Education Essay

To study and acquire knowledge would be a simple way to define education today. Being educated Is to gain more skill in every aspect of life. While being educated or getting your education you create habits, learn values, discover new skills, and develop appreciation for your culture or others. We become educated so we can live more satisfying lives and be productive members to our society. We as people today attain our education In many ways. We go to school through our entire lives but that is not the only education we need in life.

That is just being book smart, while that is Important to help place you In your career they’re many other things to become educated on in life. To have survival skills or social skills, to learn respect for others or for yourself is all retained from parents or yourself. We learn to speak the proper way by our teachers at school and we learn how to write with correct grammar from going to school, but I believe our parents teach us the right time to say those words we learned. There are 5 types of schools and 3 types of learning.

Public school which is the most popular schooling according to Jennings, he stated that in 2009, of the population was attending public school while the other 10% were attending private. Home school where you stay at home and learn by either your parents or another teacher qualified to teach the material to you. This schooling Is usually for people who are not capable of doing as well with large groups of people. There’s also charter schools, where you are accepted to go there and you get the benefits of a private school but do not pay the tuition.

Virtual school which is Just an online school where Montanan 2 everything you would do In a school you do right on your computer. The last type of school which isn’t reading books and how to pronounce something and add numbers is the school of Hard Knox! The school of life, how to live it, what your morals are and what you have been given from all the other ways of education and how you’ll let it affect you. The 3 types of learning are cognitive where you think and reason effectively.

There is affective learning where you develop moral or spiritual values you retain a healthy attitude and have strong emotions. You also learn how to use your muscular and mechanical skills which are psychosomatic skills. Gender, race, and your ethnicity I believe used to have a bigger impact on education than It does today. It still does effect education by the way parents will teach certain morals to their kids, what kids will believe since we all have different religious beliefs and everything.

With gender, girls used to have a lot less power to men, what men said went and today that has changed. I feel we have created more equal rights throughout life with education. Before deferent races couldn’t even attend the same school and we see that in our everyday life now. I feel that these things do have effect on education but not in all the serious ways it used to more In just the ethnicity of people and what they believe and how they will go about their lives with their morals they have t Off receiver Trot themselves or tenet parents

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