Duke University: A Window of Opportunities Essay

I have ever believed that the picks we make in life become the really ground for our success. For the longest clip. I have been independent in my quest to make those ends and aspirations in life. I am an international pupil from Taiwan. who moved to the United States in high school. Adjusting to the new environment was hard from my terminal ; nevertheless I worked harder than the usual. I found it comparatively hard to carry through all of the outlooks my household and equals had towards me.

My bi-cultural environment ne’er hindered my growing. but came to my advantage alternatively. The cultural background I have could be used when covering with clients and other people involved in minutess. In so making. this would besides assist me to further understand the clients. and at the same clip cater to their penchants. Traveling from Taiwan to the United States was non easy as it may look. I had to last the new environment and face all the challenges that came my manner.

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Duke University: A Window of Opportunities Essay
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At the age of 16. I was already in the United States working hard and being independent. Working at such a immature age allowed me to go more independent and dedicated to my trade. Finally. I acquired my high school sheepskin and studied at the Purdue University. It was in this university that I acquired my undergraduate grade before being involved in the Rockwell plan. The plan allowed me to spread out my skylines further and travel to different topographic points around the universe to make planetary undertakings.

After acquisition of my grade. I would utilize my cognition to better my quality of work that would besides be good in the lives of my equals. The going experiences I had would besides be used in my critical and analytical procedure. Furthermore. I would be able to see the universe on a more planetary context. and at the same clip heighten my experiences in bridging multi-national undertakings. Life is short. and I believe that my pick of prosecuting a grade at the Duke University would go my window to success.


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