E-commerce site launch bicyclesforyou.Com Essay

Undertaking 1

You need to make some research to familiarize yourself with the capable country and to derive some thoughts about how you can transport out the remainder of the undertaking. There are a figure of web sites that specialise in the sale of bikes. Use a upper limit of 1 hr to reexamine these resources. Bookmark the relevant sites and do notes of information that you can utilize in your assignment.

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.avoncycles.com/

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E-commerce site launch bicyclesforyou.Com Essay
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hypertext transfer protocol: //www.herocycles.com/about.php

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.gtbicycles.com/are/bikes

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.atlascyclesonepat.com/

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.trekbikes.com/us/en/

Bicycle companies holding e-commerce sites provide information service related to different merchandise scope of bikes they sell with images and descriptions, which suites all age group and gender. It besides updates on latest engineering, upcoming new quality of merchandise and fabrication inside informations related to the merchandise. For edifice relationship and trust, client feedbacks are requested for bettering the merchandise quality and services. Customers can acquire information on handiness of merchandise from several salesrooms or distributer / trader located in the part. Promotion offers inside informations are available on the site. The e-commerce plants in combination to traditional commercialism scheme of selling the merchandise to stop users.

Undertaking 2

Produce a undertaking program for the manner you intend to finish the remainder of this assignment. For planning, use the timescale you have been allocated for this assignment i.e. from the day of the month you start to the day of the month you submit your assignment. Submit a transcript of your program to your coach BEFORE you proceed farther with the assignment.

Undertaking 3

Using PowerPoint or a similar tool, fix a upper limit of 12 slides that could be used to organize the footing of a presentation to the proprietor of Bicycles For You. The first portion of the presentation should explicate how a SWOT analysis can be used to place possible e-commerce chances within a company. The 2nd portion of the presentation should turn to the possible benefits that e-commerce could convey to Bicycles For You. For this you should name and briefly describe SIX benefits that you believe e-commerce could convey to the company, taking full history of their bing methods of operation.

The power point presentation transcript is enclosed with this assignment.

Undertaking 4

Write a short briefing papers of no more than 1200 words that describes each of the undermentioned selling activities and explains the function that they can play in assisting to guarantee the effectual publicity of the new e-commerce site: Branding, E-mail selling, Banner adverts, CRM, Search engine optimisation.

Stigmatization: A trade name represents a distinguish form of qualities and behavior that gives the consumer a strong sense of security. There should be consistence in e-commerce stigmatization. It is how consumer perceives your company ‘s image and differentiates the merchandise from all others in the market. It will assist in advancing the freshly e-commerce site by widening the bing merchandise scope on the web. With trade name leverage, the dominant places can be extended to other merchandises and services. Transfering bing trade names to the web is much easier and less expensive. With clearly communicating through right message, impressive visuals and presenting true market values will an of import portion of advancing the e-commerce site. The company ‘s URL should ever be included on merchandise packaging. Integrating the Uniform resource locator with company logo on booklets can besides be helpful in acquiring the work out about the web site. Guaranting that the site appears in hunt engine listings is besides really of import.

E-mail selling: E-mail selling is about pass oning to the consumers utilizing electronic mail. It is really powerful component in any company ‘s advertisement scheme. For holding an effectual duologue with their clients on the launch of new e-commerce site, company can utilize machine-controlled e-mail communications. As the transition rates on requested e-mail messages range from 10 per centum to more than 30 per centum, which are much higher than the click-through rates on streamer ads. This will profit the company in advancing the bing concern through new e-commerce site. The selling scheme of directing specific information merely to people who have indicated an involvement in having information about the merchandise or service being promoted should be more successful. Email message with hyperlinks inserted will steer clients to the company ‘s web site and bring on them to remain on the site and see doing purchases.

Banner adverts: A streamer attention deficit disorder is a little rectangular object on a web page that displays letter paper or traveling in writing and includes a hyperlink to the advertizer ‘s web site. Banners ads are various advertisement vehicles with graphical images which help increase consciousness about company web site and its merchandise. Companies use other web sites to expose their streamer ads through exchange web, topographic point ads on web sites that appeal to one of the company ‘s market sections and wages to those sites to transport the ads, utilizing streamer advertisement web.

CRM: Customer relationship direction is about pull offing company ‘s interaction with clients. Technology-enabled client relationship direction occurs when a house obtains detailed information about a client ‘s behavior, penchants, demands, and purchasing forms, and uses that information to put monetary values, add merchandise characteristics. With the bing client database the selling run for advancing of new e-commerce site can be done through direct email. & A ; Acirc ; The e-commerce site will profit company by making and tracking specific web activities that help develop the client relationship.

Search engine optimisation: Search engine selling is the medium about advancing the company ‘s web site by increasing it ‘s visibleness on the hunt engine and better the ranking of your web site. Delegating specific keywords for the new e-commerce site, website pages can accomplish higher ranking in hunt consequences with aid of optimisation.

Undertaking 5

Write a short study ( of no more than 600 words ) that defines what is meant by supply concatenation direction and depict how this can be used to develop closer links with providers and supply enhanced services for clients.

Supply concatenation direction is the direction of a web of interrelated concerns involved in the ultimate proviso of merchandise and service bundle required by terminal clients. It is a cross-function attack including pull offing the motion of natural stuffs into an organisation, certain facets of the internal processing of stuffs into finished goods, and the motion of finished goods out of the organisation and presenting to the end-consumer.

The intent of supply concatenation direction is to better trust and coaction among supply concatenation spouses, therefore bettering stock list visibleness and the speed of stock list motion. By prosecuting providers in concerted, long-run relationships, companies have found that they can work together with providers to place new ways to supply their ain clients with faster cheaper and better services. By utilizing cyberspace, companies merely have better and more far-reaching ways to pass up the information flow procedure and do it more effectual. Continual communicating and information sharing are cardinal elements in edifice trust.

Customer service can be enhanced by effectual supply concatenation: –

Better merchandise bringing

With quality information available across all the major points in the company ‘s supply concatenation, the public presentation of the company in presenting the right merchandise, to the right topographic point, at the right clip, in the right status and packaging, in the right measures, with the right certification, to the right client will increase significantly and clients will be served better.

Better reactivity

When the supply concatenation is running efficaciously, it becomes easier for a company to supply accurate information to its clients sing any merchandise or activity because the information is readily available.

Better dependability

If the supply concatenation becomes more dependable, the single member companies ( called spouses ) besides become more dependable, at least from a client service point of position because they tend to give more dependable bringings and responses to questions.

Faster Responsiveness

The velocity at which a supply concatenation provides merchandises to the client and resolves their jobs improves dramatically, chiefly because obtaining the information that clients need requires less attempt and fewer processs. Without supply concatenation direction, many sections requested information from the spouses by puting telephone calls. After the call was made, an employee was assigned to manage the peculiar question. Reacting to the questions often involved numbering points and recapturing stock and other clip -wasting processs. Real clip information systems in a well designed supply concatenation eliminate all these processs and giving speedier returns.

Undertaking 6

Write a briefing note ( of no more than 500 words ) that lists FIVE chief security menaces that could present a hazard to the operation of the new e-commerce site. Explain the hazards that each of these menaces could present to the site and briefly describe FIVE specific countermeasures that could be put in topographic point to protect against these menaces.

The five chief security menaces that will present a hazard to the operation of new e-commerce site are as explained below:

Confidentiality menace

Confidentiality is the bar of unauthorised information revelation. It allows merely authorised parties to read protected information. Breaching confidentiality on the cyberspace is non hard. If any client login to & A ; lsquo ; Bicycle For You ‘ website that contains a signifier with text boxes for name, reference and e-mail reference. When the needed information is entered and the information is sent to the web-server for processing, the captured informations and the HTTP petition to direct the information to the waiter is so sent. If the client changes his head and goes to some other web site, the other web site may take to roll up web demographics and log the URL from the site which the client merely came. By this manner the other website breaches the confidentiality by entering the secret information the user has entered.

Integrity menace

An unity menace exists when an unauthorised party can change a message watercourse of information. Unprotected banking minutess are capable to unity misdemeanors. Some other web site can stand for your web site as an original, making mayhem on web site. Using security hole in a sphere name server, culprits can replace the reference of their ain web site in topographic point of your company ‘s web site to burlesque website visitants. Integrity menace can change critical fiscal information of the company and its clients.

Availability menace

The intent of handiness menace, besides known as hold or denial menace, is to interrupt normal computing machine processing or to deny processing wholly. It involves acquiring the waiter to execute a big figure of everyday undertakings, transcending the capacity of the waiter to get by with any other undertaking. Decelerating the cyberspace service will drive clients to competitor ‘s web site.

Database menace

E-commerce systems store user informations and recover merchandise information from database connected to the web waiter. Database connected to your company ‘s e-commerce site contains valuable and private information that can damage the company if it were disclosed or altered. If person drudges user hallmark information, so private and dearly-won information can be revealed.

Communication channel menace

The cyberspace serves as the electronic concatenation associating a client to an e-commerce resource. Weak entree points in information substructure and security that can expose company information and trade secrets.

The specific countermeasures to protect against security menaces are: –

Secure Socket Layer ( SSL )

As there is tremendous sum of information exchange over the cyberspace, secure socket bed is a protocol which encrypts informations between the client ‘s computing machine and the web site ‘s waiter. With the usage of secure socket bed, when the clients sends the petition to entree the company site, the browser identifies the waiter as a sure entity and passes encoding cardinal information back and Forth.

Server firewall

Firewall protects the waiter and web from virus onslaughts and hackers seeking to entree the personal and confidential information. Having a firewall on the freshly e-commerce site will barricade hackers from accessing to any client information. It ensures that petitions can merely come in the system from specified ports and in some instances ensures that all entrees are merely from certain physical machines.

Password Policies

Ensure watchword policies are enforced for clients and internal users every bit good.

Undertaking 7

Put together an lineation undertaking program for the development and launch of the Bicycles For You e-commerce site. This should be made up of TEN cardinal undertaking phases and associated aims, together with a brief description of each. The undertaking program should besides include the associated timescales for set abouting these undertaking phases and accomplishing the specified aims.

The undertaking program for launch of new e-commerce site for Bicycles For You will be executed in different phases as explained below:


With the turning demand for its merchandise scope, company is interested in concern enlargement and increase net incomes. There is a potency of increasing gross revenues and lessening costs. E-commerce increases the velocity and truth with which concerns can interchange information, which reduces costs on both side of minutess.

Project Scope

Define ends for set abouting this undertaking. Specifications about concern theoretical account which fit for e-commerce site. Estimated clip, cost, agenda for establishing new e-commerce site. The nonsubjective shall be to make and keep a high gross e-commerce site which will be one of a sort in the bike industries, by developing a new and successful e-commerce concern utilizing a combination of e-commerce concern theoretical accounts. The site will utilize concern to consumer and concern to concern theoretical accounts.


Conduct a research on bing concern theoretical account and for e-commerce concern theoretical account. Research on merchandises and services which client demand.

Planing the web site and proficient demands

Design the web site which should be fresh and appealing, caters to the involvements and penchants of your intended market audiences. It should develop a smooth user interface, which makes client experience gratifying and pleasant. Approach a service supplier for website hosting. Regular site care is necessary to update content, execute proficient ascents.

Review of hazards step

Identify and research possible hazards sing get downing up a new e-commerce site, engineering costs and marketing / advertisement costs. Security control issues for protection and continued operations, if the site goes down due to proficient bugs.


Several functional testing is required prior to the launch of the web site. Checking browser compatibility for accessing the web site, proving of Java books flash and other circuit boards for running the visuals and hunt functionalities.


Extensive selling run for the launch of new e-commerce site will be carried out. Branding, societal media, direct electronic mail and hunt engine visibleness will be used agencies of marketing for the launch of new e-commerce site. Making a sphere name that ‘s easy to remember and vibrate your trade name, merchandise and services.


After the launch of e-commerce site, proctor and respond to feedback received from consumer. Updating the site content based on alterations in the merchandise development and concern procedure direction.


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