Early Care and Education Practice Essay

Introduction This essay wills discussion on help children with care plan, of the habit of taking care of teeth correctly. At the moment I am working as children, mind 2 boys In their own home, they are 6 and 4 year old. Since I start working with them, I observed they weren’t brushed their teeth correctly. Aim: Teaching children to brush their teeth, they will learn; how the teeth are brushed twice a day with safe. It’s important that teaching children to brush their teeth correctly in order to take care proper about their teeth. And help them to build confidence about themselves and care about their health as they grow.

Planning and Preparation: Materials; toothbrush (three deferent color with them favors characters for each child), toothpaste (thee with different flavor), plastic cup, mirror, DVD and books. Before I started the conversation with them, I was already download one story titled “Love your teeth since your childhood”, in my phone for showing them. I started the conversation with them by explained why Is Important to take care of our teeth. I said to them; teeth are very Important to eating, talking and having a nice smile, take care of your teeth are Important helps chewing your favors food.

The 6 years old asked me, “How can I take care of my teeth”? I answered him; by brushing your teeth correctly twice a day, are great way to take care of your teeth. And he said ho! I said; lets me to show you the Ted bear story. We sat dawn on the sofa; I sat between the two boys, and turned on the story for them. Love you teeth since your childhood’ Today is International Children’s Day. Little bear had received a big box of chocolate with different colors and shapes. Little bear is very happy and said to his good friend Fanny the cat, “l can eat a lot of sugar every day! Funny the cat said with a rowan, “Don’t eat too much candy, or you will have a tooth decay. ” Little Bear angrily twisted his head the other side then said,” I don’t believe you! ” Little Bear ate sweets just like a rice every day, what makes it even worse is that it never brushes his teeth before going to bed. Days passed, Little Bears teeth become more yellow. Each time he eats, Little Bears tooth becomes painful. Little bear becomes so thin and not happy as before. When Fanny the cat knew Little bear’s tooth has tooth decay he become extremely worried. She decided to advise Little Bear to go to the densest.

The dentist saw that Little Bear Is experiencing a lot of pain so he asked, “Little Bear, how did you have a such a long face? ” Little bear was speechless, Funny the cat said, “Little Bears tooth has a cavity, please try to safe It”. The dentist teeth looked at Little Bear’s teeth then he wrinkled his eyebrows the said, “The surface of the teeth is filled Walt cavil TTY” I en antenatal goes on to say, “Eating a meal Ana not Drudging your teen before going to bed is an enemy of our “teeth health”! I will help you fix your teeth this time, but you should protect your teeth in the future! Little Bear obediently doted and said, “l must protect my teeth. Don’t eat snacks and brush my teeth everyday in the morning and in the evening! ” The dentist said with smile, ” Since you were young you should have started taking care of your teeth, I will teach you a song titled “Brush your teeth! ” “A Small toothbrush, brush, brush running up and down, from all sides, careful and gentle, after eating your meal, before going to bed, brushes your teeth then rinses your mouth or gargles…. ” After the dentist had finished, Little Bear and Fanny cat look at each other’s eyes, then shouted together, “Love your teeth since your childhood!!! After the story had finished, I said “come on let’s go to brush your teeth”. Step-by- step; how I introduced this routine in the boys life. I took the 4 years old first to the bathroom, then I asked him to pick up one of the three toothbrush, he took the green one, that his favor color, then I asked again which toothpaste he would like, he took the strawberry favor, then I put the toothpaste in his toothbrush and explained to him, we Just need a small amount of a fluoride toothpaste, I said to him Just use a pea-sized.

I give the toothbrush in his hand and I let him try first, after his had finished I repeat what he did, and I said go p and down, like a buzz bumble bee, brush inside-outside, them all smile for you and me. Swish water in your mouth, and Jiggle it about until you have a clean mouth, “Don’t swallow, as it’s bad for your tummy. Now look at the mirror to see how brighter your teeth are. I finished by saying “Good boy and well done, you’ll have a great day’.

For the 6 years old, I stand beside him while his was brushing his teeth, and talking to him all the time; Now is time to brush your teeth, it is only takes 2 minute, which toothbrush you will have today, please pick up one and your favor toothpaste, use a EAI size amount of fluoride toothpaste; First, brush the inside of all your teeth, brush one to two teeth at the same time by using gentle circular motions.

Next brush the outside of all your teeth, again with gentle circular motions; Finally brush your chewing super face of your teeth and don’t forget to brush the super face of your tongue and finish rising with water, because you need spit out all the toothpaste! Don’t swallow it. Toothpaste is for cleaning or teeth not your stomach!! I said to him, well done and good boy. I finish by told him now you can say, “I’m clever if I brush my teeth, and nobody is as good as me”. In link with Sailboat standards 1; Right of the child and Easiest theme; Well-being, identity and belonging, communicating, exploring and thinking.

I started teaching them “how to brush their teeth, with more fun. It’s essential to give that; they have to brush their teeth twice a day. But, I let them to have a choice in the process, by give them choice to choose which toothbrush and toothpaste they like to use. When they were watching and listening the story “Love your teeth since your childhood”, they were exploring they imagination by thinking and promoted individual creative expression. By along ten step-Day-step, now to Drugs tenet teen correctly, teen were improved their motor skills, hand and eye coordination. Www. NCAA. IEEE) This routine must to repeat every day. Evaluation My aim was to teach the two boys, how they should brush their teeth correctly. They need few more goes doing that activity; children learn by repetition, they are very young, they not going to remember all the steps Just once. The 4 years old, he doesn’t have the motor skills is needed to do a good brushing his teeth on his own. Most the children don’t develop these skills until 6 or 7 year old. The 6 years old, he is able to rushing his teeth on his own, but he needs my supervision.

Children need supervision until about their age 10 or 11 year. To continue doing this activity with more fun I will introduce a new song and reading different story about “how to care of our teeth”. And keeping remainder them the important to keep our teeth clean. I felt this care plan covered a bit by focus to give the boys the best opportunity embrace a rich quality of life, by cleaning their teeth to help keep their teeth strong and healthy. Establish habits, in general remain consistent, this routine supposed to continue for the life time.

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