earthquakes ch.2 lesson 2

Question Answer
earthquake a sudden and violent shaking of the ground sometimes can cause destruction
crust form into a harder outer layer
fault a crack in a rock along which slippage has occured
mantle the region of the interior of the Earth between the core
lithosphere hard rigid outer layer of the earth
lithospheric plates divided into a number of crustal plates
siesmoligists scientific study of earthquakes
p-waves a longitudinal earthquake wave that travels through the interior
s-waves a downward deflection of the QRS complex
surface waves a seismic wave that travels that travels across the surface
focus central point as attraction attention or activity
epicenter the point Earth's surface directly above an earthquakes focus
richter scale measures magnitude out of the earthquakes
moment-magnitude measures the total energy released from earthquake
mercalli scale measuring the intensity of an earthquake
seismic waves an elastic wave in earth produced by an earthquake
magnitude the great size or extent of something
seismograph an instrument that measures and records details
liquefaction a phenomenon in which the strength and stiffness
aftershock a smaller earthquake following the main shock of a large earthquake
Tusunami long high sea wave
base isolater is meant to enable a building or non structure to survive
shear core walls center of a large building
tension ties eyebar guy-wire suspension cables
cross bracing is a system utilized to reinforce building
mass damper reduces amplitude of mechanical vibrations
flexible pipe is characterized by a compsite construction

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