Dream Job Essay

I haven’t decided yet. Maybe, my dream Job is to become a best-selling author. I love writing stories, I have several publications and I won in many literature competitions and I am actually planning on writing a novel. I already have some contacts in writers’ world and it’s dream is quite achievable. Maybe, my dream Job is to become a Chief Executive Officer in Google, but it is a really dream, that are essentially nothing more than fantasies that have a less than 0% chance of miming true.

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Dream Job Essay
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The problem is I don’t want to work as a programmer, even if I have a some talent in that field. I want to be organizer and coordinator, I want to define a politics of company on different levels. Maybe, my dream Job is to become an ambassador in the Embassy of Russia in France, because I always want to live in Paris, but I understand that it’s very hardly achievable target, and that for achieve this I should ending Moscow State Institute of International Relations, not South Rural

State University. In fact, I Just want to have a Job that I find intellectually stimulating and interesting, something that gives me another reason to get out of bed every morning. Like a lot of other people, I would especially be satisfied with a career that will allow me to at least be financially stable, and which will bring me Joy through hard work. I have no idea how somebody would have a Job that will leave him bored and exhausted every single day even if it means earning more money.


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