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Hollyhock Is such a weird time in our life. Sitting in our class it seems like time won’t hurry up but looking back the clock never lost its pace. We’ve been living in the fasten, homework every other night, and tests every other week. Studying, preparing, organizing, being n time, and most of all just trying to get by.

But tonight, we let the reigns go loose. Proms or hollyhock social gathering gives students a chance to have fun In a more formal setting. They dress formal than usual and they have own partners but they are not couples. However, a prom can let students enjoy themselves in a way that the formality of a graduation does not. Of course there will be a lot of drama and issues with students surrounding this event especially when the couples are unconcerned, but this night is will be a great chance to enjoy with your friends.

It’s not what we do here today that’s important, but what we make of ourselves tomorrow. We will look back on this night with fond memories, some of us will be lucky enough to be with the same person and others will have found new lovers or interests. So when you leave here tonight don’t think of it as an ending, but a beginning of a new life. Before this moment ends, I would like to give as a round of applause to our goal- river principal, Dry. Remedies O.

Moratoria together with the members of the faculty and staff who given us chance to have a special event Like this and who are always there for us. And also we would like to thank to Mr.. Manual Crescent & Mr.. Alberta Lays for helping us to make the contention perfect even were so noisy and naughty last practice. For the last time. You should always remember that this night Is the most memorable in our highlights life. Once again, sidelining and goodnight everyone. Godless us all!

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