Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever Sample Essay

Ebola hemorrhagic febrility ( Ebola HF ) is a terrible. often-fatal disease in worlds and nonhuman Primatess ( monkeys and Pan troglodytess ) that has appeared periodically since its initial acknowledgment in 1976. It can be transmitted to worlds by direct contact with septic unrecorded or dead animate beings. and more specifically with their organic structure fluid. Its infective nature and lifelessly impact on human makes it something to be reckoned with. This paper compares and contrasts the effects of the Bubonic Plague vs. the Ebola Virus and its impact on worlds if there were to be an eruption in a immensely populated country.

The Ebola Virus

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Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever Sample Essay
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During the Dark Ages a pestilence swept through Asia and Europe killing 1000000s of people ; at the clip it was unstoppable with a alone set of hosts. The pestilence. subsequently named “The Black Death” became one of the greatest calamities humanity has of all time witnessed. Its predomination was chiefly due to the deficiency of cognition about sanitation and cognition about the plague’s common hosts. Subsequently in the late twentieth century an eruption occurred in Africa that killed at an alarmingly rapid rate. pass overing out whole small towns. It was subsequently discovered that it was caused by a mutated virus that infected animate beings and was able to leap species. This epidemic besides became a major job in the universe for its clip. In a modern puting with such a big and close population. with such a broad span of mass planetary transit. as we have today. the Ebola virus would be a more annihilating epidemic than the pestilence if both were re-introduced into society. The history of the Bubonic Plague has proven to be a convoluted one. It all started when an Italian merchandiser ship was returning from China where the pestilence was already ubiquitous. When the ship landed at its location. the bacteriums rapidly spread triping off the beginning of an epidemic.

The Bubonic Plague had two alone bearers ; one being the common rat that used to be often found on trade ships. and the other being the fleas found on rats. which could leap from the rats to worlds. Both of these bearers were widespread in ancient society ( fourteenth century ) . The epidemic spread all over Europe by these agencies of transit but slowed down at Germany due to their good hygiene. The history of the Ebola virus is much more modern. The first eruption of Ebola was in Zaire ( 1976 ) with a putting to death rate of 88 % and infecting 314 people. It was believed that the oncoming of the eruption originated from a monkey that was transporting the virus and attacked a woodman. reassigning it to him. The virus’s chief agencies of transit is through contact with the already infected. Although big organisations like the Center for Disease Control ( C. D. C. ) went to seek and halt the spread of the virus. it continued to infect big sums of people. Infection occurred even with great public consciousness and drastic quarantine techniques.

After the virus killed itself out. it reappeared in Sudan the same twelvemonth. It once more was believed to arise from monkeys. Though this strain was much less potent with merely a 55 % putting to death rate. it proved to be unstoppable until the virus killed itself out ( The term “killed itself out” is used because the virus will kill all of its possible hosts in an country so it can no longer infect anyone or anything. literally ‘killing itself out’. ) It reappeared in Sudan In 1979. Another strain of the virus was found in Virginia. Texas. This strain was a extremely infective one. but was non able to to the full leap species from monkey to human. The virus killed every monkey in the quarantine but did non distribute due to the drastic steps taken by the C. D. C. . which included incinerating everything in the edifice including the septic monkeys. make fulling the edifice with ammonium hydroxide gas. and quarantining the four septic worlds. The Black plague’s scientific background is non really complex. The strain was merely changed one time and circumstantially. The belongingss of the pestilence and its infective wonts did non alteration. The pestilence was normally found in rats and was frequently found on board ships. particularly trade ships due to their copiousness of nutrient. These rats had the bacteria in their blood. Fleas that normally were found on the rats were the manner that the bacteria would leap from the rat to the homo.

The flea would suck blood from the rat and consume the bacteria that would so turn in their digestive system. When their digestive system was full of bacteriums it would so travel its manner up to the caput of the flea and infect its blood suction acerate leaf. When the flea moves from the rat to the human it would therefore infect the homo. The infection started with an egg size furuncle at the location that the flea would seize with teeth at and would so travel either to the blood watercourse doing decease rapidly or would travel to the lungs giving the infected a pneumonia-like symptoms killing them within a hebdomad. Due to the clip in human history when the pestilence struck. human’s had no thought how to halt it or what caused it. In a modern scene any bacteria would be rapidly identified and an antigen would be synthetically produced to assist contend the infection. Equally good we would be able to contend the bacteria utilizing medical specialties that were non around during the period that the plague struck Europe and Asia. The universe has besides improved on sanitation since the clip.

Germany didn’t get struck really hard from the pestilence due to their Torahs that made Germany a more healthful society. Germany at the clip practiced a degree of sanitation that is easy non every bit advanced as about any civilization in the universe today. Ebola’s scientific background is more complex due to the fact that it can mutate at a really fast rate. The first eruption in Zaire had mutated from a virus that merely septic monkeys to an airborne version that infected worlds every bit good. The viruses’ infection starts as a common cold so hits the blood watercourse. Once in the blood watercourse. it targets an organ that produces chemicals that hold the bonds between cells in other variety meats that keep the variety meats form and construction. The virus so breaks apart bonds that hold cells together in variety meats. The septic variety meats in kernel bend to mush and clamber ( being an organ ) seeps body fluids from its pores and weak points like the eyes. The following phase of the infection rhythm ( called “crash and burn”* ) induces violent paroxysms and violent coughing.

This would direct organic structure fluids incorporating the virus winging in all waies enabling it to travel from individual to individual by infecting a big country around the convulsing victim. The following phase is decease. This would all go on in a affair of yearss. One of the grounds Ebola is so difficult to incorporate is because it can last in a dead organic structure for hebdomads. Due to the fact that as worlds. we feel a demand to take attention of our deceased. infection can happen in people that are seeking to bury the organic structures of the septic or people populating in the same topographic point or country as an septic individual. The chief ground that the Ebola virus was so unsuccessful at killing big Numberss of people was because it killed so rapidly that it would kill most of the small town. The term “Crash and Burn” was a term coined by Richard Preston. writer of the book “The Hot Zone” . The term is used to depict the phase of the Ebola infection when the infected goes into whirls and their organic structure temperature increases dramatically. This is the concluding phase before decease. Like HIV it can mutate at an astonishing rate doing it impossible to make a vaccinum to contend it. Due to these grounds if it were to infect a big public that lived moderately close together. like India. the consequence would be lay waste toing because the virus would non hold adequate room to kill itself out.

The figure of people that have died as a consequence of the Bubonic pestilence is in the 1000000s. In Europe entirely. it has claimed 1000000s of lives. It is believed that the population of Europe in 1345 was 83 million and by 1400 the population was down to 60 million. Most of these deceases were caused by the pestilence. As civilisation advanced. and people became more cognizant of being healthful. the infection rate was much lower boulder clay it one twenty-four hours about disappeared. Outbreaks still occurred. but were less annihilating and less frequent. The last happening of the Black pestilence being transmitted from rats to worlds was in 1929 in Los Angeles killing 31 of the 32 infected. The Japanese in W. W. II used it as a biological arm against the Chinese but proved to be an unsuccessful arm. perchance due to the Chinese holding a more advanced hygiene system so they had when the pestilence was more prevailing in the yesteryear. The first eruption of Ebola was in Zaire. It was possibly one of the most lifelessly. killing 318 people with a mortality rate of 88 % .

After killing itself out. it re-emerged in Sudan in 1976. The Ebola Sudan strain ( same strain as Zaire but with mutant ) killed 284 with a mortality rate of 53 % and once more in 1979 infecting 34 people. Ebola Zaire re-emerged in the Congo killing 315 people with a mortality rate of 81 % . Ebola Sudan besides re-emerged in 2000-2001 killing 425 with a mortality rate of 53 % . It is difficult to indicate a finger at what these eruptions were originally caused by or who their original bearers were. Monkeies are a known bearer due to the 1989 Reston outbreak that killed all of the monkeys in the quarantine research lab. but many other animate beings such as birds and lizards are known to transport the disease every bit good. This makes it about impossible to halt the original transmittal of the virus from animate being to human due to the broad assortment of possible bearers and their broad spread copiousness around the south western portion of the universe. The major ground that the pestilence would hold problem going a major job in a modern scene is the fact that it is a bacteria.

Bacteria responds to antibiotics and the human immune system has an easy clip placing it as infective due to their physical size. and can more easy bring forth antigens to contend the bacterium. Due to the fact that a bacteria is populating. moving and reacting to stimulus in the manner all life things do. it can be more easy targeted by modern medical specialty. Bacteria tend to decease at lower degrees of stimulus appendage every bit good take a batch longer clip germinate so virus although they will germinate with clip modern medical scientific discipline can maintain up with it. The bubonic pestilence bacterium has been know mutate into different strains to but has non undergone any major mutants that would alter it adequate to halt reacting to current medical interventions that would be used against it. Bacterias are excessively antiphonal to stimulus. and would non be able evolve faster than modern scientific discipline therefore in a modern scene it would non be able to go a major epidemic. The ground that Ebola would be able to go a major job in a modern environment is that it is a virus. a alone virus that uses velocity and aggression to kill its victims. Bing a virus it does non take on all of the features of life existences.

They do non hold a response to stimuli nor do they reproduce by themselves. Viruss do non react to any antibiotics therefore taking one more arm modern scientific discipline could utilize against it. How do people last so? When the virus is attacked by the human immune system. the virus can be weakened or destroyed. Consequently the immune system can so bring forth antigens that latch onto the virus’s shell doing it easy identified. Unfortunately. the virus tends to kill the victims before the immune system can get down that procedure. utilizing velocity as a arm. The Ebola virus. furthermore has a inclination to mutate really rapidly and mutate in dramatic ways ; altering its form and the manner it can impact people. It has been known to mutate from a purely infective disease that can merely be transferred by direct contact with contaminated organic structure fluids to a more deathly version that is airborne.

Therefore. because of its deficiency of response to stimuli and ability to mutate at an alarmingly speedy rate. it would be able to alter quicker. as stay in front of modern scientific discipline. The chief points to be brought out are that the universe has become a much more healthful 1. One of the chief grounds that Europe had fallen victim to the pestilence was due to bad life conditions and a deficiency of common sanitation. The Black Death besides has know and identified bearers that transfer the bacteria from animate being to human. doing it more simple to eliminate the hosts. Ebola. on the other manus. does non hold a list of known hosts and if it did it would be a long list. doing it difficult or impossible to eliminate the hosts. The infection rhythm of the Bubonic pestilence has many weak points where modern medical scientific discipline could step in. whereas Ebola has a fast and efficient infection rhythm that would be much harder to fiddle with. The bubonic plague’s deficiency of ability to mutate rapidly merely adds to the decision that the Ebola virus would ensue in far more desolation so an eruption of the Black Plague.

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