Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art

The Internal Organisation, the External Environment

1. Footings of Mention

In the current economic clime, instruction in Ireland becomes more competitory. IADT ‘s success, like any other establishment in this sector, relies on its internal administration, but it is besides influenced by factors happening in its internal and external environment.

On 21 October 2009 the Business Management instructor, Karen Abberton, requested a study on the administration where the pupils are making their work experience or any other company or administration of their pick. This study was to be submitted by 16 December 2009 in partial completion of the FETAC Business Management Module ( Level 6 ) . I chose Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology where I am making my work experience.

2. Method of Procedure

In order to obtain relevant information, the undermentioned processs were adopted to get the information in the study: .

Existing selling and concern literature was used to happen academic theories and definitions every bit good as illustrations and samples of internal and external analysis.

A old IADT ‘s study for internal stakeholders, saying the Institute ‘s scheme for the period 2008 – 2012, was of good aid to understand the cardinal elements of the scheme procedure that has been undertaken in the last two old ages and the vision of the Institute for the hereafter.

IADT ‘s web site provided information about the history and administration of the Institute. Other web sites were besides used to happen information about PEST and SWOT analysis.

My ain observation and conversations with some staff during my work experience arrangement in IADT in order to acquire the best cognition of the Institute ‘s twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours work.

3. Findingss


Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology is located in Kill Avenue, merely two stat mis from Dun Laoghaire town. The campus comprises five chief edifices, two athleticss evidences, four auto Parkss and several gardens and green countries. A farther edifice programme is already in advancement ( National Film School edifice, Teaching and Learning edifice, etc ) .

Over two 1000 pupils attend the three schools in IADT, while over three 100 staff work in the Institute, across the School of Creative Arts, the School of Business and Humanities, the School of Creative Technologies and the different disposal sections.

3.1. History

“ Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design & A ; Technology ( IADT ) was established as an independent higher instruction establishment within the Institutes of Technology sector on April 1st 1997. On that twenty-four hours, Dun Laoghaire College of Art and Design, with its 450 pupils, was incorporated in the new institute and has developed since as our School of Creative Arts. Two Schools were established ab-initio. The School of Creative Technologies and the School of Business & A ; Humanities enrolled their first pupils in October 1998. ” hypertext transfer protocol: //www.iadt.ie/en/InformationAbout/IADT/HistoryofIADT/ ( 08/12/09 )

Chronological growing:

? Late 60 ‘s: Pre-Diploma class in Art and Design.

? 1970/71: Diploma class in Art and Design.

? 1980: DL College of Art and Design becomes an NCEA recognised establishment.

? 1981: A Principal is appointed.

? 1982: The Department of Education buys the Christian Brothers seminary in Carriglea Park.

? 1983/84: Renovation of the edifices to fix the move of the College.

? 1988: Staff is structured for 3rd degree instruction.

? 1997: IADT is established.

Since 1997, three more edifices have been added to the campus. The Atrium edifice in 1998, the Carriglea edifice in 2002 and the Media Cube in 2007. A farther edifice programme is in advancement.

3.2. Type of Administration

IADT is a publically funded Institute of Technology. The Institute gets is financess from the Department of Education. Some fundraising is besides obtained from companies in the private sector for research and development of programmes, chiefly in the Digital Media and Technology Fieldss.

3.3. Servicess

IADT provides 3rd degree instruction awards. Its three schools offer flat 7, degree 8 and level 9 programmes in Business and Humanities, Creative Technologies and Creative Arts. The institute is besides entitled to offer flat 10 makings.

3.4. Customers

IADT ‘s clients are pupils interested in obtaining a 3rd degree award in one of the programmes that the Institute offers. Not lone pupils who have completed their 2nd degree school instruction but besides grownups who do non keep a 2nd degree award are prospective clients of IADT.

3.5. Organizational construction

3.5.1. Structural Configuration Span of control

IADT has both narrow and broad span of control depending on the sections. Directors tends to hold broad span of control over their immediate subsidiaries, but this narrows down in the lower hierarchal degrees. Teaching staff charts show more narrow span of control than the administrative staff 1s. Hierarchical degrees

IADT has many degrees of hierarchy. On the top is the President, so the Heads of School of the three Schools, the Registrar, the Head of Development and the Secretary/Financial Controller. The figure of degrees from this point vary in each section. The Schools have fewer degrees while administrative sections have many more hierarchy degrees. We can reason that the construction is tall.

3.5.1..3. Division of Labour

IADT staff has a narrow division of labor. The lecturing staff design and present the programmes, so every lector teaches a different faculty. Administrative staff merely do undertakings in the section they work. ( If a pupil wants to register in the Institute, he has to use to the admittances section. When this pupil pays for the class fee, the payment goes to the Financial Department, etc. ) Departmentalisation

IADT can be broken down in assorted sections. Each of the three Schools are independent sections. The disposal of the Institute is besides divided in several sections. ( Academic Affairs, Student Services, Finance, Development and research, Library, Marketing and communications, Estates Office, Human Resources, ICT )

3.5.2. Structural Operation

The authorization in the Institute comes from the top to the underside of the concatenation of bid, get downing at the President, the Heads of Department, Managers etc. However staff in lower degrees is besides entitled to do determinations that affect their sections whit the permission of their directors. The ultimate duty for any determinations lies on the directors and caputs of section.

3.6. Organisation Chart

More than three 100 people form the existent IADT staff organic structure. The charts below show the administration of the Institute:







3.6.1. Explanation of the charts

The President of the Institute is at the top of the concatenation of bid. The Head of School of the three schools that form IADT study to him, every bit good as the Registrar, the Head of Development and the Secretary/Financial Controller.

Each School has two Heads of Department, ( i.e. Head of Business and Enterprise and Head of Humanities in the School of Business and Humanities ) that study to the Head of School. The disposal of the Schools besides report to the Head of School. Lectures and Programme Coordinators study to their Heads of Department.

As an illustration of an administrative section, The Secretary/Financial Controller Department chart operates as follows:

At the top of the construction is the Secretary / Financial Control Manager. This Department is divided into other four sections ( Finance Office, the Estates Office, Human Resources Office and ICT ) .

In the Finance Office, staff study to the Finance Manager. The Estates office Manager is supported by an helper director and besides has a Personal Assistant. They coordinate the caretakers ‘ work. Human Resources is formed by a Manager and several clerical staff while ICT is coordinated by a director who has several technicians describing to him.

3.6.2. The Library

“ The Centre of cognition and acquisition

The Library aspires to supply a individual beginning of cognition that meets the information and acquisition demands of IADT pupils. It is a quality, user friendly service that provides entree to 1000s of books/e-books, journals/e-journals, every bit good as capable related e-databases and a scope of multi-media resources – including DVDs picture ‘s and CD-ROMs – within a alone open-access calculating environment on campus. It is besides a topographic point where you can analyze in quiet, entree computing machines and print/photocopy of import information. The library is located on Levels 1 and 2 of the Atrium Building.

All registered pupils with a current ID card are automatically members of the Library ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.iadt.ie/en/Students/Library/ – 10/12/09 )

IADT Library has got the most modern and sophisticated equipment that such a section requires. Printers, computing machines, Television sets.etc, are of great support for the pupils who use them on a day-to-day footing.

Staff are professional and run into the expected deadlines despite being a section with a critical deficiency of staff.

The concatenation of bid is good structured and the communicating with the Manager and Senior Librarian is easy and clear. Library Chart


The Library ‘s concatenation of bid starts at the Librarian. A Deputy Librarian trades with the staff on day-to-day bases ( although she is presently in pregnancy leave ) . The ICT Librarian is in charge of the Library systems and IT while a Senior Assistant Librarian trades with the rolls, interruptions and undertakings of the remainder of the staff. The Assistant Librarians ( including myself ) trade with different undertakings. Postponing, functioning pupils at the Issue Desk, come ining informations in the Millennium System ( the Library operative system ) , having, labeling, dismaying and come ining in the system new received points, buying of new points, etc are some of the responsibilities carried out every twenty-four hours.

3.7. Influences on IADT

Any company will work on a daily footing with no demand for a concern scheme. In relation to IADT, pupils will still be go toing their categories, the programmes will be delivered, purchase orders will be drafted and sent, etc.

IADT, like any other concern or administration, may go on to work for some period of clip without mention to any scheme. However, a company under these fortunes does non cognize its finish and can non calculate chances or menaces that could profit or jeopardize its hereafter.

To put a strategic program is a must. It is of import for the administration to cognize and find its concern mission and aims and the manner they can be achieved.

It is critical for IADT ‘s success to place internal and external factors that have or will hold a important impact on the Institute ‘s mission.

3.7.1. Internal Influences on IADT

A ) Resource-based analysis

– Tangible assets:

The campus has first-class installations, including two eating houses, library, wellness Centre and province of the art studios. There are four auto Parkss controlled and managed by a wage and show system, but free for pupils and staff. The gardens and green countries are singular. The campus besides boasts a football – GAA athleticss land and hoops and mini-soccer tribunals.

IADT has five singular edifices, specially the Incubation Centre, a cubelike blue edifice, that gives the campus a touch of modernness and engineering.

IT equipment is of the highest quality and is invariably updated in order to run into the demands of staff and pupils. Printers can be found al over the campus. The Library self-praises 20 flat-screen LCD TV sets, a similar figure of DVD participants and Blue-Ray participants and a broad aggregation of DVD, s, pictures and over 30,000 books.

Film and media installations ( movie and media studios and computing machine labs, etc ) , synergistic boards, humanistic disciplines studios, etc are among the many resources for learning and acquisition.

– Intangible Assetss

IADT boasts a really good repute non merely among pupils and prospective pupils but besides among possible employers in the sectors that match the Institute ‘s programmes. Graduates already working in different countries are besides an of import plus. Their success in many Fieldss, good public presentation and readying enhance IADT ‘s repute.

IADT, as a trade name, is widely recognised as a supplier of good prepared, originative, hard-working alumnuss. The Institute grades, are the best mention for their future calling.

One of the chief assets of IADT is its staff. Both learning and administrative staff run into the higher public presentation criterions to follow with the excellence that the Institute purposes to supply.

– Capabilities

IADT learning staff design and present advanced and originative programmes that can non be found elsewhere. Together with the quality of the resources offered to the pupils and the battle of the administrative staff, the Institute has the capableness of presenting alone programmes that can non be matched by any other similar higher instruction establishment in Ireland.

– Sustainable Competitive Advantages

This capableness of offering alone programmes, could give IADT a sustainable competitory advantage over their possible challengers.

The value of the programmes is obvious. IADT alumnuss are recognised as good prepared professionals because of the programmes they were involved in. They are besides inimitable, as they are designed and delivered by the teaching staff. It is non the work of a superb person but the work of a squad and that work remains as an IADT ‘s plus even if any alteration arise in the squad. Those programmes can non be transferred to any other Institute or University for the same ground. The singularity of the programmes make them rare among the instruction sector.The fact that the Institute is publically funded, does non avoid competition from other public establishments but make competition from private universities hard.

In the current economic clime, and following the Mc Carthy study, it can non be argued that even the best, the most alone higher instruction establishment is non-substitutable.

B ) Value Chain Analysis

“ A company can be thought of as a concatenation of activities for transforming inputs into end products that clients value. ” ( Class hand-out )

The purpose of IADT, its merchandise or service, is to supply 3rd degree awards, and give graduates the capacity to develop a successful calling in their several sectors.

Primary activities:

– Inbound logistics:

Students are the “ natural stuff ” that the Institute receives. The procedure of enlisting is speedy and simple one time the pupils are offered a topographic point in IADT. Then they are distributed among the three schools of the Institute and placed in their several programmes and categories.

On the other manus, we could besides see the logistics in having stuffs, furniture and equipment necessary for pupils and staff. The response and distribution of these points is good structured and performed by the caretakers.

– Operationss and outbound Logisticss

As the proviso of a service is the concluding IADT ‘s merchandise, operations and outbound logistics are performed at the same time. During their clip in the Institute, the pupils are provided with advanced and originative programmes that prepare them non merely to have an award but to be capable of get downing a successful calling once they finish their surveies. Students and staff have entree to the most modern and up-to-date resources and equipment. The programmes involve hands-on work, non merely theory or literature, which give pupils see even before get downing their callings.

Existing dealingss between IADT and private houses in different countries provide pupils with a suited get downing point after their graduation.

– Selling and Gross saless

The singularity and repute of IADT are the lone account for the success of the Institute despite their small attempt in selling. Merely one individual staff member is in charge of the whole procedure of the readying, planning and delivering of the Institute ‘s selling, describing straight to the Head of Development. This staff member ‘s public presentation seems to be outstanding, as she is besides in charge of go toing calling carnivals, sing 2nd degree schools, organizing promotional events, etc. However this state of affairs is non the best.

The deficiency of a selling program is the cherry on the top of the small involvement showed by the Institute direction in this country.

– Service

IADT alumnuss have the full support of the Institute after they leave the Institute. Members of the teaching staff are happy to assist former pupils in their callings, offering them advise and support. The Career Guidance is besides a resource that they can entree at any phase. The Institute keeps a record of alumnus pupils in order to follow their callings, offer support when it is needed and reach them if any company asks IADT about suited campaigners to enroll.

These primary activities are supported by the followers:

– Firm Infrastructure

IADT is a good structured establishment. Its sections are good organised, the concatenation of bid is clear and the installations and resources are up to day of the month, modern and plentifulness to follow with the undertakings expected.

– Human Resource Management

IADT staff is trained during their callings in the Institute. The direction is besides involved in assisting staff to range and hold entree to the best personal and professional development. Procedures for engaging new staff used to follow the criterions expected in the populace sector. However, due to Government limitations, no staff can be contracted at nowadays.

– I.T. Development

IT equipment is of the highest quality and is invariably updated in order to run into the demands of staff and pupils. As an Institute of Technology, maintaining up to day of the month of new progresss in this field is a must for IADT. The Institute houses the most technological advanced resources for learning and acquisition, while the equipment used by all staff is top category.

– Procurements

As a publically funded establishment, IADT purchases its supplies, stuffs and equipment through stamps. Any company that wants go a provider needs to use through this stamp procedures. These processs on one manus can to decelerate the buying of needful supplies, but on the other manus, it is a just and unafraid manner of buying.

IADT ‘s purpose is non to do a net income. Its mission is to supply the best instruction and readying possible to its pupils for their hereafter callings. However, this analysis could be of great value to cut down the Institute ‘s outgo, which would give IADT a competitory advantage.

3.7.2. External Influences on IADT Plague analysis Political Factors

? Public sector cuts

? Fees

? Changes in Government

? New Minister for Education

? EU rank Public sector cuts

These cuts aim to salvage public disbursement but they can besides be a destabilising factor for the Institute. If the Government goes in front with the cuts, staff will lose an of import portion of their rewards and this will impact on the normal development of the services provided.

Industrial action against this, may decelerate down the normal development of the instruction programmes impacting straight the pupils, who may besides be diffident if their scheduled programmes will be completed on clip and decently.

We can already see the effects of these cuts in the deficiency of staff. Many staff who had been working on a contract footing saw their contracts terminated. Other staff in ill leave, pregnancy leave or career interruption had non been replaced and as a consequence, some sections are working without adequate staff to follow with their undertakings. The worst is still to come if more staff demand to take any sort of leave. Fees

The execution of fees for 3rd degree instruction has been postponed. This is good intelligence for the sector, but leaves an unfastened door to future executions.

In the current economical state of affairs this would hold a strong impact in the figure of pupils, as many households will non be able of affording such high expenditure. Even some pupils who are presently go toing the Institute might be forced to non come oning into a new class twelvemonth. Changes in Government

The existent Government is non basking its best. It seems possible, even likely, that a different party will be running the state in a close hereafter. We can non state if this alteration is traveling to be either positive or negative for IADT, but normally a new Government means several alterations in all sectors. New Minister for Education

The former Minister for Education Mary Hanafin had a really close relationship with IADT as TD for Dun Laoghaire. Many developments on the campus were approved when she still was in charge of Education. When Mary Hanafin was moved to Social Welfare and Family Affairs, Batt O’Keeffe was appointed for this place.

The programs approved by Hanafin are still being implemented, but the committedness of the new Minister for Education with IADT does non hold the same strength that it had with his predecessor. EU rank

For the intent of enrolling new pupils from abroad, Ireland ‘s EU rank is a immense advantage. To be able to entree to programmes like Erasmus, Leonardo and others that nay be implemented by the European Department for Education, will be a cardinal point for the hereafter of IADT.

This rank will besides ease understandings and partnerships with institutes and universities abroad, which would make advantages and chances for Irish and European pupils.

The resistance of several states to the Bologna procedure could convey some troubles to programme exchanges within Europe. Economic Factors Recession

Ireland, as an economic system undergoing recession is confronting high unemployment, low disbursement power and low assurance from investors. This economical clime affects all sectors of the state including, of class, instruction.

Apart from the cuts in the populace sector, budget cuts can strongly impact the fight of the Institute. The debt that IADT has, may be increased and the equipment and installations on campus can go disused if the rate of investing beads.

It can be besides hard to happen investor in the private sector. The clime of the economic system will besides order if the Institute is able to maintain its existent investors. Growth rates are already decelerating in Ireland by European criterions. The knock-on consequence in the economic system has brought a more cautious ambiance in the concern community. This may hold deductions for IADT ‘s other beginnings of support.

The low disbursement power can coerce pupils from outside Dublin to seek 3rd degree instruction in local establishments.

On the other manus, the high rate of unemployment may offer the chance to enroll a big figure of mature pupils. Programs like “ Back to Education ” can be a good aid to keeping a balance in the s.

Universities and Institutes of Technology in Northern Ireland may go unexpected rivals if fees are introduced in Ireland and the Euro/Sterling exchange rate keeps its existent degree or makes the Euro stronger. Social Factors

? Population growing rate

? Migration

? Lifestyle

The societal human ecology of Ireland has changed significantly in the last five – 10 old ages. The birth rate had fallen to 1.7 or below replacing rate. It recovered somewhat in the last Census but this is due chiefly to immigrants, who might non stay in Ireland in the long term. The growing of the eastern seaside in comparing to the remainder of the state leaves IADT at the Centre of the action. Its rank of assorted policy groups in this country will go forth it good positioned for the chances and menaces this airss. Fellow Institutes of Technology in more deprived countries are non so good positioned.

Some concerns exist about the sustainability of all the Institutes of Technology as pupil Numberss are expect to fall over the following 10 old ages.

Over the past 10 old ages, Ireland saw 1000s of immigrants arrive in the state attracted by the economic roar of the Celtic Tiger. Many of these immigrants are now returning to their states or traveling overseas due to the recession and the deficiency of chances in the Irish work market. Irish subjects are besides traveling abroad. This can hold a strong impact in the figure of prospective pupils in the medium and long term.

Lifestyle is today ruled by engineering. Social webs and the cyberspace are replacing traditional agencies for relationships and friendly relationship. Peoples are invariably seeking information and amusement. IADT as an establishment focused on creativeness and engineering can take advantage of this life style that provides occupation chances for professionals in media and engineering. Technological Factors

Technology is in changeless development. Equipment becomes disused in such a short term that may do complicated an appropriate replacing. For an Institute of Technology this is a serious affair. Keeping abreast of technological progresss is a must for IADT. This may turn into a menace if the Institute is non able of pull offing maintain up to day of the month. However, the ability to respond rapidly besides creates excess force per unit area as IADT is expected to present an first-class proficient support both to pupils and staff within even diminishing timescales.

The acquisition and replacing of engineering substructure, systems, package and hardware at the rate which is expected, may besides hold a immense economical impact on IADT. Porter ‘s Five Forces Analysis Competitive Competition

Several IADT programmes are alone. This makes the Institute rather different from other similar rivals. Courses in Business that may be seen as similar to those offered by other Institutes of Technology are non alone but rather different. ( IADT ‘S Business grades focus on Entrepreneurship ) . IADT programmes are designed by the instruction staff which gives to them a distinction from any other programmes that another establishment might offer.

Some Institutes of Technology are similar in size to IADT but this is non a unsafe affair. IADT is little in comparing with Universities. This is more an advantage than a disadvantage as little category sizes are a cardinal point in IADT ‘s scheme

While most universities and Institutes of Technology are overcrowded, IADT ‘s scheme is focused on presenting personalised learning to a decreased figure of pupils. Continuous appraisals are done during the class, while tests are non a cardinal factor to win.

We can reason that the competitory competition is low. Power of Suppliers

Suppliers of proficient equipment for the Institute are rather varied. Microsoft and Apple are the lone package providers in this field. This gives them a large power over the Institute. It is a different mattrer on the hardware forepart. Dell, Samsung, Sanyo, Sony or JVC are the chief providers of media and amusement equipment, but the market is broad plenty to exchange into other trade names if necessary. Stationery, furniture, cleansing, in writing design and printing services are provided by companies which have been successful in stamp procedures. It would really easy for IADT to happen new providers for all these services and the shift cost would non be high as many companies offer similar services.

The decision is that merely package companies have a comparatively high power over IADT, while the power of the other providers is really low. Power of Buyers

Students are IADT ‘s clients. As pointed out in the competitory competition subdivision, most of the programmes offered in IADT are alone or with small similarities to those offered by other Institutes of Technology or Universities. A utility service can non be easy found, and one time the pupils have begun their programmes, the cost of exchanging can be high, as they need to get down once more their 3rd degree surveies from the first twelvemonth.

However, pupils have a high power over the Institute. They are the lone ground for IADT ‘s being. An establishment dedicated to instruction has no significance without pupils. Menace of Substitutes

Substitutes for IADT services are the other 12 Institutes of Technology, universities and private establishments that offer 3rd degree instruction. The option of private instruction is really dearly-won in comparing to public establishments. Fees and charges are stated by the Government so all the IOTI ‘s and universities have similar costs. Universities and Institutes in other counties will increase the outgos of pupils in adjustment and conveyance.

Again the singularity of IADT programmes makes clients non willing to replace IADT for other establishment. Menace of New Entrant

The entry barriers are high in the instruction sector. Numbers of pupils are expected to fall in a close hereafter. Existing establishments will be contending to pull them and it will go forth small room for new entrants. In the existent economic clime, private universities or colleges may non be able to vie with public establishments.

The Government plans to increase 3rd degree fees in several thousand euro. This will besides forestall many campaigners from deriving entree to third flat instruction.

Seven Beginnings of Barriers to Entry

– Economies of Scale

The substructures needed to establish an Institute of Technology represent a high degree of hazard for any company that may be believing about come ining the 3rd degree instruction sector.

– Entree to Distribution Channels

The Department of Education is the lone supplier of recognized awards of 3rd degree instruction in Ireland. Publicly funded establishments do non hold sole entree to these makings, but private establishments are in clear disadvantage in relation to public higher instruction establishments.

– Cost Disadvantage Independent of Scale

It could be really hard for any new entrant to fit the degree of experience and cognition really possessed by IADT. The first-class quality of the instruction staff good supported by the committedness of the administrative staff are one of the chief strengths of the Institute.

It would besides be really hard to vie with its technological degree.

IADT receives its financess chiefly from the State. This is another cardinal point of disadvantage for any prospective entrant.

– Deregulation

No ordinance exists about new entrants to Third Level Education sector. This would non be a job for any new entrant.

– Capital Requirements

Entering this sector would necessitate a really big investing of capital. Hiring instruction and administrative staff, the acquisition of appropriate premises, IT equipment and a immense outgo in promotion are merely some of the many disbursals that the new entrant would be obliged to afford.

– Switch Cost

It would be really hard to exchange from IADT to a new entrant. The Institute ‘s programmes are alone. This means that any pupil who wants to exchange or reassign to a different establishment would necessitate to get down a new programme, which would intend the loss of the old ages already spend in IADT. Prospective pupils would non happen the same programmes in other establishments

– Differentiation

IADT has a really good repute among prospective pupils and future employers. The singularity of its programmes, the success of former alumnuss and the acknowledgment of the awards offered by the Institute are high barriers for new entrants.

Internal and External Analysis – Swot IADT ‘s SWOT Analysis Strengths

? Location

? Number of pupils and category sizes

? Student support services

? Programs

? Friendly atmosphere

? Campus

? Good repute

? Relationships with school ‘s counsel counselors

? Teaching staff

? Media Cube

? Former pupils

? Adult scholars

? Tag line

? Industrial dealingss Location

The location of the Institute is really good for pupils from Dublin and besides for those from other counties. Dun Laoghaire has every installation that pupils may necessitate avoiding at the same clip the emphasis of a big metropolis.

Communicationss between Dun Laoghaire and Dublin metropolis Centre are rather good both by train, coach or route. Students can entree resources that the capital of the state provides, while basking the relaxed life of Dun Laoghaire. Number of pupils and category sizes

Around two 1000 pupils are presently go toing IADT. This allows categories between 40 and 50 pupils and prevents overcrowded categories. Lectures can give more attending to pupils presenting a more personal quality instruction. Student support services

IADT provides support services in line with best pattern as outlined under the Higher Education Authority ( HEA ) guidelines. The services include:

? Health Centre

? Student Counselling Service

? Access Service

? Sports & A ; Diversion

? Writing & A ; Research Skills Service

? Maths Tutorials/Study Skills/Group Dynamics

? Accommodation Information

? Assistive Technology Programs

IADT is recognised by the quality and singularity of its programmes. They have been designed by the teaching staff and focal point on the cognition, media, amusement, engineering, ocular humanistic disciplines, endeavor and creativeness sectors.

The School of Creative Arts incorporates the National Film School while the the School of Creative Technologies hosts the Centre for Creative Technologies and Applications ( CCTA ) and the School of Business and Humanities the Centre for Public Culture Studies. Friendly atmosphere

The comparatively little figure of pupils and the differences between pupils go toing the three schools make the life on campus a friendly and gratifying experience, difficult to happen in other topographic points. Campus

The campus has first-class installations, including a eating house, library and province of the art studios. There are four auto Parkss controlled and managed by a wage and show system, but free for pupils and staff. The gardens and green countries are singular. The campus besides boasts a football – GAA athleticss land and hoops and mini-soccer tribunals. Good repute

Despite being a immature establishment, officially established in 1997, IADT has a great repute among pupils, parents and companies due to its alone programmes and the success of many of its alumnuss. Relationships with school ‘s counsel counselors

The well structured and fluid communicating between IADT ‘s selling section and calling counsel counselors of 2nd degree schools countrywide, is a cardinal point for pupils to take the Institute as their first option for 3rd degree instruction. Teaching staff

IADT ‘s teaching staff is one of its chief strengths. It is formed by professionals who have studied and worked in the countries that they teach. All the programmes are designed by the teaching staff. They are focused on the acquisition of practical accomplishments and competences that prepare graduates for a fast-moving professional environment. Media Cube

Besides known as the Incubation Centre, it is specifically focussed on the Digital Media sector. Funded by Enterprise Ireland and formed by IADT alumnuss and Digital Media companies, it provides an environment for the growing and development of new thoughts.

The premises, a cubelike blue edifice, gives itself a good feeling of modernness and engineering.

Its success is proved by the 2nd Incubation Centre that is to be built in the close hereafter. Former pupils

The success in their callings of many IADT alumnuss in the sectors of concern, media and humanistic disciplines is an attractive merchandising point for prospective pupils. Adult scholars

IADT is the 3rd degree establishment with the higher per centum of grownup scholars. In these times of high unemployment rates, it is of import to supply people who have lost their occupations with suited programmes that prepare them for their return to the work market.

The institute besides provides programmes for grownups in full-time employment whowant to go on their instruction. Tag line

“ Creating Futures ” is the IADT ‘s ticket line. The combination of the thoughts of creativeness and hereafter sells out the chief porpoise of the Institute, that is fixing pupils for their callings. It besides presumes that IADT “ makes ” those hereafters. Industrial dealingss

The Institute has established relationships with digital media administrations including the Digital Hub, the Digital Media Forum, Screen Training Ireland, the National Broadcasting Sector ( RTE, TG4, and TV3 ) , the Arts Council, the Irish Internet Association and the Irish Software Association. Failing

? Lack of staff

? Little interaction between sections

? Debts

? Lack of selling program

? Little committedness between the three schools

? Website

? Identity

? Communicationss

? Student adjustment

? Sports installations Lack of staff

Due to Government ‘s disbursement cuts in the Public Sector, several staff working on a contract footing have non been renewed. Permanent staff in ill leave, pregnancy leave or career interruptions can non be replaced either. This leaves some Institute ‘s sections without adequate staff to present appropriate services to the pupils. Small interaction between sections

There is small communicating between sections. This slows down the normal running of the Institute and is a job for pupils and staff. Debts

IADT has really a considerable debt. Further development of the campus and quality criterions can be earnestly affected. Lack of selling program

Merely a Liaison Officer is presently working in the selling section. IADT has neither a selling director nor a selling program. This is non the best state of affairs to pull prospective pupils and to heighten the perceptual experiences and repute of the Institute. Small Committedness between the three schools

Every school that forms IADT seems to work as an independent entity. It makes hard the perceptual experience of the Institute as a individual unit and slows down the work of the administrative staff. Website

IADT ‘s website needs betterments. It is non the sort of site a visitant would anticipate from an Institute of Technology that boasts of being the leader in Digital Media in the state, Identity

IADT is still known outside Dublin as a “ college of Art ” . Prospective pupils in the schools of Business and Humanities and Creative Technologies may take other IOTI ‘s or universities merely because they do non cognize about existent programmes in IADT. Communicationss

Despite Dun Laoghaire ‘s good communicating with Dublin metropolis Centre, merely four coach paths stop near IADT. It makes hard for some countries in north and south Dublin to acquire to the Institute utilizing public transit. Student adjustment

IADT lacks a program to supply adjustment to pupils from outside Dublin. Sports installations

A association football – GAA athleticss land and a hoops tribunal are the lone athletics installations on Campus. This is non plenty for over two 1000 pupils and two 100 staff. Opportunities

? International pupils

? Merger ( NCAD )

? Links with CFE

? Funding from external beginnings

? Online Selling

? Foundation Certificate International pupils

Attracting pupils from other states can assist IADT to growing. Erasmus and other European programmes are good chances for the Institute. Merger ( NCAD )

The amalgamation with the National College of Art and Design can consolidate IADT as a mention in Ireland for art and design surveies. This may besides better the province ‘s support and the possibility of new beginnings of private support. The figure of pupils will increase. Linkss with CFE

Actual links with Ballsbridge College of Further Education, Rathmines College and Senior College Dun Laoghaire, can be extended to other CFE ‘s, specially to Colleges located in Co. Dublin and Co. Wicklow. Funding from external beginnings

To bring forth research support from companies in the media and engineering sectors, due to the revenue enhancement freedoms policy of the Government and the repute of the Incubation Centre. Online selling

Presents, the cyberspace allows prospective pupils to entree information about IADT from their ain places or schools. Online selling is hence an indispensable tool. Foundation Certificate

As unemployment rates grow in the state, the execution of foundation certification programmes for grownup scholars who want to go to 3rd degree instruction, but are non in ownership of 2nd degree awards, are extremely demanded. IADT used to offer a Foundation Certificate class two old ages ago that, surprisingly, is non being offered at present. Menaces

? Recession

? Public Sector Cuts

? New Government Budgets

? Fees

? Migration

? Continuous development of engineering

? Merger with NCAD

? Funding from external beginnings Recession

Undoubtedly the greatest menace looming over all sectors of the state. The existent economic state of affairs can impact IADT in several ways. As people are losing their occupations, households may be unable to afford the outgo that 3rd degree instruction requires. Public sector cuts

Government programs of farther disbursement cuts in the public sector can earnestly impact IADT. Insufficient figure of staff due to the impossibleness of new contracts, replacing of staff in ill leave, pregnancy leave or career interruption, will do a challenge a properly bringing of services to the pupils. New Government budgets

As a public institute, IADT will be affected by new budgets. The Institute ‘s debt can be easy increased if new budgets cut down province ‘s investings in instruction. It besides will impact the development of the campus and new equipment acquisition. Fees

Plans to present fees in 3rd degree instruction have been postponed. However, they could be brought back in a close hereafter. This could do 3rd degree instruction a luxury for many households in Ireland. Migration

Numbers of non subjects populating and analyzing in Ireland are now diminishing. Many immigrants are go forthing the state due to the economic clime. Irish households are besides traveling to other states for the same ground. The figure of prospective pupils can drop in a close hereafter. Development of engineering

As an Institute of Technology, IADT needs to maintain up with technological progresss. This is a so fast-moving environment that it is non an easy end. Amalgamation

Plans of unifying IADT and NCAD are already underway. Duplicate of staff, scattering and loss of individuality are some of the menaces that the Institute may be confronting. Funding from external beginnings

The current clime of crisis and economic instability may hold an impact in existent investings from private companies and can besides do it hard for new investings.

4. Decisions

Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology is good positioned in the instruction sector. Its success is chiefly based on the alone programmes offered in movie, media and originative humanistic disciplines and the different and advanced attack in the classs in concern, psychological science, engineering and humanistic disciplines.

A cardinal factor for the good placement and repute boasted by the Institute is its staff. Teaching and administrative workers public presentation can be considered at the highest degree. However, limitations and budget cuts already implemented by the Government, not reclamation of non-permanent staff and the possibility of an increase in the pension levies and pay cuts in a close hereafter are serious menaces to keeping the assurance and motive of staff.

The existent economic clime may hold a immense impact on IADT. The existent debt may be increased by the trouble in happening new beginnings of external support or in maintaining bing understandings. Migration motions and the low disbursement power of households are besides serious menaces.

The Institute does non hold a structured selling section. It besides lacks a selling program.

Small interaction exists between its sections. This is an obstruction for a common scheme in the hereafter development of the Institute.

The campus barely meets current pupil demands. The development already in advancement will better this issue. There are some singular edifices, specially the Media Cube, but the full development of the campus to ease acquisition, societal battle and research requires farther work in order to run into the challenges the hereafter may convey.

5. Recommendations

IADT ‘s placement is feasible and desirable. However, there are some facets that the Institute should better or implement to run into the demands of staff and pupils.

a ) It is critical the amplification and execution of a selling program. The Institute needs to cognize where it is positioned and how to better its success and to heighten its perceptual experiences and repute. Online selling is another field that IADT needs to acquire affect in.

B ) Improve interaction between sections and communicating between all staff in IADT.

degree Celsius ) Despite Government policies, the Institute should supply appropriate figure of staff to run a Campus of 2,500 pupils.

vitamin D ) Being Dun Laoghaire and Co Dublin one of the most expensive countries in the state, the proviso of adjustment on or near the Campus is a must. Agreement with landlords in the country could be a good first measure.

vitamin E ) The Institute should demand from Dublin Bus the execution of more coach paths.

degree Fahrenheit ) IADT should offer a pre 3rd degree class ( i.e. Foundation Certificate, etc ) .

g ) European programmes as Erasmus or Leonardo has been implemented in the Institute this twelvemonth for the first clip. Keeping and bettering these programmes will lend to heighten the international repute of IADT and will besides increase the figure of prospective pupils.

H ) If IADT wants to remain at the head of digital media and engineering, its web site has to convey that message to its audience. The outlooks of the website visitants can be really high beforehand.

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