Education and Student Council Essay

Allendale Unite! The Students Council Is a group of people who gets elected every year by students and help the school Improve different things. Through the student council, It helps students to communicate more effectively with the school. The debate was held on October 1st and the voting was held on October 3rd. Elected Charlene Jinn and William Chem. from 1 IA and 1 ICC this year, they seem very aggressive In helping the school. Our main objective is integration and unity. We want to bring students closer together, while giving power to our scattered wills by harnessing them into a unified permit,” Charlene pointed out. Uniting the students’ spirit may be hard for the student council, but Charlene seems very eager In trying their best to achieve what they promised during the campaign speech.

Charlene revealed, “l think that unity is the flirts step to any future improvements – it is hard to progress when people are unable to meet consensus, or when they simply don’t care; We want to install a stronger sense of belonging, a sense of community. ” At the campaign speech, they stated some new, Interesting things that attracted the attention of voters. Therefore, we will put the greater part of the term’s effort into the set up of a house system, along with surrounding policies and activities,” Charlene added.

The students have been cringingly the food In Gang Chula for some time. Therefore, they are also some promises about the student council about the improvement of food in their speech. “Well, our goals are to improve the school food and the quality of the school uniform, but It may be hard,” William stated. Besides Glenn some vague promises, they also mentioned some Interesting episodes that happened before the debate. At first, we were thinking that we wanted to do something fun to start of the campaign speech.

So, a few people said that they’re going to put William Chem. on a cart and break through the door, and they actually did bring a cart on the day. However, the ADDS refuted the notion. ” on ten cay AT ten actual Tate, teen present and professional explanation. EAI a colorful Proponent Walt a clear After the debate, many students congratulated Charlene Jinn and William Chem. officially elected as the new student council. Many students believe and look forward to some new activities and a new life this year.

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Education and Student Council Essay
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