Education and Classroom Essay

Morns Dream Classroom For me the first thing a perfect classroom need is a group of young minds ready to explore and experience learning. The classroom would also need to teachers willing to work on the same page for the developmental growth of children. The teachers will also need the mindset young children need so they can learn. The perfect classroom will also need age appropriate materials so students can continually be actively engaged in their learning. As an educator, to achieve my dream classroom is to make ere on the first day of school my children and their families feel welcomed.

The classroom is conducive to learning; which means that each area of the classroom is a teachable moment. Professionally, as an educator, I will stay abreast of current trends to better serve my children. My dream classroom is achievable. I establish a positive relationship with parents and students on the first day/week of schools. By showing respect to all involved, respect will be given. The only obstacle I foresee is not having the proper materials for my classroom. I spend all my extra money on applies for my classroom because our administrators have not bought us any supplies in 5 years.

To be effective, I have to do what it takes to make sure my students reach academic success. From this course, I have learned terminology that is new to me and different teaching methods that will help me In the classroom. Differentiation instruction was provided in depth so I will always have my book to refer to help me out. I learned a lot of ways to give students what they need for their learning different styles. I also took a deeper look at my teaching style and have already begun to apply In the classroom.

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Education and Classroom Essay
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