Ecology Unit 1

Term Definition
Autotroph an organism that produces its own food.(Producer)
Hetertroph an organism that can't produce its own food.(Consumer)
Ecology the study of the relationships and interactions of living things with one another with their environment.
Ecosystem all the living and non living things in a given area-can be as tiny as a drop of water or as large as an ocean or forest.
Abiotic factor the non living parts of an ecosystem
Biotic factor the living parts of an ecosystem.
Habitat a place in which an organism lives- provides shelter, food, and other resources needed for survival.
Population A group of organisms of the same species living together in the same area.
Species A group of similar organisms that can produce fertile offspring.
Community All the living organisms in an area.
Limiting factor A factor in the environment that keeps a population from getting too big.
Caring Capacity The largest population of a species that in environment can support.
Niche In organisms role in an ecosystem.
Invasive species A species that is not native to the area and who's spread causes environmental harm.
Trophic cascade The secondary effect that part down the food chain after the removal of a top predator from an ecosystem.
Producer (autotrophs) Organisms that make its own food matrix all energy and then ecosystem(bottom of all food chains and food webs)
Consumer(heterotrophs) Organism that cannot make own food and feeds on producers organism that cannot make own food and feeds on producers or other consumers for food.
Herbivore Plant eater
Carnivore Meat eater
Omnivore Plant and meat eater
Decomposer Organisms that breakdown dead organisms and consume their nutrients
Food chain Food energy transferred from one organism to another by eating.
Food web All the possible overlapping food chains in an ecosystem.
Feeding level Location producer is the primary consumer the third Tertiary.
Energy pyramid Shows the amount of energy that moves from one feeding level to another more energy is available at the base of the pyramid then at the top
Competition When organisms use the same limited resources they can be divided between two species or individuals within a species
Predation When one animal eats another animal not a plant the predator eat the prey

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