Education and Philippine Government Essay

UP College of Education dean Rosaries Alonzo said the facility and the collaboration it allowed would help promote the professional development of the UP faculty. “This is crucial to the university (UP) fulfillment of its mandate as a research university,” she said. A summary AT ten A The article discussed how the Australian Government supports the implementation of the K to 12 Program here in the Philippines. It is also written how they believe that the new curricular that was founded by the current administration will make the Philippines educational system closer to the international standards.

B. Words that I have learned from the article Academe – The academic environment or community; academia. Assessment – The evaluation or estimation of the nature, quality, or ability of money or something: “the assessment of educational needs”. Collaboration – The action of working with someone to produce or create something. Crucial – Decisive or critical, esp.. In the success or failure of something. Curriculum – The subjects comprising a course of study in a school or college.

Facets – A particular aspect or Theatre AT something. Implementation – the act of accomplishing some aim or executing some order C. Ideas I have learned about the article At first I thought that K to 12 program was a bad idea, because it prolongs the years f study of students like me and making it a little much off burden to my parents because of the added budget for the tuition but when I read articles pertaining to K to 12 implementation such as the likes of this one I simply realize that it isn’t such a bad thing after all.

I mean 2 years of added time is Just a little sacrifice of what can be a result of a better future plus when you know that there are countries, like Australia, that are willing to support us on this kinds of program makes us a little more confident with ourselves that we can be more of a competitive player in the international Plainfield when it comes to education. D. Comments about the article The article was really informative.

For me, reading this article changed my point of view on K to 12 program and it also boosted my morale when I read the line “Australia shares the Philippine government’s vision that K to 12, if implemented well, will bring the Philippines’ school system closer to international standards. ” because it gave me a heads up of what can be my potential in the future. E. Resources Site link: http://newsiest. Inquirer. Net/412557/center-to-give-research-support-for-k- to-12#txzz2blPK2Dsx

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Education and Philippine Government Essay
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