Ecological Succession Biology

A series of more-or-less predictable changes that occur in a community over time
Ecological succession
What is it
Increases biodiversity (number of species present)
What does it do
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Ecological Succession Biology
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Succession that begins in an area with no remnants of an older community (usually destroys soil)
Takes a long time (115+ yrs)
Ex. Retreating glacier exposes rock, ecosystem forms/volcanic explosion destroys soil
Primary succession+Example
Primary because you need nutrients in the soil to even start succession
Secondary succession proceeds faster because the soil survives the disturbance
Does primary or secondary succession take longer? Why?
The first species to colonize a barren area
Pioneer species
Moss, algae, fireweed, dryas, liken, grasses
Ex. Pioneer species
Existing communities are not completely destroyed by disturbances
Secondary succession
A natural disturbance like a wildfire or hurricane
Human activities like logging and farming
Secondary succession often follows ________, but can also follow ________
A natural disturbance often reproduces the original climax community, but an extensive human-caused disturbance may or may not reproduce the same community
Secondary succession does what for the original community
Extensive human caused disturbance that might not allow the original climax community to reform
Clearing of a rain forest=
Climate, surrounding ecosystems
What is the pioneer species in a new place determined by

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