Education Essay

The Difference Between Chinese Education and American Education Education is one of the most important things during our life. L know the difference between Chinese education and American education. American high education Is the best in the world, but when we talk about the basic education, most people will have different bifurcation. However, it is allowed in U. S. Americans think calculators go fast and are correct. So, when both students have an exam, then Chinese are better than American students.

But when both students use some information tools, then Americans are really better than Chinese student. All appearance, Chinese students are better than American students when they manage and exploit cerebra, but when we compare how to use different information or how to spread cerebra, the American students are better than Chinese students. When we compare the Chinese basic education with America’s, then most people’s opinion are that Chinese education Is for foundation education, and American education is for the cultivation of students’ creativity.

In China, “seventy three percent people agree, and twenty four percent disagree with this. Also another three percent think Chinese education Is foundation education, but student may be not learning much, while American education is for cultivating students’ creativity, but it can let students learn more. ” China and America have totally different tradition and exams. Chinese education focuses on the knowledge to accumulate and indoctrinate, on how students use and manage the knowledge they learned in school, and on how to understand the knowledge system ND structure.

Reversely, American care more about how students use knowledge in society. It lets student challenge the knowledge, animadvert ideas, and focus on, exploit or create knowledge. These two types of attitude about education show us the different ways to understand knowledge, and also to show two countries with different education opinions. “In China, when comparing the education, sixty percent people think the best education model is uniting both advantages. It lets students have very good foundation education and good creativity. Sixty five percent disagree.

Another thirty three people think, because the two types of education come from different culture, tradition and society background, it is really hard to combine. ” The difference between China and America is mostly an education and knowledge difference. Such as, what is basic foundation education? We can have an example in math. In Chinese education, Chinese think it is basic to have calculation skills so everybody has to remember the entire concept. So, from elementary school to high school you are not allowed to use a calculator.

American education focuses on improve student assuredness, self-determination, independence, and Chinese education focuses on strictness and preciseness. Good foundation education can improve creation; also it can improve student’s thinking. Good preciseness can improve comprehensive thinking. Also, could be an enemy to thinking. Education is culture, and different educations show different societies’ culture; the good American education system may not be good for Chinese society. So, different education has to allow the society background.

Because different society backgrounds and different culture noels unmans create a Deterrent country In ten world, American coeducation should be following the American’s culture. Also, Chinese education has to follow Chinese culture. A good education model for China is very important to the learning process, and also is very hard. Anyway;ay, we only need modern education which is internationalization education system and localization education systems unite each other. That is going to improve our education skills.

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