Drama Analysis for the Unchaperone Essay

Wanted a Chaperone Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero Analysis: One Sunday morning 11 o clock in the morning, at Don Francisco and Dona Petra’s house, they have two children named Nena (their daughter) and Roberting (their son) both of them attend some party last night without any chaperone, So their father who is angry because of generation gap. Because in their time any teenager should have at least one chaperone every time he/she goes to a party or somewhere which is far from home. During the morning Don Francisco was so mad of his son and daughter because he doesn’t know that they go out without chaperone.

In the story it feels like Don Francisco was always mad he is lecturing his son who is asking to lend him money to be used for his date with his girlfriend, he is also mad at his daughter who go to party also don’t have chaperone and still sleeping at this time of the day, in addition to that their muchacho (a maid who is a boy) have the same name as his. As the play goes on Nena woke up and as a father Don Francisco ask why she go out without chaperone, she only answer the she’s well educated and know what to do which is supported by her mother and her mother also trust her daughter that she will not do anything bad.

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Drama Analysis for the Unchaperone Essay
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As the play goes on it makes me laugh because some words are in Spanish and I ask my mother what is the meaning of that word and I ask myself is that very huge generation gap?. *Back to the Play* and while the family eating Dolores (a wealth person) with Fred (the boy who is with Nena during the party) make a ruckus because Dolores know that Don Francisco allow Nena to go without chaperon they are almost shouting at the top of their lungs what the other people see. Because Dona Dolores is a wealthy person she is thinking of what will happen to his reputation so she is forcing Nena to tell what really happen at the party.

But Nena insisted that there’s nothing happen he just left his Fred because of his stupidity and go home with his friends and so Dona Dolores feels ashamed because after all the trouble she bring on the house she lose on the argument and nothing to do but to leave. Because if she won’t leave they will call a police so with nothing left to do Dona Dolores leaves with his favourite word “che”. But that doesn’t end the story, the father of the girlfriend of Roberting came with the gun, I guess t means that Roberting did something to with his girlfriend and that’s where the story ends. For me this drama it’s all about the effect of the transitions of generation to the people it tells that the old generation can’t keep up to the change that’s happening in the world. And also it makes me feel the protectiveness of the parent who wants their child to be safe all the time, for us teenager it may be sounds corny but it is the way they want to show how much they care for us and don’t want us to be put in harm.


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