Dumpster Diving Essay

Dumpster Diving BY Jt-nr450 On Dumpster Diving” Who throws away the best stuff? Is dumpster diving really necessary to people living on the streets? In the text book, Lars Eighner, “On Dumpster Diving”, tells about when he was homeless out on the streets. He told that students usually had the best things because they threw out whatever they did not want because they have their parents to buy everything for them. He had two rules while living out on the street. Rule number one was, take only what is of use. The second rule was, material things that re not required are not necessary.

Eighner states that while he was dumpster diving, which he likes to call scavenging, he believes that college students throws away the best things, around breaks they usually throw stuff away because they don’t know if it is spoiled or not. He states that since it is “Daddys Money’ they don’t think about throwing it away. The author stays on topic throughout this paragraph. Although I do not agree, he does make some good points. Usually most college students don’t have a lot of money to Just throw away money or food. Some students on’t care and throw things away and be wasteful.

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The author states that when some people clean out the freezer, they Just throw most of the stuff away in there. I do agree with that. If something stays in there for a very long time than more than likely it is not going to be any good to cook or eat. It could be freezer burnt or expired. If someone throws something out I don’t think that someone should be going through the garbage to get old things that aren’t worth eating. Lars says that people throw out cheese, yogurt, and sour cream, all of the time. It is the most frequent items that are thrown away.

Most of the time these things are usually still good even though they have been thrown out, expired, has some mold on it. I could understand cutting the mold off the cheeses more than I could eat warm yogurt. I completely think that Eighner is completely wrong about the way he lived his life. He should not live off of others. Although going through some ones trash is wrong, it is better than going into some ones house and taking something. If he worked this hard to get a Job and get ack on his feet, than he does going through all these dumpsters he could have a fair job.

Living homeless would not be any fun. That is probably why most people try to get off the streets and get a Job. You would never have the same place to sleep two nights in a row. There would never be a hot meal. Even through Lars enjoys dumpster diving, he might can find pretty cool stuff. In the long run it is still not worth living homeless. If I ever came close to becoming homeless I believe that I would pick up a second Job. Although he seemed too satisfied of having a life of umpster diving, many people that are in this situation want to get out of it so bad they cannot stand it.

They would rather be dead or trade anything to have a house or roof over their head. I don’t want to sound like a person that is too good for anything. I am not too good for anything. But eating warm yogurt and molded cheese is crossing a line. You can go to a fast food place or Just about anywhere and geta Job. Many people that are homeless choose to be that way because they Just don’t want to get a Job. People that stand on the side of the road usually make more money in one ay than an average American.

If you try to give them food then they don’t want it Even though Eighner made a living out of dumpster diving, people could get deadly illnesses. People could die very easily from rotten food. The author ends the point which would be to get what you need and nothing more because you do not want to have to pack it around. He tells that what you have one will Just be thrown away later on in the future so you should waste your time carrying it around. He compares his self to the wealthy because there is always more you can get.


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