Education as the Way out to Sex Trafficking In Thailand Essay

Topic: Sex Trafficking in Thailand Solution Introduction Thailand Is one of the world’s biggest sources and destination of women and children captured for purposes of sexual exploitation. In fact, this country is famous for sex tourism for so many years, which brings huge profit for Thailand whether government admit or not. The current situation indicates that this country could be headed to losing the battle against the vice. 1 In the recent pattern, women and children are transported from villages directly to foreign lands.

In fact, according to a report by the Foundation of Women In Thailand, girls and children are exposed to ore severe forms of sexual exploitation in Thailand than in any other known major source or destination of sex trafficking. The report also indicated that some of these women have been lured with deceptive promises from poor Asians are forced to sell their bodies to tourists in the country’s capital. It is believed that some ‘minders’ threaten and beat this women on behalf of their bosses, or even force them into sexual business while their correct the commissions on behalf of their bosses.

High rate of ignorance and illiteracy dominates in this industry. Therefore, education old be the only way to save girls and women of this country from sex trafficking. Education has the power to unlock genuine opportunities for them, thereby helping them to fight poverty and sex trafficking within their societies. As revealed by Zebu case; one of the most famous sex trafficking cases in Thailand, rescues is rare and Investigations less effective than what any advocate would claim. In fact, successful convictions are rare as well. Despite Thailand government passing strict ant trafficking laws in the past one decade, over 2. Million women and children are still In forced prostitution and labor. On the other hand, whilst millions of dollars are raised in conferences and awareness campaigns to fight this vice in Thailand, rescuing victims and jailing the culprits have been proving harder day after the other. Researchers, law enforcers and policymakers appear not to know the extent of the current sex trafficking in this country. Some researchers have argued that lack of vital project’s funding, low education levels among citizens and poverty are among ten Doctors Tanat nave Tactual Tate ten null rate AT sex tracking In I analog .

Inner Is indeed a huge need for reliable and unbiased approach to save the situation in Thailand. Although recommendations made by past studies have not been fully implemented, these proposals almost exclusively focus on victims without addressing the demand side. It is indeed worth pointing out that adults are end users of this form of exploitation. Therefore, there is a huge need to educate people more so girls and women on legislation that prevent such acts and the importance of understanding the rights of children.

History of sex trafficking in Thailand For a number of decades now, an interwoven combination of legal, cultural and economic factors have contributed to trafficking of local and migrants for sexual exploitation in Thailand and wealthier Asian countries. In fact, prostitution and trafficking in Thailand can be traced back the pre-modern (Attitude) period, that is, 1351-1767. During the period, women and young girls were given as rewards to the military men for great achievements. Others were sold or exchanged as concubines by rich and elite men in the society.

Under the Shading system of governance of that period, young girls were taken to the service men working for nobility. During this time, men had several wives and they could sell and/or punish them corporally. Upon opening relations with Western countries, the Thailand government began to westernizes its policies and practices regarding polygamy, slavery and prostitution. When King Ram V abolished slavery in 1905, many slaves were transformed to prostitutes. Women found out difficult to feed themselves since majority of them lacked education and the current governance system did not recognize their needs.

Therefore, prostitution became an enormous source of livelihood for many women. Former slave female slave workers drifted to prostitution to maintain themselves and their families. The situation became worse with the signing of the 1855 Borrowing Treaty, which allowed Thailand to engage in international trade thus seeing many women and children, brought to this country to work as prostitutes for the Chinese migrant workers. Thai women served as prostitutes for Japanese occupying this nation during World War II.

The situation was similar to that of the Vietnam War of SASS and ass where the US military men signed contracts for use of Thai women as prostitutes in their air bases located in the northeastern part of this country. More women Joined the prostitution business in sass when the country’s socioeconomic changes transformed Thailand from a farm-based sustenance economy to a fatalistic economy. Omen who could not work in the rural farms began migrating to the cities where they found their way into the sex industry under control of special recruiters.

Recruiters continued hiring girls and women on behalf of their bosses, mainly Asians, until awareness campaigns began around sass. When the number of free willing prostitutes reduced as a results of these campaigns, recruiters turned to trafficking, whereby the source, transport and force girls and women into sexual business with their clients or bosses. Unfortunately, these acts are live and broad till today. Why sex trafficking problem happens Sex trafficking in Thailand has been attributed to several factors among them economic issues that include Joblessness and indebtedness.

However, all these factors seem to fall under the broad umbrella of lack of education; education opens doors for economic challenges, and with it, women and girls is less likely to fall vellums AT tense Inhuman acts. As demonstrated In ten sex tracking nelsons, very few women had the opportunity to learn in Thailand. Majority of women were used as sex tools or for sex trade and little or no opportunity was presented for them to attend schools. Due to lack of education, women had fewer opportunities to acquire lobs within and outside Thailand borders.

In fact, many women turned into prostitution after the country adopted the capitalist system. Women could not secure themselves good paying Jobs forcing them to switch to prostitution as the only way to survive in the cities. Ever since those days, poverty has been on rise in Thailand. Impoverished families have been reported to giving up their children to recruiters for them to make ends meet or faced with desolate economic moments. Other girls and women are turned over to recruiters by their parents as part of the famous ancient bet bondage.

Under this tradition, children are forced to go and work for others until they clear the family’s debt. 5 This debt acts as the binding element between employers and sex workers, whereby young girls become indentured servants. Whilst many people count some of these practices to have been passed by time, women from Thailand still stick to these beliefs forcing their children to sexual factorization. In many case, recruiters approach such parents under the pretense of offering legitimate Jobs, which do not materialize once the girls have crossed the border. The blame does not lie solely on parents.

Sex trafficking seems to boost tourism in this country thus making the government reluctant on efforts to fight this societal vice. It is indeed worth pointing out that it is the role of any government to provide its citizens with basic necessities among them health, food, water and education. For the Thai government however, education seems not part of its priorities; the poverty level is still on rise and the number of sex trafficking cases is still high. In fact, it would extremely cheap to curb this vice if only the government would uphold education amongst girls and women as part of its priorities.

Solution of sex trafficking in Thailand by increasing educated women Adoption and implementation of policies that support education for women and girls would be the most effective way of fighting sex trafficking in Thailand. In fact, education is the long-term solution for fighting this vice. As illustrated above, lack of education, poverty and sex trafficking form a trimmer. Forever, education has the power to break the bonds of this trimmer thus bring sex trafficking to a halt. In addition, education would allow girls and women establish their personal value and indeed rise against all acts of sex trafficking.

Education has a broad role in poverty eradication. However, this would be achieved in close co-operation with other socio- economic factors. For Thailand to succeed in eradicating sex trafficking within its borders, it must begin with fighting poverty amongst its people, more so amongst young girls and women. Good quality education would not only help women to acquire well paying and secure Jobs, but also aid them to becoming innovative thus increase chances of their participation in the economy.

It is worth pointing out, that poor women have numerous disadvantages in relation to their counter-parts. Apart from less healthy, their communication skills are less developed and generally less- equipped to handling challenging tasks in the society. Education serves to input these values, which makes women stronger and equally competitive for tasks Enola Day toner people. Y According to assume & Inhalant Is In a netter position of improving its economy if only the government would consider education amongst women as part of its priorities.

Today, this country experiences almost the least rate of Foreign Direct Investment across the globe due to the negative image that sex trafficking has created of it. A picture showing the plight of the girl child in Thailand; It is only through creation of awareness and education that the Thai government would manage to curb sex trafficking. Retrieved From: 10 By educating girls and women, the Thai society would appreciate human values thereby dropping some of the traditions that allow parents to hand over young girls to sex trafficking recruiters for little pay.

Instead, these girls would have the opportunity to study and pursue careers that would come to save their families in future. However, it is worth emphasizing that the quality of education determines its value. This approach would be effective if the Thai government upheld education that addressed the socio-economic needs of its citizens, including creation of alarms of the physical, psychological and healthy risks involved in sex trafficking business. Organizations efforts on sex trafficking in Thailand Several organizations have come up to combat the multi-billion sex industry in Thailand.

Bangkok-based Nags have started anti-sex trafficking campaigns through socio-economic welfare initiatives for protecting and empowering vulnerable girls and women. For example, The Goodwill Group Foundation has initiated campaigns hat aim at reverting the tourists’ common notion that everything in Thailand including the women’s body are for sale. The Children’s Organization of Southeast Asia (COOS) was developed by Anna Choosiest, a social worker and photojournalist Mackey Choosiest to fight the plight of the girl child in Thailand.

Lack of law to govern most hill tribes ‘statelessness’ in Thailand was the driving force that led to the foundation of this organization. According to the two founders, many girls were sexually exploited by recruiters and tourists who gave them little money for foods ND maintenance and many of them ended up physically or psychologically ill. After recognition of this menace, the two relatives founded this organization to provide education, support and intervention to girls from Hill tribe communities. 1 1 COOS works directly with the affected communities providing healthcare, housing and social services to victims of sex trafficking.

The organization also raises sex trafficking awareness and education to members of the society, informing them of the risks associated with this vice as well as the benefits that would come with adoption of quality education for all children. Despite there being many organizations that have come to help victims in the sex industry in Thailand, very few of these organizations are aimed at saving the boy child. It is indeed worth noting, that sex trafficking has not all been about sourcing and counterclaiming girls for sexual purposes.

Many young boys have also been trafficked and transported to other countries for sexual adventures. Urban Light is a unique non-governmental organization, founded by Alexandra Russell to fight the plight of trafficked men and boys in Thailand. 12 After visiting this country and realized that boys were excluded in the human trafficking efforts, Russell established this organization that works to help young boys detach Trot canny prostitution Ana sexual explanation. I nee organization conclaves tm’s DAY providing healthcare, food, shelter, counseling and support services to victims of sex trafficking.

This is among the few organizations that restores and rebuilds the lives of male victims of sex trafficking in Thailand. In summary, many of the organizations involved in the fight of sex trafficking in Thailand are Non-governmental organizations, whose activities are fairly similar, aimed at restoring the lives of the victims. Future Analysis Sex trafficking is indeed a huge societal vice that ought to be condemned with the strongest efforts possible. Although this act is said to boost tourism in Thailand, its consequences are more costly and destructive to its economy.

Apart from distorting the image, sex trafficking reduces the rate of foreign direct investment in this country. Despite the government’s claim of receiving huge profits from the tourism industry, lives of the common citizen remain below the worldly recognized poverty standards. Sex business can not improve the lives of the victims since many of them are not direct beneficiaries of the business. Non fact, majority of the income is distributed by recruiters and other middlemen thus frustrating the state of living for these women.

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