Economical and social factors of AHG business environment and strategy Essay

Find out the economical and societal factors and explicate their affects on AHG concern environment and scheme.

Outline the ways in which the Director of Administration and Corporate services and her squad can guarantee they provide and effectual disposal service to accomplish Accent`s ‘commitment to excellence ‘ .

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Economical and social factors of AHG business environment and strategy Essay
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Business Environment:
Raj M.G and Prakash V [ Raj M.G. , Prakash V. , 2005, 1-2 ] defined Business Environment as these external factors which have direct or indirect influence on the concern or operations of an organisation and these external factors are non governable. These external factors can be the following like clients, rivals, providers, distributers, industry tendencies, replacements, ordinance etc. External factors which are unmanageable but have effects on any concern environment but there are some other factors which are manageable and can be controlled by the organisation. These governable factors called internal factors.

The internal factors which have effects on the operations of any organisation can be human resources from inside the organisation ‘s boundaries, house ‘s mission, policies and corporate civilization. These factors have a major impact in finding the interaction, between human resource direction and other sections within the organisation as I analyzed in the Starbucks at Stratford and look into their mission and their store civilization its reflect that their staff are working merely to supply maximal client service and their maximal satisfaction to each and every client I feel that there is a proper coordination of work its seems to be a strong civilization in the line of company providers, staff, clients, rivals, and other company interest holders like spouses and investors.

The economical and societal factors and their effects on Accent Hotel Group concern are being discussed below.

Economic Factors:
INCREASE IN VAT – A rise in VAT means investing and enlargement programs are put off ensuing in neglecting to make more chances to increase the gross. It besides increases the costs of their merchandises as AHG direction uses outsourcing for different merchandises to function their clients. Economic Growth – Economic growing is another factor which plays an of import function in the growing of any concern. In the instance of AHG, low economic growing like in recession, ruin of economic system destroys the concern. In these sorts of conditions, as the income degree of consumer beads the purchasing power beads every bit good. This effects the growing of AHG concern and other concerns as good.

Inflation Rates – Inflation is a status of increasing monetary values. It is measured utilizing the Retail Price Index ( RPI ) in the UK. Business costs will lift for the merchandises which have been outsourcing for AHG through rising prices, bill of fare costs, services costs and other costs will lift as AHG has to make new monetary value lists. Besides, uncertainness is created when doing determinations non least because rising prices redistributes money from loaners to borrowers. A house that borrows L1000 during an rising prices period will pay back less in ‘real footings ‘ as the value of this money will worsen over the period.

Rivals Pricing – Competitive pricing from rivals can get down a monetary value war for AHG that can drive down net incomes and net income borders as they attempt to equilibrate their sheets by increasing the monetary values of their merchandises and services or at least maintain, their portion of the market.

Globalization – Globalization is another factor which affects the concern of AHG as the direction needs to take actions in order to supply same degree of quality services in every concatenation of their hotels.

Exchange rates – As AHG is an international hotel concatenation and operating in different states and as runing a concern at international degree the exchange rate is another factor in economical conditions that have affects on the concern scheme. AHG direction demands to maintain an oculus on the exchange rate in order to acquire the cheap but high quality merchandises to function their clients.

Employment rate – Employment rate is another economical factor because it falls in the class of costs as the employment rate increases the costs go up every bit good. Like in England, per hr rate additions twice annually and this addition in rate additions the employees costs for the companies.

Social Factors:
Attitude – Attitude is an of import factor in client service industry. AHG is fundamentally a service concern and attitude and behaviour are those societal factors which help to better the client services. AHG can be after developing plans that how to supply client services.

Skills – The policy of AHG direction is “ commitment to excellence ” which can be achieved by utilizing right accomplishments. To engage right individuals with right instruction and accomplishments and by bettering those accomplishments with preparation plans, this end can be achieved.

Working conditions – Working conditions are some other factors like safety, cleanliness, hygiene, professionalism, cordial reception, etc and in the instance of AHG these conditions need to be at their highest degree for employees and clients.

Location – location is one of the of import societal factors in AHG concern as they have four subdivisions in capital metropoliss and many at airdromes. Due to location factor, AHG attracts more clients particularly at airdromes as people do non desire to go after flights and this location factor plays an of import portion in their grosss and gross revenues.

There are many ways and stairss which can follow by corporate direction and AHG squads can accomplish their end.

Training – a better preparation plan can utilize to develop AHG employees particularly about client services and as being a service industry concern, supplying better client services will assist AHG to accomplish their end.

QUALITY SERVICES – better client services are another manner to accomplish committedness to excellence. The AHG direction can utilize study in order to happen out the defects of their client services and can plan developing plan consequently.

EMPLOYEE ‘S SATISFACTION – if employees are satisfied with their occupations and company so they can supply better services to their clients so to fulfill their employee different strategies or price reductions can be used.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – AHG concern is dependent on the satisfaction of their clients and client satisfaction is their premier prospective. To accomplish the client satisfaction, trained employee and better services can play important parts.

Quality PRODUCTS – AHG does outsourcing for different merchandises and they can plan a plan to maintain an oculus on the quality of these merchandises so that they provide good quality merchandises to their clients which will be helpful to accomplish client satisfaction.

TQM – entire quality direction is another manner to look into the quality of their services, direction and all other services. This policy will assist AHG direction to maintain an oculus on all their properties and will let them to better along.

PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT – public presentation direction is another manner to look into the public presentation of their director. The best thing about this policy is that it allows the higher direction to look into the public presentation degree of their directors and directors will seek to use this policy to their staff.

COMMUNICATIONS – Better and clear communications will be helpful for all employees of AHG because a clear communicating procedure means presenting the instructions with lucidity and it will increase the better apprehensions among all the employees.

PROFESSIONAL REALTIONS – professional dealingss among the employees of AHG will be helpful for better apprehensions and better services.

These are some of the ways which can be helpful for AHG direction to accomplish their end of committedness to excellence.


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