Education and School Essay

A new means of learning has Just hit school districts and is up for debate, it is the Ideal of bringing your own devices to school. BOYD, which stands for bring your my device, basically promotes students bringing In their own devices Instead of school provided ones. I believe that BOYD will be effective in schools and cut down on technology costs big time.

My previous school used this method to an extent, where kids brought their own laptops, mobile devices, and it worked because the school limited what the students could use while on the network. This made learning easier and faster than if we used the school technology. School technology is often slow and prone to malfunction. Sometimes students will wait for long periods of time, when they could be using their devices that are faster and more up to date.

Some say the schools should Just buy this technology In order to overcome this problem, but that would need an Increase In budget In the Tech department and some schools can’t afford that. Going back to the speed of the devices you bring, if you were to ask a student to search a topic on their phone and on the computer there would be a significant difference In time elapsed for the two. The device brought by the student would Indefinitely always win.

Think about a school district completely connected to Wi-If system that satisfied all devices brought by students. It would be easy to connect too, easy to monitor, and easier to fund. A system of Wi-If is a lot less than buying hundreds of computers that don’t satisfy the needs of the students. The devices students’ use are mostly at home anyways, and has helped them for years. Bringing them to school could only be a positive from an educational standpoint.

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Education and School Essay
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