E-commerce strategies Essay

The scenario asks me to research how the advantages, and disadvantages of privateness on the cyberspace, and how it would impact Grandma ‘s Treats concern, and turn to the concerns of the cyberspace and how would it be effectual in protecting you and others from sharing information that should be unbroken private. It besides would wish me to take which environment would be best for Grandma ‘s Treats and why?

Well Lashkar-e-Taiba ‘s take a expression at some of the advantages and disadvantages that I believe would assist us all when utilizing the cyberspace, and e-commerce. When a computing machine connects to a web or web site, and begins speaking with other computing machines its taking a opportunity or a hazard of acquiring effected. The cyberspace universe could be really unsafe if companies do n’t cognize how to protect themselves or they ‘re computing machines. Now allow me inquire this inquiry, what can go on with an unbarred web site? Well allow me explicate, the list below should give you an illustration of the sort of things that can happen.

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E-commerce strategies Essay
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  • Unasked mail
  • Files and information onslaughts
  • Viruss, and worms
  • Stolen recognition card information
  • Computer hackers, have entree to personal information
  • Customers feel threatened and will decline to your web site
  • Annoying messages
  • Spam ‘s messages

These are merely a few concerns that one would hold over an unsecure web site. Now most company attempt to protect their computing machines, and fell to add the necessary demands to carry through their demands, that why, I will research the advantages of holding a secure site. With a secure web site it will let the company to protect the client ‘s private information so that virus or hacker ca n’t entree their records. The list below is the advantages that a secure web site has over an unsecure site.

  • It makes clients experience secure about their information
  • Protect the site ‘s unity and good being
  • Stop unwanted onslaughts or abuses
  • Encourages client to store and portion information with companies

With this type of security plume in topographic point it allows companies to give their client the protection that they need. It besides allows the company to do the client experience more secure about supplying information on their web site knowing that it ca n’t be entree from the company chief information base.

When it comes to Grandma ‘s Treats the attack should be concentrating on protecting the security and privateness of their clients. This means that the secured site would be the best pick for their concern. The secured site is the best pick, because of the undermentioned list below.

  • Make clients experience secure
  • Encourage clients to shop and portion private information
  • Stop unwanted onslaughts or abuses
  • Firewalls
  • Software and hardware tools that define, control, and bound entree to webs and computing machines

With these steps in topographic point it would let grandmother ‘s dainties to run a safe, unafraid environment that would protect their client privateness.


Web companies Announce Privacy Standards ( denoting partnership of Netscape, VeriSign and Firefly ) .

Internet Site Agrees to Settle FTC Charges of Deceptively Collecting Personal Information Agency ‘s First Internet Privacy Case, FTC News Release, August 13, 1998.


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