animals that feed on plants as well as animals. Human beings are omnivores.
What is an omnivore?
Detritivores obtain nutrients by consuming accumulated organic debris or detritus. Earthworms are detritivores that live in soils that contain decomposing plant and animal matter.
what is a detritivore?
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Decomposers break down and absorb nutrients from decaying organisms and waste matter. They play an important role in an ecosystem by clearing up waste and recycling nutrients.
what is a decomposer?
omnivores eat plants and animals
detritivores eat dead things
decomposers take the very LAST nutrients
what is the difference between a detritivore, a decomposer and an omnivore?
a food web is many food webs together
What is the difference between a food chain and a food web?
arrows-which way the energy is going
What do the arrows in a food chain/ web mean?
90% used/ lost
the 10% rule- 90% lost at each level and only 10% can be passed on
What happens as energy moves up the food chain? Why the 10% rule
the eggs wouldn’t hatch, they would crack before birth
What happened to eagles when DDT entered the food chain?
Levels of Biological Organization


Organic Molecules

Organelle – specialized subcellular structure

Cells – life’s fundamental unit of structure and function

Tissues – integrated group of cells with a common function

Organs & Organ Systems – groups of tissues that work to perform a common function

Organism – individual living thing

Population – all individuals of a species in a particular area

Community – entire array of organisms inhabiting a particular ecosystem

Ecosystem – all the living things in a particular area along with the nonliving things that interact with them

Biosphere – all environments on Earth inhabited by life

What is the hierarchy of organization?
weather- day-to-day
climate- the weather over a period of time
What is the difference between weather and climate?
Set one- autotroph, herbivore, 1st degree carnivore, etc all the way up to top carnivore.
what is in the first set of a trophic pyramid
b.) Set two- producer, 1st degree consumer, 2nd degree consumer, etc all the way up to the top consumer
what is in the second set of a trophic pyramid
birth and immigration
what causes in increase of population
death and emigration
what causes a decrease in population?
limiting factors
depend on size and population of the population
what are density dependent factors?
dont depend on size and population of the population
what are density independent factors?
when the population “levels off”
when does logistic growth occur?
increase at a constant rate
what is exponential growth?
how much the environment can naturally sustain
what is carrying capacity?
water cycle (in order)
innate- genetic
learned- offspring learns it
what is the difference between innate and learned behavior

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