Education and Pretest Data Create Essay

Title Slide: Introduce the Topic Identify the Length of Time (Include dates and # of lessons) Your Name, School, and Grade Student Information Slide (Maximum of 1) Who are your students? (grade level, subject area, ability level, Identified diversities) Pre-Test Slides (Maximum of 4) What do you want your students to know and be able to do at the end of the unit? What are the scores In the pretest for each student and for each question? What are the results (Provide an items/product analysis) What does the data look like? Create a raw data display showing percentage scores ere student and question.

Create a graph showing student data based on the pretest data Create a graph showing test-item data, based on the raw data. Based on the data what does each student know? How will what you see in the pretest data affect what you will teach? What methods of instruction will you use to have the most impact on student learning? Unit Slides (Maximum of 2) use these slides to highlight the activities of the unit. This can be photos, work samples, etc. Post-Test Slides (Maximum of 4) What are the scores on the post-test for each student and how do they compare to he pre-test data?

What are the results? (Provide an items/product analysis) per student and question comparing the pre and post-test data. Create a graph showing the student data comparing the pre and post raw data Create a graph showing the test-item data comparing the pre and post raw data Based on the data what does each student know pre-test vs.. Post-test? Did your instructional plans help to improve achievement from the pretest to the post-test? If so, why and if not, why not? Did the methods you choose have the Impact you expected? Explain Final

Assessment Outcome Slide (Maximum of 2) What was learned? Who learned it? What still needs to be learned? Who didn’t learn It? What could you do to remedial those who did not learn your lesson’s objectives? What enrichment activities could you have included for those who excelled? Parent communication Project Create a one-page newsletter to parents to showcase the unit that was completed with the students. In this newsletter include: A summary of the unit At least 3 visuals (photos, work samples, graphs) Activities to try at home (include activities for enrichment as well as remediation)

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Education and Pretest Data Create Essay
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