large limited to geographic characteristics ) • Problems with the handiness of out-of-door advertisement infinites • Limits in footings of message design. It must run into several conditions: to be short. can be remote-received by people who are by and large in gesture • Due to the nature environment. seller may be placed in a place to negociate with several companies to invent a individual run The assorted types of out-of-door advertisement. or out-of-home advertisement may be grouped into the undermentioned classs -Billboards. theodolite advertisement. street furniture. promenade show. alternate out of place. digital out of place.

Format of OOH advertisement used by CFRB were:


Question5: How CFRB drives trade name trueness?
Autonomic nervous system: CFRB plunge thrusts trade name trueness by presenting new definition of beauty to the people. really attractively they sent message to the people that Beauty is non about glamor or celebrity it is about every adult female. all ages and of all sizes and the beauty that is in each of us. That’s what plunge is all about and that’s why more adult females trust their tegument to plunge. Now yearss girls going more dying. alternatively of more confident. and instead than feed on that deficiency of assurance by offering beauty “solution” and used that information to their selling advantage. Dove is really seeking to acquire at the root of the job and hike misss assurance and ego regard.

Dove launched The dove self-pride fund to raise consciousness among immature misss of the nexus between beauty and body-related ego regard. In the US. the Dove Self-Esteem Fund works through the Unilever Foundation to patronize unambiguously ME! . a partnership plan with Girl Scouts of the USA. Uniquely ME! helps girls ages 8-14 construct their assurance through activities and plans. The Fund besides supports Body Talk. an educational plan for schools in the United Kingdom and Canada. Dove besides created planetary touring picture taking exhibit. beyond comparison. Women lensmans on beauty. showcasing diverse images of female beauty from 67 female lensmans. and demoing beauty beyond stereotypes. All these helped Dove in making its trade name trueness.

Question6: What are different ways to mensurate the efficaciousness of an Online Campaign? What was the impact of CFRB on driving traffic to the website World Wide Web. campaignforrealbeauty. com? What are the steps to mensurate the success of a web site? Ans: An Online Campaign is measured by-

1 ) How many people visited the site?
2 ) The hours of broadcast clip it has.
3 ) How many visitants logged onto the site
4 ) How many visitants shared their ideas and sentiments?
5 ) How many likes and remarks on a peculiar idea?
6 ) Gross saless increased by how much?

Impact was –
1 ) The Dove run received about four hours of broadcast clip. including more than 10 proceedingss on The Today Show. On that twenty-four hours entirely. more than 60. 000 people visited the CFRB Web site. 2 ) The run besides secured coverage from 62 national telecasting plans. procuring more than four hours of broadcast clip. 3 ) The run received more than 1. 000 arrangements in print. Web. telecasting and wireless. far transcending outlooks. 4 ) Harmonizing to Dove. gross revenues for the merchandises featured in the ads increased 600 per centum in the first two months of the run.

Question7: There are three types of benefits which a trade name can pass on to its consumers –feature based benefits. functional based benefits & A ; emotional benefits. How has CFRB differentiated itself in footings of pass oning benefits to the consumer? How CRFB connected with its chances & A ; client base? Ans: CFRB has focused on the emotional and functional benefit to the consumer. Dove did a holistic survey or state analysis of the market and found that they need to work on the emotional quotient. fact to court the client they didn’t alter or worked on their merchandise instead they worked on the emotional benefit factor. As they initiated the run which targeted on adult females of all forms and sizes. They use the words “new” and “real” to germinate a feeling of freshness and aid in carrying the populace to purchase the merchandise. These words to great extent were able to catch a person’s attending as in this instance. the adult females where shown have oning merely underwears which evoked a feeling of familiarity. ego assurance and credence.

Many adult females used to associate themselves with the adult females shown on the hoarding so was the great impact they had on them after seeing the advertizement. Functional benefit: it claimed non to dry out the tegument the manner soap did. Question8: What is the difference between Public Relation and Publicity? Identify public relation and promotion elements from the instance survey. What is Media Planning? Illustrate the Media Plan for CFRB. Ans: Difference between Public Relation and Publicity:

* Publicity is really different from PR. They’re related. but different in their executing. aims and value to your trade name and organisation. Publicity is about acquiring coverage for organisation. It’s about forcing your narrative. your docket to the multitudes. It’s non needfully a bad thing. . But promotion is largely about me. non you. * Public Relations is the deliberate. planned and sustained attempt to set up and keep common apprehension between on organisation and its populaces. ” * Publicity can be positive or negative. but PR is ever positive. * PR is in paid signifier but promotion is non-paid.

Public relation and promotion elements in the instance survey:
Panel discussions| Press coverage in national and local newspapers and diaries. | Interviews| |
The Dove Self-Esteem fund| |
Programs for Aesthetics and Well-Being at Harvard University. | | Media planning: Media planning is by and large the undertaking of a media bureau and entails happening the most appropriate media platforms for a client’s trade name or merchandise. The occupation of media be aftering involves several countries of expertness that the media contriver uses to find what the best combination of media is to accomplish the given selling run aims. Media program for CFRB:

I. Ad
two. Billboards
three. Television Commercials
four. Website
v. Panel treatment
six. Interviews
seven. The Dove Self esteem Fund
eight. Plans

Question9: Discuss the function of market research in Advertising? How market research helped HUL in CFRB?

Autonomic nervous systems: Market research comprises 2 cardinal constituents. primary and secondary research. Primary research is considered a really dynamic procedure because sellers are required to roll up information. which should subsequently take professionals to place consumers’ behaviour and profile. Secondary research interprets data that has already been gathered such as statistics on demographic indexs or authorities’ fiscal studies. We can easy detect that primary research focuses on anticipation. whereas. secondary research focuses on reading. Depending on the results of market research. advertizers will be able to make adept advertisement constructs and to develop them in outstanding ad runs.

Dove wanted to understand how adult females define beauty ; how satisfied they are with their beauty ; how they feel about female beauty’s portraiture in society ; and. how beauty affects their well-being. ”With the aid of market research Dove was able to reply all these inquiries. Publicity is really different from PR. They’re related. but different in their executing. aims and value to your trade name and organisation. Publicity is about acquiring coverage for yourself. It’s about forcing your narrative. your docket to the multitudes. It’s non needfully a bad thing. Publicity for a political campaigner is critical. For a new film or Television show. of import. But promotion is largely about me. non you. The planetary survey collected informations from 3. 200 adult females. aged 18 to 64. Interviews were conducted across 10 states: The survey evolved out of a desire to speak to adult females around the universe about female beauty. Harmonizing to the survey. “Dove knows that the relationship adult females have with beauty is complex: it can be powerful and inspiring. but elusive and frustrating every bit good.


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