Education Approach for Improving the Lives of Tribal Children in Bijadandi Block of Mandla District Essay

EXTENSION – EDUCATION APPROACH FOR IMPROVING THE LIVES OF TRIBAL CHILDREN IN BIJADANDI BLOCK OF MANDLA DISTRICT MADHYA PRADESH 1. Brief Profile about the Project are The total population of the District as per 2001 census is in which an male and females. The sex Ratio is female per thousand males. Only percent of total population is literate. % Population lives in rural area. Schedule caste and Schedule Tribes comprise of % and %respectively.

This District is divided into tahails and blocks. The Bijadandi Block is adjoining to Jabalpur District and close to XIDAS campus. It is one of the most underdeveloped blocks. The villages selected for the projects are away from the district headquarter and thus recived low attention to developed. The villages Lack inpastructure like road, telecommunication, primary health, and education etc. The area is inhabited by SC & ST. Agriculture is the mainstay of livelihood. Nearly 60% of the population is below poverty line.

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Education Approach for Improving the Lives of Tribal Children in Bijadandi Block of Mandla District Essay
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The community is unorganized and depends upon rain fed crops and non- forest products. Negligence and apathy on the part of government departments coupled area poor intance of food, childhood malnutrition, frequent pregnancies of young girl, early marriage children as a social process an some of the major problems in the area. Therefore, there is need to create extension- education approach for building an environment where young children up to the age of 10 years can grow and develop their potential. 2.

Objective The overall aim of the Project is to promote and increase awareness among the tribe’s communities about improved lives of children, families and communities by proper nutrition, mother child health services, basic education sanitation etc. However, the specific objectives are: 1) To build up the capacities of communities, families and other stake holders for the need of proper health, nutrition and education of children. 2) To provide advocacy and counseling to families for successful transition of children to primary school by building school readiness skills. ) To strengthen community participation through the formation of Groups/ Committees and by empowering them not only to run creches and Balwadies, but equipping them to plan and implement the Programme for development of child. Activities selected for the project 1) Awareness through IEC Activities including Hoardings, Pamphlets, Video show, wall painting. 2) Camps, capacity Building Programme, Village meeting Health check up camps. 3) Campaigns, rallies, Exhibitions. 4) Trainings/ wore shops for safe- motherhood, children hood development. 5) Exposure visits. ) Formation of CBOS & trainings. Project Activities The strategy has been planned to make the Programme “Community led” and “people controlled”. The increased emphasis on awareness creation is for demand generation for early childhood development activities. In nutshell, following strategy shale be applies. 1) Liasioning with Governement Agencies live women and child Development, Health Development, Education Department, DRDA, Community Leaders ets for strengthening the existing delivery system of their inputs at the Project Area through senstization workshop. ) Organis camps, and villages Meetings with the help of Panchayati Raj Institution /PHC/. For behavioral change communication to address the issue of Institutional link for education, pregnant mother, RCH, sanitation, game- play, etc. 3) Empowering communities to take care of their child at health, through various training programmes and capacity building. 4) Networking and advocacy for increased attention and participation of all state holders for addressing the issues, through formation and promotion of CBOS.

Duration of the Project. 3years from the date of sanction Staff In following staff will be needed one Project Coordinator Two Field officers @ one F. O. for 10 villages. One computer operator. Budget The Major budget heads would be as under: Start up activities which shall includes assessment of Status of children up to the age of 10 years, Anganwads Balwadies, community complexes, sanitation, health, education, people attitude, demand for improvement.

Awareness/villages Meetings – 20 Capacity Building / Trainings – 20 for different state holder on each activities with the assistance of Govt. &Resume Person I. E. C Activities Pictorial Hoarding – 20 Exhibtic _ 1 Establishment expanded including salary + covey ace + offer Table change computer Salary Rent


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