Drexlers Essay

Case Study 1 5/6/10 Case 1. 1 Drexler’s World Famous Bar-B-Que Drexler’s World Famous Bar-B-Que is located in Houston, Texas in an area known as the Third Ward. The Third Ward is one of the six historic wards of Houston, Texas and is located southeast of downtown Houston. Drexler’s is a family owned and operated establishment since the late 1940’s. They use unique family recipes that have been passed down generation after generation. One of the main operator’s is Mrs. Scott who has a major influence on Drexler’s business culture.

Through the business she reflects her values of customer service, hard work, treating people fair and with respect, and a strong faith. She tries to add a personal touch to the business treating every customer like their one of the family. The Third Ward is an economically challenged are and Drexler’s feels they have an obligation to thank the community for their loyalty by reaching out to the community. What role do values play in how the Drexler’s restaurant interfaces with its neighbors and customers?

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The reason Drexler’s has been able to effectively operate for this long is because they use their family values as a part of their business approach. The business has always been family run and they use their strong family values to create a warm and friendly environment. They treat all customers as they are a part of the family and this in turn creates strong customer satisfaction. Just as the business has been handed down generation after generation they have create a customer base that has stayed loyal since the 1940’s.

They have also created a strong bound with the community and feel that it is their obligation to reach out and assist in community activities. Is Drexler’s an effective organization? Why? Drexler’s is a model example of how to use customer service and values to become an effective organization. Drexler’s is also a great example of how to use a system theory approach. “Systems theory is used to integrate organizational effectiveness and time. Two main conclusions of systems theory are: (1) effectiveness criteria (e. g. productivity, quality, adaptiveness) must reflect the entire input, process, output cycle and (2) effectiveness criteria must reflect the interrelationships between the organization and its outside environment. The organization is simply an element or part of a larger system, the environment. ” Drexler’s uses family recipes to create unique items that they than sell back to there environment at a reasonable price. They also return resources back to the community by sponsoring youth and community programs. Drexler’s has done and efficient job utilizing this system theory approach and has been doing this effectively since the 1940’s.

Apply the systems model to illustrate how Drexler’s Bar-B-Que operates with its environment Drexler’s takes its inputs (Food for products, values) from the environment (community) and processes them. The process of preparing the fresh and unique products than becomes and output (when the products are sold or given to the community). These outputs enter the community and eventually become an input in the form of recurring customer or new product. —>Inputs (Unprepared Food)—->Process( Becomes Prepared food)—>Outputs (Is sold or given)—>Environment (to the community)—>Inputs (recurring customer)


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