BEKAM TREATMENT CENTRE MISSION To tell other people the benefit of doing traditional as alternative treatment such as BEKAM. CORE VALUE Hygiene (sterilised equipment) Safe (not using blade) Syariah compliance (Male treat by male, women treat by women) Truthful / Honest (No hidden charges) Sincere (Advise based on the ???blood” structure) Economic (lowest price) VISION To introduce BEKAM as first choice treatment. SWOT Strength Certified Praticioner 10 years experience (Part-time8 years n Full-time 2 years) Use latest technology (Not using blade)

Portable equipment Head bekam without shaving Hygiene (all equipment properly sterilised using IJV) Weakness Limited resource, Practicioner (1 men and 1 women) Lack of understanding by others Opportunities People more concern about health Prefer traditional treatment (non-chemical) Workshop for those interested to practise Threats Other alternatives treatment (Refleksologi,Massage, Acupunture) Bad experience by people (Bekam with blade) Other/New practitioner To achieve our vision, how should we appear to our customer? Objective Measure Target Initiative

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Customer retention Retention rate (feedback) 75% Offer discount, 2. Customer satisfaction Satisfaction ratings (feedback) Very satisfied Go to home service, Advice 3. Customer loyalty Repeat customer rate Follow up, Friendly reminder 4. Customer Acquisition Number of new customer 25% Facebook ads, flyers, blogs A. 3 critical question : 1 . Who are our target customers? – Muslim/Muslimah – People believe in BEKAM treatment. 2. What do our customers expect or demand from us? – value for money service – True explaination about the “blood” – Correct advise 3.

What is our value proposition in serving them? (Three disciplines of value proposition according to Treacy & Wiersema (1995) Operational excellence: A. C. Customer intimacy: 1 . Organizations pursuing an operational excellence discipline focus on low price, convenience and often “no frills”. 2. Product leaders push the envelope of their firm’s products. Constantly innovating, they strive to offer simply the best product in the market. 3. Doing whatever it takes to provide solutions for unique customer’s needs defines customer-intimate companies. Focus on long-term relationships.


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