Education and Society Essay

Education and Society 39′ major Importance of Education Education is one Of the most important aspect these affecting the development Of the societies and the individual, this paper is about education and its huge impacts in the societies, it Will identify same Of the benefits Of education to the individual, and the benefits Of education to the societies . Also it Will investigate the impacts Of education in the economic conditions Of the communities. The education is the increase of knowledge and skills of people, and it is an important economic aspect cause it helps to improve the productivity of labor by increasing human capital.

Also, it is considered as a source of economy growth and society development. The history of the humanity and the civilizations shows a strong relationship between the development tot those civilizations and the education where the better education systems lead to Improve the societies and better society improve the education system Which will lead to more developments in the society. In general the education has many benefits to the Individual and the society and these benefits are ere different and not just about jobs and Income.

The Benefit of the Educations to the Individuals I nee Increase AT ten Income AT ten Millennial Is consolable as ten mall lealer result AT education because the education will provide the individual new skills and knowledge which will lead to increase the value of these individual and human capitals. The employers look for the best employees with more skills and educations, and they have the willing to pay for those educated employees more salary, this high competitive market of high skilled and educated human capital will expand the range f Job choices for educated people to select the best Job.

The education will raise the awareness of the individual about the best life styles and the healthy practices. This will lead to more healthy people in the society. Their Self-esteem will be more because they have more value to their employers and to their society and families and they have their own decisions. Educated people are better thinker and good decisions makers as result of the knowledge and skills they have. Most of The people have skills, but without education and training they cannot benefit or enhance those kills so, they need education and training enhance their skills and maximized their benefits.

Education helps the individuals to discover their selves, identify their futures, and give them unlimited options and opportunities. Not Just about Jobs but also about life in general. The Benefit of Education to the Society Education will improve the health of the society because the individuals will have more awareness about the health and healthy practices so the health of the society will be batter The education will help to create batter families and will help to intro the structure of the families and increase the welfare of the children in these families.

The educated individuals are more willing to participate effectively in the society events like donations and elections and know about what the society need. Education creates better communities and increase the level of living of the individuals inside these communities which will reduces the level of crimes. Educated people are more aware about the hazard these are affecting the environment and have more willing to pay and act to save the environment. The Impact of Education on The Economic Conditions of a Society

Education enhances and improves the diversity and the quality of human resource which will increase the development of production in the society and improve the economy condition of the society. It is very important to have a good economy with a lot of Job opportunities for those educated people, and if the political and economic conditions are not good the improvement in the education system will lead to decrease in salary because the Jobs are limited and the demand is high also the investment in education will have no returns. The unemployment will decrease as the value of the human resource increase.

This will lead to decrease in expenditure in the unemployment benefits the society has extra money to be spent on other project to increase the welfare of the society. Also, ten Analgesia’s Income will Increase so tenet expenditure wall Increase, Ana many other second markets of goods and services will be better. The improvement of many things in the society like health and crime and environment on will lead to reduce in the expenditure of the government on these things and reinvest this money on other things to improve the welfare of the society.

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