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Emotional Intelligence is the ability which Includes Integration of emotion and Intelligence. According to Coleman (1995) emotional Intelligence consists of the valuables such as being able to motivate oneself and persist In the face of frustrations, to control Impulse and delay gratification, to regulate ones moods and distress from swamping the ability to think, to empathic and to hope. As said by Dry. Stephen Covey Researches show convincingly that CEQ Is more Important than IQ In almost every role and many times more Important In leadership roles. Emotional Intelligence involves two types and competencies: . Personal Competence: Self Awareness and Self Management. 2. Social Competence: Social awareness and Relationship Management. Definitions: 1 . “Emotional Self awareness is the tendency of recognizing one’s emotion and their effects. ” 2. Emotional self control is keeping disruptive emotions and impulses in check 3. Adaptability is the flexibility in handling change 4. Achievement orientation: striving to improve or match a standard of excellence. 5.

Initiative: readiness to act on opportunities. 6. Optimism: Persistence in pursuing goals despite obstacles and setback. Among the social competence. 7. Social competence: the characteristic include: relationship management adeptness at including desirable responses in others. 8. Empathy: Sensing others feelings and perspectives and talking on active interest in their concern. 9. Service orientation: anticipating, recognizing and meeting others customer, clients needs. 10. Developing others: Sensing others development needs and bolstering their abilities.

The personal data sheet was prepared to collect the information like Name, Age, Gender, Income-status and Education Qualifications of parents, number of children n the family etc. 2. The Emotional Intelligence Test devised by Papilla Patella and Whites Patella (V. V. Magna, Mohammedan) was used. The test constituted 77 items where the respondents have to mark among the four points at each statement. The scale consisted both positive and negative statements which were calculated as per the manual. The scale measures 4 areas namely Self Awareness, Self management, Social awareness and social skill of emotional intelligence.

Procedure: The participants of the present study were randomly selected from various schools of Mohammedan city. The high school students with the prior permission of the head (principal) And teachers were approached personally. Rapport was established and the scale ling with the personal data sheet was administered. The sample constituted of 30 boys and 30 girls. The data collected was being analyses based on the four components of emotional intelligence scale and gender wise. 5) Result and Discussion: TABLE NO. 1: The table shows the mean and the “t” of self awareness of emotional intelligence of children.

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