Education and Training Programs Essay

Education and training programs are refers to teaching and learning activities carried out with the Intention of helping an Individual to acquire and apply knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes needed to affect a desired change. The aim of education and training programs is to produce employees who are equipped to deal with the demands of their organization’s business. These programs are used in an attempt to increase employee’s skill and knowledge. Employees must have the training to do their Job well and meet their true potential.

Training which maintains and enhances skills will help employees be more flexible and adaptable to oracle demands. A training need is the gap between current level of knowledge, skills, or ability and the desire level. This gap can prevent staff and organizations from performing at a satisfactory level. Why determine training needs? 1. To structure the training program around properly identified needs, so that worthwhile services are rendered to the community. 2. For mutual benefit of the Individual and organization.

Individuals will acquire knowledge and skills, which will enable them to perform to their maximum ability, and as a result, the organization can realize their respective mission. 3. To assess (WHOSE? Ђ? prospective trainees? ) Knowledge, skills and attitudes, so that the shortcomings are addressed during the training program. 4. To avoid/ reduce wasting the resources (money. Time and efforts) of the individual or organization. What are the techniques used when assessing training needs? 1. Interviews An interview Is a verbal Interaction between Individuals.

During the Interview prospective trainees are asked about their knowledge and skills. The interview can take place in person or via telephone. 1 OFF 2. Serration An observation allows the trainer to watch the prospective trainee perform a task. From these observations, the trainer assesses the skills and knowledge that need to be strengthened. 3. Questionnaires A questionnaire is a written or printed set of questions used to gather information. Questionnaires may be mailed or delivered to the prospective trainee.

She/he can answer the questions independently and mail them back, or the trainer can send an Interviewer to administer the questionnaire and bring back the answers. 4. Focus Group discussions This technique brings a group of people – usually 6 – 10 – with similar characteristics e. G. Sex, age, occupation together in a social interaction. Its purpose is to collect information from a focused discussion. A moderator uses a topic guide to focus the discussion, and, through observation, he/she can pinpoint unanticipated issues. . Key informants Due to their positions in a community, some people are privy to the needs of the group. These people are referred to as key informants or “gatekeepers” of information. Village leaders, midwives, nurses and teachers all qualify as potential key informants on certain community issues. Once the key informants have been identified, many of the other techniques described (e. . Interview) can be used to gather the necessary information for them. 6.

Performance appraisals Standards of performance are established, and then supervisors assess the subordinates against these standards. Inability to measure to the standard of performance is an indication of a training need. Service of education and training programs Offer specific training to employees to help them improve, maintain or learn new skills. Assessing the training needs of employees and will organize, develop or obtain new training programs if the existing ones do not meet standards.

Present information using different techniques such as lecture, group discussions, role playing or videos. Evaluate any training material that is used in the company and monitor training costs to make sure stay within budget. Planning training events and activities, scheduling personnel and instructors for classes and coordinating the facilities and materials to support the training activities are primary responsibilities. Moreover, the position maintains training records for all company employees and compiles reports and statistics for review by the training manager.

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Education and Training Programs Essay
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