Education Essay

Distinguish between education and schooling. Answer: Education is a process of human growth by which one gains greater understanding and control over oneself and one’s world. It involves our minds, our bodies, and our relearns with the people and the world around us. Education Is also characterized by continuous development and change. The end product of the process tot education Is learning. Schooling is a specific, terrorized process, usually focused on the young, and whose general pattern traditionally has varied little from en setting to the next 2.

Describe how school function as transmitter and re-creators of culture. Answer: Teachers design the classroom so that the Americans and Hispanic cultures are honored and children learn to operate effectively in both languages. American cultures have always embraced many cultures. Nevertheless a primary responsibility of the school Is to assist foreign born students In the acquisition. 3. Describe how schools can operate as vehicle tort social, democratic, and economic reconstruction.

Answer: Social deconstructionists – proponent of the theory of education that schools and teachers need to engage in the reconstructing and reforming of society to eradicate its Ills and shortcomings. Economic reconstructions- subscribers to an educational perspective or motivational that focuses on developing students who take critical stances toward the dominant social and economic status quo. 4. Identify the four basic purpose of school. A. Intellectual purpose- promote academic learning, B. Political and CLC- purposes help the students to learn how to govern themselves wisely and Justly. C.

Economic purpose – schools will prepare students for the truer, D. Social purpose- adapt to social expectations, 5. Explain why students in elementary classrooms learn to deny desire, delay gratification, cope with Interruptions and work through social distractions. Answer: because they are surrounded by so many other students who want the same thing they want. 6_ Describe the range of educational experiences for middle-grade students, based on the grade configuration of the school, the size of the school, the administration’s ND teachers orientations, the goals of the school and the staffing patterns.

Answer: the goals that schools set for students Influence middle-school education In other ways as well, including the curriculum offered and the instructional method used. It was found that classroom structure for students in the middle grades varied from completely self-contained classrooms, in which one teacher taught one from of students all major student areas, to completely departmentally cocoons In winch ACH teacher specialized in a single subject area and taught several different classes of students. The middle schools showed a greater percentage of departmentally staffing.

Teachers also differed by the type of licenser held. Teachers with secondary licenser were more likely to be subject matter oriented, and middle- grade students were taught by subject matter experts showed higher level if achievement. 7. Explain how the greater variety of choices secondary students have can result in efferent high school experiences, based on tracking, the courses in which they enroll, the feedback they receive from teachers, and the tacit agreement they make with their teachers, Answer: early adolescences are characterized by a variety of developmental needs and dramatic evaluation in the maturation rate. . Identify four areas suggested to improve the quality of high schools. A. Pressure on the teacher B. Influence on tracking C. Classroom treaties D. Specialty shops 9. List and explain some of the characteristics of schools that are effective with aspect to academic. Answer: the teacher’s expectation – high can do expectation Communication among teachers – high degree of colleagues Task orientation – serious attitude Academic engaged time- keep students working Part II 1 .

Raise your hand before you speak 2. No chewing gum 3. No talking in class 4. Do your homework or they will contact your parents 5. If you are late for class you will have to go to the principal office. 6. The principal said it was okay for him to whoop me. ** I felt #6 was unfair because other people shall not be able to whoop you.

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