Educating Rita Essay

“Rita and Frank appear to be at opposite poles” Discuss this statement with lose reference to scenes one to five. You must include quotes and stage directions. In the play “educating Rita” written by Willy Russel it is clear that frank and Rita appear to be at opposite poles. This is apparent throughout scenes on to fine within the dialogue and stage directions featured in the play. At the beginning of the play Rita presents herself as an obnoxious, un-educated twenty-six year old women with an unwanted job and burdened with a marriage. She is a working class woman eager to learn and know “everything”.

She has an aim “i wanna discover myself” and is headstrong to achieve it. At he beginning of the play it is also clear to understand that frank and Rita differ in their educational levels, as Rita’s is rather basic, frank is extremely educated. his background educational status differs from Rita’s in high regard as her educational status and past education experiences were quite poor this is a very obvious example of how “Frank and Rita appear to be at different poles”. Throughout scene one Rita is full of motivation, amazement (of frank) and hangs of every word drank says.

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This is not only evident throughout the dialogue yet is also apparent in stage directions such as “begins to idly look around the room”. At this point we also discover the different values that are shared among frank and Rita or more so the lack of value frank has and the over whelming amount Rita holds for things frank things nothing of. An example of this is the picture in franks office which Rita automatically notices and to her comments frank exclaims “i don’t think I’ve looked at it for about ten years” yet it’s been in his office the many years of his working time there.

On the other hand, another factor which demonstrates the focus question is how different Rita and Frank behave. Beginning with Rita whom is a classic hairdresser with a vulgar vocabulary, talks insanely and is rather nosey about knowing everything. Nevertheless Rita is headstrong, motivated and strong about gaining an extensive education. This is a big difference from frank and therefore emphasises the stimulus question. Frank feels he is a failure, with no motivation to further succeed or try, he is an alcoholic, whom is constantly pictured in search or in hold of his whiskey. He is divorced, not alone yet feels lonely.

He is trapped. In his class. In his office. In his life. Class structure is mention quite briskly and brief whilst discussing the matter of cursing. In Rita’s opinion “its’ the aristocracy that swears more than anyone” this therefore singles out a class, forming an idealist view on the separation of people in class structure therefore again emphasising on the fact that frank and Rita appear to a opposite poles. Throughout scenes one to five many changes take place. The emphasis of the difference of Rita and frank intensify however changes take place and similarities are put on the table throughout the scenes.

She begins to teach him like he has taught her. An example of this is demonstrated on pages 16 and 17 when Rita gives meaning to the term “off your cake”. He then uses it in a few of his own expressions. Another change is the feelings presented by frank in a provocative tone such as “id rather do anything than teach; most of them with you young lady… ” Rita then replied “sod off” which is indication a difference in relationship ideas and perspectives; perspectives being another underlying issue between Rita and Frank.

How different their perspectives are and continue to change. Beginning with Rita’s perspective on frank which changes rapidly thought out scenes one to five from complete admiration leading to the feeling of equality as she begin to learn more about literature. In conclusion, frank and Rita appear to e at different poles as opposed to begin intellectually compatible as so forth. However with the changes that take place Rita and frank develop a relationship, unique and special, they grow together and begin to understand each other, evidently bringing them closer together.


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